Friday, April 22, 2005 Blue skies, warm temps with light breeze.
Disney’s Animal Kingdom/ MGM Studios

We started our day at DAK. Our bus arrived about 10 minutes after the park opened & I immediately noticed it was more crowded than the day before. We didn’t realize it was Earth Day! (Happy B-day DAK!) They were handing out Earth Day pins as we entered the gates, but somehow we were skipped. We found one on the ground later, so I was happy.
We headed straight for Africa to ride Kilimanjaro Safari. I was a little disappointed for a few reasons: 1.our guide kept messing up the script; 2. we didn’t see any giraffes; 3. there was a fence in the middle of the Savannah (not sure why???); and then, 4. as we passed the leopard or cougar (not sure what type of cat it is…) there was a big tree in the middle of the road so we had to turn the truck before we actually passed the big cats which also blocked the path that leads in front of “Pride Rock” so we couldn’t see the Lions. We could barely see the top of one of them from the back. We saw plenty of deer & the 2 baby elephants.
We walked the exploration trail where I was able to point out the hidden Jafar! It was too cool to see it in person!
After that we thought it would be a good time to cool off in the rapids, but they were closed. We walked the jungle trek & headed towards Dinoland while checking out the Everest progress. Once in dinoland, we rode Primeval Whirl (which was really jerky & gave me bruises) & Dinosaur. Surprisingly enough, there wasn’t much of a line for either of these rides. We discovered it was Grad Nite at MK so a lot of the kids were in DAK that day. There were also LOTS of Jr. High & High school marching bands in the parks. We left Dinoland & went to see what it’s like to be a bug. Again, we ate our sandwiches while waiting in line. After the movie, we made our way out of the park to go to MGM. There were a bunch of annoying & rude high school kids who cut in the bus line!!! I really can’t stand rude people! It’s too bad that a small bit of the group makes the entire school look bad!

Anyway… MGM was somewhat crowded. We hit the ToT since there was only a 20 minute wait. Funny side story: as we got to the front, the bellhop asked how many were in our party. I said, “3”. He said, “Ok, wait here.” I said, “In that case, 2”. He said, “Which is it, 2 or 3?” I said, “Ah, we can just leave her” & I pointed to Christy. He said, “Ok, that will not be a problem… people get lost… er left here often”. He put Cat & I in the briefing room without Christy! We kept calling her saying, “He was only kidding… come on!!!” She wouldn’t come in .The doors shut! I was thinking, “I can’t believe she’s going to have to ride alone!” A minute later, the doors opened & in came Christy! They were playing a joke on me since I was so quick to “drop a friend”. Funny, huh? After we rode that twice, we used our FP for Rockin’ Roller Coaster. We get to the alley & the ride breaks down. No fair!!! So… we are all given any time return FP tickets.
We leave RRC & go to Muppets 3-D. We sat in the front row so we could see Sweetum’s up close! Too Cool!!! I showed my friends the key under the mat & they were totally impressed. After the Muppets, we tried to get PS at a few places for dinner, but couldn’t, so we just hit Pizza Planet & were just as happy! After dinner, we stopped at Star Tours so Cat could ride. Since Christy & I don’t like simulation rides, we decided to sit it out. We were sitting right outside of the entrance on a curb under a shady tree when we noticed a little squirrel. I put my hands on the ground behind me to lean back & when I did, the squirrel grabbed my hand! It sacred me so badly I screamed & made the squirrel jump back! Turns out, I’d placed my hand on the dirt where he’d hidden some food & after I moved, he dug up his food & ate it! I wasn’t very impressed with the attacking squirrel. After that, we went back to Rockin’ Roller Coaster. This time we were able to ride with no problems at all. Every time I ride it, it gets better!!!
Since it was close to 8:00 we decided to get seats for Fantasmic. We were a little late! There was standing room only, but some really nice guy scooted over so we could share his bench with him & his family! The seats were perfect! We were right in the middle! It was the first time I’d ever been there when the audience/crowd didn’t do the wave back & forth 10 times. A group of guys a few rows in front of us tried a couple of times, but it just didn’t happen. The show was fantastic as usual & the girls were glad I suggested that we stay!
After the show we were herded out of the gate, caught a bus back to the all star Music (after stopping at the All Star Sports) and crashed.

Saturday, April 23, 2005 Morning was clear & warm; afternoon shower; evening nice.

This was a fun day! Although I woke up feeling a bit queasy with a scratchy throat, I was ready for my day at EPCOT! We caught a bus to MK where we hopped on the monorail to EPCOT. Since it was so early, we were able to ride in the front. Beautiful View!
Once in epcot, we stopped at the leave a legacy wall so I could show off my honeymoon picture. The first ride we hit was Mission: Space. Knowing it makes me sick, I for some reason, get in line. I guess since it was both of my friend’s first time riding it, I wanted to be on it too! Well, I never actually got sick, but I had to sit down & wet my face before leaving the building. There are “sick rooms” all around the “loading dock” areas for people to get a cold drink of water & a paper towel to wipe your face if you need it. I was very thankful for this sick room.

After we landed on Mars, we ran over to Test Track, hopped in the singles line & sped through the testing center. I asked if they were doing any soft openings for Soarin’ & the CM said they were, so we headed over for a fast pass. We tried to ride, “Living with the land”, but it broke down while we were in line, so we hopped out & headed for the living seas. We were only in there for about 15 minutes before having to leave for lunch. We had PS arrangements at Le Cellier in Canada. I was rather excited about this meal because I’ve never eaten in Canada before this trip.

Lunch: Canada’s Le Cellier in World Showcase

We were seated about 5 minutes after arriving (if that long) at the restaurant. We had a really nice server from BC. The three of us ordered 3 different meals & shared everything. I ordered the steak burger with Fries. Cat ordered the French Dip (again, good) & Christy ordered the open steak sandwich (Very Good!). We had some cheddar soup & shrimp for our starter. I wasn’t crazy about the soup. It left too much of a Moose head after taste for me. Christy loved it & ate every bit of it. We were too stuffed for desert, but will definitely have to go back to try it next time! The BEST part of the meal was the bread! They brought out 3 types of bread sticks! The pretzel bread was sooo delicious! We wanted to ask for seconds, but knew our meal would be too big for us! The atmosphere was really nice. It wasn’t loud & “fun”, but really nice & relaxing. I would definitely recommend it for couples or adults.

After lunch, we headed back to use our Soaring Fast Pass. On the way there, we stopped at the imagination pavilion to see figment. Christy wanted to see the jumping water up close! After touring Figment’s open house, we tried to catch some of the water. Just as we did, it started drizzling, so we thought, “Why not?” We were probably the oldest “kids” jumping into the jumping water. After that, it was time for Soarin’!

I was so excited since this was my first time experiencing it! The waiting que area was really cool. We didn’t get to see much of it since we were in the fp lane. I did notice the “moving” pictures of nature scenes with trivia questions at the bottom of them. We were each put on an arrow in row 3 as the pre-ride movie came on. Our host was telling us to put all of our valuables in the compartment under the seat… especially “these little beauties”. He was referring to the mouse ears. Since the 3 of us were all wearing mouse ears, it was too cute! All 3 of us went, “Awe!”
Once inside, it was fairly dark. We were guided to a bench like row & were told to buckle up. There was a small handle type thing between each seat to hold while “in flight”. Luckily for me we were in the 3rd row which only goes about 4 feet in the air. I was still a little nervous (since I’m afraid of heights). When we first went up, it almost took my breath away & I grabbed quickly onto the little handles. The view was amazing! I almost forgot about being so high. As we were soaring over the ocean, I kept thinking my bare feet were going to hit the water! (I had on flip flops so I had to store them in the bin as well) The only thing that helped remind me I wasn’t too far off the ground was the feet dangling in front of me. You could see them when you looked towards the top of the screen. The entire experience was so relaxing & beautiful. I recommend this ride for anyone & everyone!!!
After we landed, we left the land pavilion to travel to Spaceship Earth. For once, we made it through the entire ride without any stops at all! We headed towards The World Show Case to begin our “drinks around the world!”

World Showcase: Drinks around the World!

We began in Mexico… what a great start to our story! We all bought “Mexico” hats to place on our heads as we began our trek around the world. Our first drink was a frozen Margarita. As we were paying for them, the rain started coming down again. We camped out at the Cantina until the rain slowed up a little. We knew we needed something to show we had been to each country. Cat & I decided on flags & Christy went with the pins. Yeah, we put them in our hat as we finished each country’s drink. We got to Norway & fought the crowd hiding out from the rain. There Cat & I had a Ringes beer while Christy opted for the Viking Coffee. We rode Nordstrom with our 2 flags/pins. We spotted a group of guys who all had beers in their hands as well. I asked if they were drinking around the world & they were! Yay. We had new friends.
When we were in China, it started raining again. We decided we better start drinking water every few countries if we wanted to make it. The beer in China was not my favorite. As a matter of fact, it was plain nasty! It took us a while to finish that one. It was a good thing the outpost was between China & Germany. In Germany, we met up with our new friends again. It quit raining & we had a lot of countries to hit. We stood in a line for “bier” that seemed to go on forever. We grabbed our flags & pin and moved on to Italy.
In Italy, we met up with another group who was going the other way. They bought us all a wine spritzer type of drink. It was really good. I bought our flags & headed to the US. As we approached, we could hear the music coming from the stage area. Paul Revere & the Raiders were putting on a concert. We finished our wine & danced there for a while. (Probably too long as time was beginning to get short)
We left in a hurry towards Japan. It was starting to get dark. We knew we didn’t have much time since the park was closing at 8:30! We grabbed a Japanese beer, water, munched on our PB & J’s & took a bathroom break! This beer was really good. It had a sweet aftertaste to it. It was probably one of my favorites. At this point it was just after 7:00. I grabbed our flags & the girls & knew it was time to book it!
Honestly, I don’t really remember being in Morocco at all. Sorry. I know we bought the flags & pins from there but I couldn’t begin to tell you what I drank. Sorry. Once we got to France, I ran into the store to buy our flags, but they were out so I had to buy 3 pins instead. We had wine again in France. Again, I couldn’t begin to tell you what it tasted like. Sorry.
Once in England, I walked into the pub to get our drinks. I (for some reason) decided to buy yards instead of glasses?!?! So, we had a yard of Boddingtons English Pub Ale. I didn’t realize we could have refilled it for only 7 bucks. Oh well. I’m sure we didn’t need any more at that point! By the time I’d bought the beer, my group had arrived. I really liked the pub atmosphere, but we couldn’t stay because we had one country left!
O’ Canada! By this point the fireworks are going off & people are packing up to leave. We’re still standing in the beer line! I do remember my cup cracking & having to go ask the guy for another. He had already packed his keg, but was nice enough to give me another cup. We took our final picture in front of Canada as the crowds began to thin. From there, I don’t remember much other than Christy “oohing” and “aaahing” over the “lights in the ground”. I was still glad she was noticing all of the bits of magic everywhere- even in my overly happy state. We made it back to the hotel safely thanks to the wonderful bussing system at WDW.
What a great trip around the world!