Disney is wonderful! I love everything from waking up and walking to the resort store to get my morning cup of joe to getting in a doom buggy to ride through the Haunted Mansion. But for people who are of the age to drink and go dancing, there isn't(especially now with pleasure island closing) a place to go dancing in Disney World, so I thought. Back in May 08, by best girl friend and my bf went to Disney. Epcot had closed for the night so we went to Atlantic Dance Hall. There were only a handful of people in the place so we found ourselves getting bored very quickly. We were talking to the bartender and he said that we should go to the House of Blues tomorrow night for in the biz night. So Sunday night we showed up at House of Blues, west side, and there were TONS of people outside waiting to get in. So we paid ahead, minimal fee, and walked through the doors....... oh my goodness was it packed full of people who wanted to have a good time. And a good we did had that night! They have in the biz night every Sunday night and you have to be 19 and up. Go, you'll have a great time!!!!