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Trip Reports & Member Reviews Discuss Jenn's Long Overdue Trip Report - Day 1 in the Vacation Planning forums; So here we go... as a note, you'll see here that I've included little trip videos along the way. I recommend launching each video and clicking "Watch in HD". Trust ...
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    Jenn's Long Overdue Trip Report - Day 1

    So here we go... as a note, you'll see here that I've included little trip videos along the way. I recommend launching each video and clicking "Watch in HD". Trust me on this one. Because they were filmed at 720p, the standard display on YouTube is horrible! Enjoy!

    Day 1

    We woke at an early 5:00am to get the last of our things together, load the car, wake Aaron and dress him and get on our way by 5:30. We ended up leaving a little closer to 5:45 and had to make an emergency diaper change pit stop before we were even out of our neighborhood but we were on our way by 6:00 which was ultimately my goal.

    My husband made me promise I wouldn't drive and use our little video camera (Kodak Zi6 btw - awesome) so of course when I decided to anyway we ended up with this little moment:

    YouTube - Shut It Off and Drive

    A stop for breakfast, a stop for gas, and about 8 hours of driving later... we arrived at the WDW Welcome sign! It was about 1:30 or so I think and we figured there was no way our Villa at the Wilderness Lodge would be ready, but knew we could check in, leave our baggage, and go off to do whatever else so we headed straight toward the resort.

    To our pleasant surprise, our villa was indeed ready! Yay!! Here's a little video of our 2-bedroom Villa and the resort:

    YouTube - Wilderness Lodge (HD)

    After checking out the amenities, it was time to head over to Downtown.

    It came as no shock to us that after such a long drive, an early wake up and no nap, Aaron crashed hard in the car on the way over to DTD. He slept so hard that even getting him up and into the stroller, and pushing him through shops, didn't wake him.

    After picking him up some new "Tato Parts" and a few things at World of Disney, he finally started to wake up a bit... just in time to spend the money he had saved up in his piggy bank on a set of Disney Cars (the matchbox sort), a die-cast monorail, some soft (bath) Cars toys and some other goodies.

    Little video of Pete (the parrot) in the World of Disney:

    YouTube - Pirate Pete (HD)

    Then it was time to head over to T-Rex for dinner!

    First let me just say that I was a little frustrated with how this process worked. While they are indeed taking "reservations" now, if the wait is less than 20 minutes, you end up being told to just stand in line with everyone else who came without them. This frustrated us. Not because I felt like I should necessarily get "special treatment" but I think a reservation that has been checked in should get seated prior to people who showed up without one... otherwise what is the point of the reservation? Note these aren't ADRs or "priority seating" like you find elsewhere. They actually refer to them as reservations at this location.

    Other than that let me just say that the T-Rex experience is a lot of fun. Much like Rainforest Cafe, it's very loud and there is a lot to take in. The food was very good though I wouldn't say it was phenominal. The unfortunate thing is that our worst fears were realized in that after making it through 2 meteor showers "ok" (a little whining and fear), the 3rd sent Aaron over the edge and we had to leave without dessert.

    Here's a little video from T-Rex:

    YouTube - Downtown Disney T-Rex Restaurant (HD)

    After dinner we headed back to the resort where Aaron got a bath and we all got comfy and ready for the next day of fun. I enjoyed a nice long hot bath in the jacuzzi tub at the villa before bed. What an awesome feature!
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    Great report! The videos add so much to it, makes me feel like I'm back there again...

    "Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy"

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    love the video's (your very organized Jen), great report
    It's kind of fun to do the impossible!

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