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Trip Reports & Member Reviews Discuss Bay Lake Towers! in the Vacation Planning forums; So I am back from my trip, and figured I should share a little with you all, albeit a little delayed! Flew into MCO on the 10th of October and ...
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    Bay Lake Towers!

    So I am back from my trip, and figured I should share a little with you all, albeit a little delayed!

    Flew into MCO on the 10th of October and took the ME over to Bay Lake Towers. Got there a little before lunch, and we intended on it being a relaxing pool day, because we had all been up since about 3 in the morning. The pool at BLT is very nice, even though I wouldnt mind it a bit deeper. The slide is pretty quick too! We had lunch out by the pool and eventually our room was ready. 11th floor with a Bay Lake view. From our room you could see DD, Epcot, MGM (err DHS), and DAK. If you went onto the balcony you could see the entrance to MK and part of Main St USA. The view from the room was simply amazing. I think I took more pictures of that than anything else during the vacation. We had a 1 bedroom, and it definitely seemed larger than any other 1 BR I have stayed in, maybe just me but maybe someone could confirm sizes? On top of the view, we were all just astounded with the beauty of the room. They definitely did a great job with the rooms there.

    That night we went up to the Top of The World lounge to watch the fireworks. The view from up there is awesome, and really is fun to watch the fireworks. So much fun that we did it a few times. I wish they would be open during the day so I could get a view of the park but oh well!

    Sunday morning brought a suprise for me, so I was up bright and early. My GF and her mother accompanied me to the MK where I figured we had a breakfast or something, but that quickly changed when I found out we were doing a Keys to the Kingdom tour! This was a great suprise bc I had tried to talk my GF into doing one, but we never pulled the trigger on it. I guess thats probably why she wasnt gung ho about it! Anyways, the tour was tons of fun. We were on the 830 tour, and our guide was great. She was relatively new at it, but she had lots of good things to say and show us. For anyone interested, I highly recommend it. Im 25 and in pretty good shape, but there is lots of walking and standing involved. We had unseasonably hot weather, so it was a little tough, but worth every bit of it.

    Monday/Tuesday was MNSSHP day for us (I cant remember what day it was!) We have been before, and I still enjoy going back! Watching the Headless Horseman ride is a sight to see! The last two times we went to it, it rained and there was a hurricane coming, so it was sticky, and this year it was dry! Lots of fun!

    Anyways, the rest of the week involved breakfast at CRT, which was a first for me. I absolutely enjoyed the experience. The view we had of the park while it was still closed was really neat. Being able to see almost all of Fantasyland while it wasnt packed was pretty cool. Service there is incredibly quick. There was only two of us, and we are not overly fast diners, and we were in and out, start to finish in less than 45 minutes. I couldnt believe that. We got out just as they opened the park. We got sent out into an almost empty Fantasyland. We also took advantage of the Food and Wine festival. We had the little wrist giftcards that made it a lot easier than dealing with cash. We actually caught a break on the gift cards. We bought two gift cards, and when they rang them up, the computer stopped working, and my GF got charged and instantly refunded for them. We ended up having a functioning gift card with $35 for free. The manager who came over to help resolve the computer issue told us to take it and enjoy it! So we had a free gift card for foooood! Food was great all around. I dont think I could pick one as a favorite because I had some pretty great stuff. I definitely ate a ton of food that nite! We also were there for the opening of The Sum of All Thrills in Innoventions East. I do a lot of work with Raytheon, so this discovery was pretty interesting to me. I had 4 or 5 guys in front of me who were there from KUKA (the robotic company that produced the simulators) to test the ride for the first time. I really enjoyed it, but if you are clautrophobic steer clear!

    Well I think that about sums up most of the trip, because we really tried to make it a relaxing vacation instead of the normal up and out and going all day type of trip. Spent lots of time at the pool and just relaxing. If I think of anything else, Ill make sure to add it up here!

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    Re: Bay Lake Towers!

    Great report, thanks for sharing.

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    Re: Bay Lake Towers!

    Sounds like it was a lot of fun! One of these days I will need to stay at BLT! Typing that has now made me hungry....
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    Re: Bay Lake Towers!

    We are going to 11 months in advance for next Oct and get MK views... I can't wait to go and enjoyed reading you experience. The views must be just great!
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    Re: Bay Lake Towers!

    It is great that you got to stay at BLT! I can just imagine how awesome the views must be!
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    Re: Bay Lake Towers!

    Just a lesson learned from we stayed at BLT a couple of weeks ago. DO NOT leave the pattio doors open while watching the fireworks or the Water Pagent. We did not feel or see any bugs flying around while we were outside, but came in to find the room swarming with mosquitos and flying gnats. We spent a good long time swating bugs and cleaning up after. We noticed that the walkway to the Contemporary was covered with dead bugs the next morning. We had a wonderful stay, otherwise. And basically, it was all our fault.
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    Re: Bay Lake Towers!

    I'm new to this forum; I actually found this place by doing a search for info on staying at BLT!
    We just bought at BLT and will be staying there for the first time this coming Jan-10.

    My question is in regards to security. My grandmother is coming but only as a 'guest' as she will only be staying 3 out of the 8 days with us. Does that mean she will not have access to the pool, the lounge, etc.?
    Thanks for your help!

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