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Trip Reports & Member Reviews Discuss I Would Like to Thank... in the Vacation Planning forums; We were leaving Blizzard Beach last Saturday and couldn't find the car keys. After frantically checking everything in our backpack for the third time, we headed to lost and found ...
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    Smile I Would Like to Thank...

    We were leaving Blizzard Beach last Saturday and couldn't find the car keys. After frantically checking everything in our backpack for the third time, we headed to lost and found (with our fingers crossed.) You see, I decided for the first time ever, to put a set of car keys for DH's car in my purse. So, the spare set was now inside my purse...inside the trunk. A wonderful angel found our keys and brought them to lost and found. A big thank you to whom ever saved us from having to call a lock smith to get into the car. I'm thinking that this was MY reward for finding a cell phone a few weeks ago in the rest room at Epcot and turning it in. Hopefully, that guest was reunited with their cell phone without a hitch.

    Maybe you've been the recipient of a good deed, or were able to do a good deed for an unknown guest. Post your experiences here. Who knows, you're appreciation may be delivered to the person most responsible for keeping the magic in your WDW visit.

    As to the person who found DH's cell phone a few years ago, kept it, and proceeded to call friends all day Christmas...well, we won't go into that. It does make one appreciate the people who are honest and helpful.
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    My DD and I went down at Thanksgiving to visit my DS while he was doing the college program. We finished breakfast at POR food court and my DD left her brand new cell on the table. We didn't get all the way back to the room but not a quick hop back. The phone was gone when we got back. A gentleman at the next table asked what we were looking for and then stated his wife gave it to CM Max at the front desk. We thanked him so much.

    DD went to front desk, found Max, told him what she was looking for. He made her jump through hoops, make, model, Phone#, where she left it and I finally stepped into the conversation and said a woman just dropped it off a few minutes ago and and stated she gave it to you specifically.
    He went back, got the phone and slid it to her across the counter.

    We went from scared, to happy, to Errr but happy with the nice family for turning it in.
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    I think every trip that my family takes to WDW we are at some point given fast passes from another family that is unable to use them. We try to do the same thing for others. Its really a simple and practical good deed, but really makes a difference to those on the recieving end. CMs don't have to be the only ones to create the magic. I specifically remember on our last trip walking over to Everest and finding a long wait and no more FPs to give out. We were pretty bummed, and just as we turned to walk away, another family of four offered us their FPs because they were getting ready to park hop. What a difference it made to my family!

    So just a little advice to those that don't already do it..never throw FPs out that you for some reason cannot use...You never know when you will make someone else's day!

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    We also hand out fastpasses. Everyone gets a fstpass, but not everyone will alwasy ride. We then look for people in the standby line and hand them the extra fastpasses. They were really appreciated by a family of 4 waiting for Soarin' last summer. They were able to ride Soarin and make Illuminations afterwards.

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    Re: I Would Like to Thank...

    good deed how nice to hear.
    once I lost my cross on a nek chain. a young girl found it near the BW pool she turn it over. couldn't find her wanted to say thank you so much. it meant something to me and it was small. heard that she was from England. Alawys sorry was not able to say thank you or give her a small gift.

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    Re: I Would Like to Thank...

    So nice when people do the right thing.
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    Re: I Would Like to Thank...

    We were so thankful that a week ago today when we were in AK, a family provided us with their Fastpasses to Expedition Everest. The pass was for 8:30 am, so we were able to walk over to Kilimanjaro Safaris and get a Fastpass for it at 10:15 (still early enough to see the animals all out and about). It was so crowded that day, there is no way we would have been able to ride EE. Also, about 3:30, the ride shut down for repairs (we assume).

    Now, if I can only find someone to help me find and return my daughters new Mickey earings and neckless that I left on the ball field last night...
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