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Trip Reports & Member Reviews Discuss Whoooo! in the Vacation Planning forums; Not a trip report but I can't help but feel giddy and share. My school's break starts next, next week. Two nights ago, I thought, "Gee, wouldn't it be awesome ...
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    Not a trip report but I can't help but feel giddy and share.

    My school's break starts next, next week. Two nights ago, I thought, "Gee, wouldn't it be awesome to spend some of spring break in Disney World? In my dreams."

    Last night, being back home for the weekend, I browse the laptop while my mom's watching TV. Btw, my mom wears the pants as far as DVC membership-Disney vacations go... meaning $$$. So I can't help but tryyyy to hint this WDW craving by sheepishly bringing up the cost of airline tickets to Orlando.
    "Check out the prices for roundtrip to FL. Not bad, huh? Not that I'm implying anything (yeah right)."
    She replies, "Uh-huh."

    Some minutes later in the car, I'm driving and thinking of a way to lightly ask if there was any chance of going to WDW for spring break. As in, w/ friends, b/c the rest of my family either can't take off/doesn't have off the same week. Also understand the chances of my mother allowing & supporting such a trip is fairly close to 0. I'm privileged, but not THAT privileged.

    Preparing myself for blunt rejection, I'm stiiill trying to figure out how to casually ask w/o making it a big deal.
    Finally, "Is there any itty-bitty, itty-bitty, itty-bitty possibility that Disney World could happen spring break?" Literally said like that, hahahaha.
    Almost instantly, she unsarcastically says, "Yeeeaaah, okay."

    That's basically my sweet story. Now booking a spot in x resort has to be taken care of, so I'm crossing my fingers preferred resorts are available at short notice. If not, c'est la vie.

    Still incredulous. DISNEY! IN A WEEK! Not a few months, not ONE month, but A WEEK!
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    That is very exciting! I hope it all works out for you. Have a great time.

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    Thats cool. I have 3 week till I go. Have fun!

    I FINISHED my first ever race, ToT 13Kand running it again in '09

    ** Please, Please excuse my grammatical and spelling errors. Correct me if I'm wrong.**

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    Re: Whoooo!

    That's neat-o for sure.... You must give your mom much props now until the rest of her life... You don't want her thinking your spoiled or anything.... Oh btw... you think I could go with. You know, to um, supervise. yeah that's it SUPERVISE
    April 23rd, oh yeah it's gonna be ON!

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    Re: Whoooo!

    I booked a trip like that once. In 5 days on a plane. The adrenaline kicked in big time making arrangements and packing. By the time I was on the plane I could hardly sit still. There wasn't any anticipation just pure excitement.

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    Re: Whoooo!

    hope your trip is wonderful

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