Sunday, April 24, 2005 Cloudy, & very chilly.
MGM Studios

We all 3 woke up fairly early & surprisingly with out any headaches! We grudgingly packed our stuff & loaded the car. Considering our previous night, we were proud of ourselves for making it into the park only 1 hour after it opened. We started with our FP’s to Rockin’ Roller Coaster. On the way towards The Great Movie Ride, we stopped for some pastries at Starring Rolls! You’ll never believe this, but there were these 2 really annoying tourists walking together & just talking to everyone! They were even dressed alike! Some people… (ha ha). After our pastries, we went to the movies. We found a couple of the Hidden Mickeys, but not all of them. I still can’t find the Indiana Jones scene HM. Oh well…
After that we headed over to 1 man’s dream, & Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Play It! We missed the Millionaire show, so walked on towards the Backlot tour. Since it was pretty chilly that morning, I made sure I sat on the far right of the bus! They were having some “pre-shows” of the motor show, but we weren’t able to check them out. We knew we had a long drive ahead of us & even more shopping to do, so we headed back to Rockin’ Roller Coaster to end our trip with “style!”

Downtown Disney
Sadly, we left the park and headed to Downtown Disney for some last minute shopping! We stopped at the new Lego store to admire the cute new family looking at the sea dragon. We walked to Goofy’s Candy Co. to check out his sweets factory. It was really cool. All you could smell when you entered was sugar! A child’s fantasy & a parent’s worst nightmare! They had almost every type of candy you could think of & plenty you’d never think of! I opted for a white chocolate covered strawberry (I just can’t get enough of these!) and a caramel apple with pecans! They had a slurpee type station where you could make your own goofy freezie drink. I can’t remember exactly what they were called, but it looked really neat.
We browsed around once upon a Toy Store before hitting the big one… the World of Disney! I personally could stay in this store for hours… just looking! We all bought our gifts & sadly knew it was time to go. As we drove away, a sadness came over me as it usually does. It was quickly replaced with excitement as I began to think about my next trip & what I would do the next time I was “home.”