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    Ultimate Adventurer Trip, Days 8-10

    Monday, August 17th:

    We actually made it out of the WL (with bags packed in car) and got to Epcot before opening! I ran ahead of Tim and the girls to get FPs for Soarin’… and they ended up catching up to me at the central fountain where the CMs had the rope up. After they let us through, Tim headed over to The Seas while I followed everyone else to Soarin’. Moo. The kids rode Nemo and we all met in the near deserted post-ride area. It was only 5 minutes until Turtle Talk, so we took pictures with Bruce and watched the rays in the tank. Julie got to talk to him again so she was in heaven.

    The kids wanted to do the Nemo ride again and since we had some time to kill before our Soarin’ FPs, we did it. I love that ride, especially Peach at the end. She’s good. But Soarin’s better! We waited for our turn on B1 again and it was as good as ever!

    After Soarin’ we cut across Future World to the entrance of World Showcase. It had just opened up. We stopped to see the Mariachi band at Mexico and then headed up to Norway. We hadn’t been on this ride yet. The girls didn’t like it too much (too scary, I guess… with all the trolls… yeah, I have two girls ). We skipped the movie at the end in favor of playing with the Viking hats in the gift shop. I got some great pictures of my hubby in a Brunhilde hat and him picking the big troll’s nose. Yes, this is my husband. I love his goofiness.

    We walked over to America and decided it would do for lunch. We actually had a good lunch at the Liberty Inn – for some reason I was craving a hamburger. The one we got – a double cheeseburger – could have fed our entire family! We also got a chicken wrap and some nuggets for the kids, plus one each of the desserts.

    We then got to see one of my favorite performing groups – Voices of Liberty. They didn’t sing “When you Wish upon a star…” which inevitably gets tears streaming down my face. They had some great selections though, and I’m glad the girls got to hear them.

    We went back and looked for Donald on the Mexico boat ride. I think I’m finally okay with this redo. I do miss the music but I love that they kept some of the previous elements of the ride, like the cliff divers. We spent some money in Mouse Gear (two t shirts for me) and thought about doing Spaceship Earth, but the line was too long. So we went off to the AKL to check in. As we were walking into the lobby, who else but our friends from home were walking out! They were ending their stay as we were just beginning.

    What a beautiful resort!! Our room was not ready, so the kids ended up watching cartoons in the lobby for about an hour. (they were happy!) Tim and I took turns walking around and dozing on the couch. Just as we were taking the girls to see the pool, I got the message that our room was ready – 4383, almost at the very end of the Kudu trail. We were overlooking the main savannah, and saw giraffes, antelope, zebra, and ankole cattle. Every night we could see the ankole cattle, who had bedded down in a dirt patch right outside our balcony. Both of the girls absolutely LOVED seeing the animals outside our room. The only thing I would do differently next time is ask for a 2nd or 3rd floor room, as we were a little high up and ended up looking through the trees a little. My husband was more impressed with our AKL room and the entire resort than with WL. Our room was sparkling clean – I think they had just steam cleaned the carpet as it was a little damp when we got into our room. I would definitely stay here again… what a unique hotel!

    We took the girls to the pool for swimming, even though the sky looked like it was about to drop buckets of water on us. It was a nice pool but we all agreed that the pool slide was slower than the WL one. (we have to get Julie to one of the water parks sometime… she wouldn’t want to leave!) After showers in the room, we had dinner at the Mara (spicy chicken flatbread) and used our leftover snack points to get muffins, cereal, and milk for our last 2 breakfasts. We also browsed through the Zawadi Marketplace, which has a great variety of items! Tim took the kids to the arcade but was disappointed to see most of the games were for older kids. (They kept asking for the Contemporary Resort arcade… I like that one too!)

    We called it an early night and fell asleep with the cattle keeping us company outside.

    Tuesday, August 18th:

    We are breakfast in the room, said good morning to the animals outside our window, and caught the bus to the MK for EMH. Tim took the rental car over to the Car Care Center, and almost beat us there. And of course, halfway there I realized that I had left my cell phone in our hotel room, so I had to go to Town Hall and ask to use their phone. Tim joined us maybe 2 minutes later.

    There were LOTS of people in the park for EMH. I attributed it to Free Dining crowds. We went and got FPs for Splash, took pictures of the girls in the stocks, then went to Snow White. Here’s how crowded it was – Snow White had a line! We went over to Tomorrowland for the rope drop and ran right to the Indy Speedway. We were the 9th and 10th car to go out. I got to ride with Julie this time and she was as bad a driver as Katie was. We were headed for Buzz Lightyear but noticed that Astro Orbiter had no line. The girls had seen this one before and asked about it, so here was our chance. This is not one of my favorite rides… I think I closed my eyes for most of the ride! All the spinning and being up in the air… ugh!

    At Buzz Lightyear I broke 300,000 and beat everyone in the family. Found a good new target, hee hee. Storytime with Belle was next. What a nice, quiet spot, especially in the morning. We got there about 5 min before the show and there were plenty of seats. Belle came out with her two helpers… and told us her story. But there was no audience participation. I had heard that she chose people to help act out the story, but not this time. The girls did get to meet her afterwards.

    One more showing of Mickey’s Philharmagic (my absolute favorite) and then we went to Adventureland to get FPs for the Jungle Cruise. On the way through the shops Tim met Dennis, a CM that he worked with back in the 90’s! Dennis has been there 19 yrs now.

    We used our Splash FPs (didn’t get too wet!) and then went on the Jungle Cruise. Boy, when you have a good skipper this ride is so much fun. I love all the puns!

    It was starting to rain (and we didn’t have our ponchos) so that meant it was time for lunch. We took the monorail over to the Poly for lunch at Capt Cook’s (Hawaiian flatbread, pork sandwich, grilled cheese). They have the new touch screens for ordering, but it took about 10-15 minutes for lunch to come. The girls were freezing with the air conditioning and the rain that we had walked through.

    Our return trip to the AKL was very easy – quick monorail back to MK and a lucky bus back to AKL – just sitting there, waiting for us to get on. Everyone took a 2 hr nap in the hotel room, then Julie and I walked around the resort, picking up water, snacks, and getting a look at the pelicans by the outlook. We did some drumming in the small library off of the lobby and then went back to the room for a fancy dinner of PBJ and salad while the girls watched Martha on PBS.

    For our last night at WDW, we split up! Tim knew that I wanted to go do Toy Story Mania and the ‘adult’ rides at DHS. The girls were asking to go back to Epcot for Imagination and Spaceship Earth. So off we went. They had a good time at Epcot – took in Figment, Dame Judy, and Ellen (Universe of Energy). Oh, and yes, another ride on Nemo. (Hmm… I think we rode that one more than small world…)

    I went to DHS on the bus and headed right over to TSM. I still had two out-of-date FPs from Friday, so I used them to ride twice. I scored about the same each time – ‘beaver’ level. I was hoping to do ToT and RnRC when Fantasmic started at 9, so I had some time to kill. I went to the Magic of Disney Animation, something I do not remember ever experiencing. It was really cool! I even stayed for the Animation Academy (although I had to sit for about 20 minutes as I just missed the previous show). It was worth the wait, though. 20 minutes of almost Zen-like drawing in absolute silence. I drew Pluto. Me – who usually does stick figures poorly. I will do this again.

    Unfortunately the park was still packed when I finished at the Animation building. I thought the waits would be down but ToT and RnRC still had hour waits. There was a later Fantasmic show that night so I guess a lot of people were waiting around. I caught a bus back to the hotel and started packing , as the next day was to be our last in Florida…

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    Re: Ultimate Adventurer Trip, Days 8-10

    Weds 19th

    Our last morning at Disney… we got up early to pack. Thank goodness I had brought an extra empty duffle bag – we had new stuffed animals to pack, souvenirs, and candy! The kids were grumpy getting up but after a light breakfast on the balcony with the ankole cattle, they were feeling better.
    Bell services came and got the bags but not before I popped something in my back. I said ‘ow’ and my husband just looked at me. He has a bad back and just knew I had done something. I laid down on the floor for a little and found it was just a really tight muscle. It ended up hurting for about 3 days and then thankfully disappeared.

    We said goodbye to the cattle, zebras, and antelope and headed out for our last morning in the parks. We got to see the opening ceremony at the Magic Kingdom! It was a little bittersweet as it was our last day. Thunder Mountain was our first stop – the girls and I went over there while Tim took a detour and got FPs for Peter Pan. As we’re walking up to BTMRR, Tim met another CM, Edward, that he had worked with! We talked for a while and then walked on to Thunder. Katie loosened up and really loved it – even raised her arms a few times.

    We did some of our must-dos after that – the Carousel, where we took our yearly picture of Tim and the girls… we have pictures on the Carousel dating back to when Julie was 6 months old. Some day I’m going to frame them all together so we can see how much they’ve grown…

    Okay, the Carousel – Julie rode Cinderella’s horse, the one with the gold ribbon on the tail… Tim and Katie went for one more ride on… you guessed it… small world (count: 4, but it felt like more) while Julie and I twirled our heads off on Tea Cups and visited Pooh. Buzz Lightyear where I was once again victorious (360,000)… ran into PUSH the talking trash can (the girls LOVED him)… and then lunch at Columbia Harbor House.
    Lunch was good, but we couldn’t understand why there was a CM constantly ringing a bell right outside the door. We had to listen to it for the entire time we were there. I felt worse for the poor girl who had to ring it the whole time…

    Our last ride was on Pirates, where we got to sit in the front of the boat. We slowly walked towards Main Street and finally caught the ragtime piano player! It wouldn’t have been a trip to Disney without hearing him play. After that… I splurged and bought myself a new watch to commemorate the trip… and we all shared chocolate chip cookies in the bakery.

    Now usually I would have been bawling on my way out of the MK, but I was distracted this time – by the ‘Move It! Shake It! Celebrate It! Parade’. My apologies to those of you who like this parade, but I’m unimpressed. To me it’s too loud, bubble gum pop cheesiness. It was moving down Main Street as we left and I found myself looking forward to the cool interior of the AKL.

    We had enough time back at AKL to get our free Photopass pictures printed and collect our bags. Part of the prize package was round trip transportation to and from the airport. We hadn’t been able to take advantage of this on our arrival (as we flew into Tampa). However we did get a ride to MCO – in a stretch limo! What a great surprise to walk out of AKL and see a long black car, waiting for us! The girls were floored, and excited that they could watch a movie all the way to the airport. Tim and I agreed it was the most comfortable ride we’ve ever taken to MCO.

    Last post coming: final thoughts.

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    Re: Ultimate Adventurer Trip, Days 8-10

    Thanks for all the reports. I'm looking forward to your final thoughts.

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    Re: Ultimate Adventurer Trip, Days 8-10

    Wow, that sounds like such an awesome trip.
    P.U.S.H.-A mantra MOST will not understand.

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    Re: Ultimate Adventurer Trip, Days 8-10

    Awesome trip the long trips are always fun!

    "I'm doing this because I want to do it better"
    -Walt Disney-

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    -Big Thunder Mountain Railroad-

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    Re: Ultimate Adventurer Trip, Days 8-10

    What a wonderful vacation! So happy for you and your family!
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