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Trip Reports & Member Reviews Discuss Wishes Dessert Party in the Vacation Planning forums; We just returned from our 9-day WDW adventure! I have lots to review, but thought I'd start with one of our favorites: the Wishes dessert party. We attended on July ...
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    Wishes Dessert Party

    We just returned from our 9-day WDW adventure! I have lots to review, but thought I'd start with one of our favorites: the Wishes dessert party. We attended on July 8th and were a little wary of the weather, because it had rained on and off all day and there are no refunds if the fireworks don't happen. Not to worry; we got the total experience!

    We were told to come around 9:00, and when we showed up at 8:55 we were at the end of the line. Once they started letting people in, though, the whole process took about five minutes and we learned that the tables were actually reserved with names on them. So... the lesson there is that you don't really need to show up until about 9:05 because being early has no advantage at all. I think calling early might have helped, though, because our travel agent got our tickets the first day they were available and we were seated right in front with a perfect view.

    As far as the desserts, there were about 15 choices, ranging from tarts to fruit, to brownies, to more exotic things like pistachio creme brule and mango shooters. We LOVED everything we tried, and the refills kept coming even after the fireworks ended (10:15 or so) so there was no need to rush the buffet table for your favorites.

    Drinks consisted of iced tea, lemonade, apple juice, water, coffee, and hot tea. The service was amazing and everyone was extremely nice.

    Besides the desserts, the best part was being able to get away from the crowds and the heat and not having to stand in one place for thirty minutes to get a good view of the fireworks. We could also see Spectromagic from where we were sitting, so that was a nice bonus (although the music for that wasn't piped in like Wishes was, so it didn't quite have the same effect).

    The fireworks were, of course, amazing. We had an extra bonus of watching Tink fly right over our heads at the beginning of the show. Then when the party was over and we were beyond full, we hung around until the crowds dispersed a little then enjoyed short lines until the park closed at 12. It was a fabulous end to a busy day at the Magic Kingdom, and I would definitely do it again.

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    Re: Wishes Dessert Party

    Thanks for the review! With all this positive feedback, I'm seriously considering doing this on an upcoming trip!

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    Re: Wishes Dessert Party

    i was on the fence about doing this, now ill try n get my mom to go fer it !
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    Re: Wishes Dessert Party

    Thanks for the review and tips.

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    Re: Wishes Dessert Party

    Great review!!

    Hopefully they will see the popularity of this and continue the dessert party past this summer.
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    Re: Wishes Dessert Party

    awesome thanks so much for the review! my family and i will be doing the wishes party during out trip in late august. i wasnt sold on it at first but now it sounds really fun and worth it.

    my question is are the tables always reserved or was that just for that party? that would be great to know if that was just a one time thing... i dont wanna show up too late and not have a reserved table!
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    Re: Wishes Dessert Party

    Thanks for the review. Sounds like you had a great time. I hope they continue to offer this next year.

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    Cool Re: Wishes Dessert Party

    Thanks for the review, it sounds like a great time!
    Here's hoping that it will be extended also.
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    Re: Wishes Dessert Party

    Wow!! Great review!!
    I want more stuff to eat in WDW, but I'm pretty sold on the dessert party if they're having one the next time I go.

    Best Regards,

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    Re: Wishes Dessert Party

    I think I need to add that to my itinerary! thanks for the review.

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    Re: Wishes Dessert Party

    Is this still being offered?

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