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Trip Reports & Member Reviews Discuss Andrew's Trip Report/Observations in the Vacation Planning forums; Day One Living in Florida has its benefits. I've never lived more than 2 hours away from WDW. That said, I go to WDW a lot. I thought I would ...
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    Andrew's Trip Report/Observations

    Day One

    Living in Florida has its benefits. I've never lived more than 2 hours away from WDW. That said, I go to WDW a lot. I thought I would share some of my observations from my most recent trip with pint in hand on this St. Patrick's day.

    First of all, Port Orleans Riverside is a wonderful resort. The grounds are gorgeous with the old central florida oak trees and magnolia. Although, we only ate a quick snack at the food court, the ambience and theming of the riverside mill(thats the name right?) is the best of the moderates. I love how the enourmous wooden gears are turning over your head yet are silent. I know I'm spending too much time harping on the food court, but it just had an inviting/cozy quality unlike any other moderate or value resort. The rooms at Riverside magnolia bend are pretty close to French Quarter and just by my opinion seem to be a bit larger than the value resort rooms (haven't checked the numbers). All in all, I might call this my favorite moderate resort, although I like Caribbean Beach it's size often makes me feel a little isolated. I never had that feeling at riverside as the food court and pool are in a central location and the layout facilitates much shorter walks than CB. OK, enough resort talk on to the important stuff. Parks and FOOD!!!!

    Epcot was in full bloom in preparation for the Flower and Garden Festival. Much of the topiaries were up and were outstanding. I love the sorcerer's apprentice Mickey behind Spaceship Earth. The flowers in the international gateway and around the promenade were equally spectacular. We spent a great deal of time on the observation deck of the living seas(I know, I know with fabio and friends. oops nemo.) My daughter is in love with the fountains outside of the Imagination pavilion. These are so overlooked and often passed by.

    After a long monorail ride to the TTC and back lunch was at the Tangierienne cafe in Morocco. What a gem. The food is great for a great price. Get the lamb and chicken combo. Both taste amazing with the tziki style sauce. The pita and hummus are equally tasty. Nothing follows up Lamb like a quick trip through the history of communication and civilization. While I still love SSE the descent loses its appeal after the first trip. I really miss the old descent. Don't get me wrong the animatronics are amazing, but Judy Dench sounds like she is narrating a bad children's show. I still love the attraction.

    I was sad to find out I missed my almost 3 year old daughter getting a little magical momment certificate at the art of disney. The CM was so impressed she knew the copper and todd from the Fox and the Hound and just about any character in the store. Next up, Innoventions West. Im very proud to say that our team, the Searchwells, won Where's the Fire. This game is pretty quick and a pretty fun time. I'd try it at least once.

    Not too much exciting the rest of the day. A nice boatride to the Boardwalk. Dinner at spoodles. MMMM more lamb LOL. The grand fiesta tour was pretty enjoyable after the trek from the international gateway. I love Donald Duck cartoons and this attraction is right up there with the maelstrom for me. I love the begining of the ride in front of the restaurant with the pyramid in the background. The middle of the ride is reminiscent of Small World. I like it. It has grown on me.

    Last but not least a great showing of Illuminations. Although the inferno barge was missing, it was a great view from one of the bridges in Italy. I'd never seen it from this vantage point. I think it is my favorite so far. Its great to see Wishes of in the distance. Two night time spectaculars in one.

    More to come soon. Maybe even later tonight. MK, DHS, BOMA!!! But for now, another pint. Cheers!
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    Re: Andrew's Trip Report/Observations

    Sounds wonderful!! Ready for Day 2 . . .
    Btw . . . how are the spring break crowds? Several of my students went. I was so sad not to be able to go!

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    Re: Andrew's Trip Report/Observations

    Hi Andrew, this was a great Day One. Hope you have more ready for us.
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    Re: Andrew's Trip Report/Observations

    Cannot wait to hear more. Sounds like you had a great day at Epcot.

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    Re: Andrew's Trip Report/Observations

    I appreciate the report about Port Orleans Riverside! It's getting me excited about my first trip there!

    By the way, I've heard transportation is shared between Riverside and FQ. Was it tricky? Morning or evening worse? Any strategies you have to assist future guests there?

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