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Trip Reports & Member Reviews Discuss Spring Break 2009, Disney Style in the Vacation Planning forums; Who: Me & one of my closest friends, nicknamed Tartar. What: Walt Disney World all the way, baby. When: 03/13/09, Friday --- 03/18/09, Wednesday Where: Disney World parks, Old Key ...
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    Spring Break 2009, Disney Style

    Who: Me & one of my closest friends, nicknamed Tartar.
    What: Walt Disney World all the way, baby.
    When: 03/13/09, Friday --- 03/18/09, Wednesday
    Where: Disney World parks, Old Key West Resort, Yacht Club Resort.
    Why: WHY NOT?!?!!!

    I'll try to get as much to the point as possible. Storytelling isn't my forte, but the love's in Disney. We really went w/ the flow on the trip. Like whatever happened, would happen. Very nice for booking done 5 days prior to.

    Day 1, Friday
    Flight at 7AM from Newark, NJ to Orlando, FL.
    Baggage check-in, easy. Disney's Magical Express check-in, easy. Resort check-in, easy, w/ room ready on the spot. Check-ins were so quick & easy, a kid could do it! Personally, I dreaded them some reason.

    Studio room for the first two nights at Old Key West.

    We hit Magic Kingdom around late noon and ate *drum roll*... TURKEY LEGS! We've been craving them like crazy forever, so it was the first thing we ate on the trip. Toootally satisfying. As you can see, we finished our own leg to the bone.

    Hahahah, being a classic Disney fan, Tartar just had to get a Mickey Mouse balloon. She made it a top priority to do so before we even left NJ. From my own experience, I told her the $10 for the balloon is worth it since its quality is impressive. On average, signs of deflation don't appear till the ballon's 3rd day! I digress... Such kids at heart

    We stayed at Magic Kingdom for its fireworks, Wishes. As usual, it was beautiful. Btw, did you know that Tinkerbell during the display can be played by a male? I read this fact from a Walt Disney World book in Barnes & Noble, can't remember which off the top of my head. But as long as the person is some 5' & ~100-something lbs, Tinkerbell can be male/female in a costume.

    Day 2, Saturday
    Had Advance Dining Reservations at Tusker House in Animal Kingdom. It was before the park opened, so Tartar & I took our time walking to the restaurant. The park was pleasantly quiet. Anyway, breakfast was SOOOOO filling! And sooooo good!
    In addition to the turkey legs, I've been craving Mickey waffles. They're so cute! Haven't had them since a cruise years ago. I'd totally buy the mold if they ever sold it.

    We saw Donald, Daisy, Mickey, and Goofy. Hourly conga lines went on, so that was cool. Breakfast consisted of your general American goods, fresh fruits, plenty of pastries, roasted ham, and a few unique dishes similar to quiche.

    Afterwards, we rolled on our bloated bellies over to Kilimanjaro Safari. The line moved along quite nicely, and the weather was delightfully sunny+breezy.

    Pangani Forest Exploration Trail... the guy looked unamused of the audience. I GOTTA SAY, the weather was PERFECT to walk on this trail! In the summer, I'd be sweating from the morning heat and just from looking at the fur on the hairy mammals.

    HAHAHAHA, Dinosaur. It was Tartar's first time going on it.

    Switched over to Blizzard Beach later on. YES! At least that water park was open. I'd prefer Typhoon Lagoon, but better than nothing. Been dying to try their surfing lessons. Anyway, here's a view off Summit Plummet. A real buttcheek-slapper... and wedgie-maker.

    Since Blizzard Beach closes early (5PM), we went to EPCOT to catch Illuminations. Love, love, love.

    Day 3, Sunday
    Checked out of Old Key West to check into Yacht Club for the next 3 nights, w/ the room also ready on the spot.
    Standard room w/ a view of the parking lot, which was actually at a far distance covered by trees. Also, we were impressed they had the iHome instead of a basic digital clock. Had we known, we would've brought our iPods for convenient charging.

    For lunch, we chowed down at Beach Club's Beaches N' Cream Soda Shop.
    Their 8-scoop sundae was ordered twice during our time there. Crazy amount of sweet snacking! That'd be fun to engulf w/ friends & family.

    While waiting for our luggage to arrive from Old Key West, we kicked back w/ the resort's Sea Raycers. Here's a view of the Yacht Club from afar. Btw, Stormalong Bay=possibly one of the best pools under Disney resorts.

    ~7:45PM, around EPCOT's World Showcase lagoon, many spotted space shuttle Discovery launching from Port Canaveral. In its honor, Off Kilter played the theme from Star Wars. Very awesome.

    For Extra Magic Hours, we took the monorail over to Magic Kingdom till 2AM. MAD CROWDED AS EVUR. CRAZINESS. Suggestion: Get fastpass for Space Mountain ASAP; though many of you probably already knew that. The weather at night was tad---just a tad---chilly, but overall nice. Unnnnfortunately, at that time, we didn't realize the weather wasn't suitable enough for Splash Mountain till we got SOAKED from the extra splash from logs that went down the big slip beside us. Did that make sense?

    Day 4, Monday
    Around noon, Tartar & I biked around the boardwalk/EPCOT resorts area/up to MGM (Hollywood) Studios. Bikes were simple back-pedal brakes, btw. Don't have high expectations of anything like a mountain bike... but it's alright.


    Really kicked back around the resort for the day.
    Here's a gorgeous view of the boardwalk at setting sun.

    HAHA, okay, random thing. Instead of waiting for the ferry---once again, for Extra Magic Hours, this time at MGM (Hollywood) Studios---we walked to the park. On our way, four surrey bikes passed by us, apparently in a race against each other. As they were heading towards the bridge b/w Yacht Club & Boardwalk, Tartar & I knew some of them would struggle to bike up the slope. AND DID THEY EVER! It was a hilarious sight. All of a sudden, the surrey bikes went from what seemed like 20 mph to 1 mph from trying to bike up the bridge. HAHAHAHA... what a significant drop in speed.

    Fast pass for Toy Story Midway Mania wasn't/isn't offered during Extra Magic Hours. Lines were ridiculous throughout major attractions that night.

    Day 5, Tuesday
    Back to EPCOT. We hit all countries in World Showcase, decorated our masks & collected mask tags, and participated in the Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure. THE MISSION WAS SOOOO COOL, HONESTLY. It was Tartar's & my first time trying it out, so our first mission took place in China. I TOTALLY RECOMMEND IT. DO IT.

    If you don't know already, basically the cast members at the Kim Possible recruitment centers lend you an LG cell phone as a "Kimmunicator" for your mission. Oh, you have to swipe your park pass for the time & initial place of your mission before hand. Particular areas of involved countries in the missions are rigged in entertainment for the Kim Possible mission. It's really impressive, b/c the rigged areas are activated by the signal from the LG cell phone.
    LOL, my friend & I were entirely amused by this. Pitiful & laughable, seeing as how we're college students. Anyway, we were able to activate sounds to come out from a gong, over and over again. Whenever unsuspecting people passed by it, we'd press the button from the "Kimmunicator" to ring the gong. They'd turn their heads & go, "Huh? Where did that come from?" We kept doing this for a good 6 minutes and laughed hysterically behind a corner. Eventually a few adults a few feet away noticed our obnoxious giggling and stared in our direction, pointing and laughing at our behavior. That's it, end of lame pranking. We were discovered ...HAHAHA...

    The finale of our mission really, really cracked us up. It was the jade monkey bubbling out of the pond. We press the button by the distinguished rock and were told by the Kimmunicator to look out across the pond. DUNDUNDUN... all of a sudden the middle is bubbling, bubbling, bubbling, and that alone tickled our hilarity. Then, a monkey surfaces! HAHAH, excellent finale. Absolutely impressive.

    Before dinner at Wolfgang Puck Grand Cafe, we spoiled our appetite a bit at Beach Club. We had some s'mores by a campfire. Boy, was it gooooood.

    Day 6, Wednesday
    Flight @ 6:55PM from Orlando, FL back to Newark, NJ
    We lounged around at World Showcase again, took in the beautiful topiaries, and took on more Kim Possible missions till our time was up. We completed... Mexico, Norway, Germany, and France. Out of all of them, we still felt China topped them all w/ the best rigged features. But we weren't able to get to Japan and United Kingdom.

    The night before, Tartar had to pop the outer layer of the balloon, leaving the Mickey balloon itself. That morning, one ear was deflated. As the day went on, the amount of helium clearly decreased... as it floated horizontally. It popped itself by afternoon.

    Before leaving the park, we each bought at least two turkey legs to take home for friends & family who requested them. Since we already checked our luggage in, we had to pack them in our carry-on bag. You can probably predict that aroused a little suspicion at airport security, and it did. But they got through, hahahahah.

    Aaaaand, that concludes our trip. Can't emphasize enough how LOVELY the weather was. Just the right amount of Florida sun with some breeze. B-e-a-utiful. Probably the best time of year to go, actually. In other miscellaneous notes, I'm curious about the merchandise over yonder. 25-35% off selected items such as timepieces, toys, plushies, jewelry... made us wonder why/what's up. I was on the look-out for another Disney sterling silver toering, but their selection had dramatically decreased, so no success.

    Will miss Walt Disney World. This was the fourth time going w/in 12 months, and will probably be the last time for an extremely long time due to possible upcoming financial limitations. Glad to have been able to go, forever grateful. Keep on w/ the Disney love.
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    Re: Spring Break 2009, Disney Style

    What a great trip report. Loved that you added pictures, too.
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    Re: Spring Break 2009, Disney Style

    Your trip report was wonderful! It looked like you had a really fantastic vacation and used your time well. The pictures were great!
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    Re: Spring Break 2009, Disney Style

    Thanks for sharing! Love to hear such fun stories! Hmmm . . . I may splurge on the balloon next time!

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