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Trip Reports & Member Reviews Discuss The Case of the Missing Chicken in the Vacation Planning forums; Disposition : Case settled, but not solved. Facts : Recent visit to DAK (1/28/10), purchased Mandarin Chicken Salad at the Yak & Yeti Cafe, then went to the Flights show ...
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    Exclamation The Case of the Missing Chicken

    Disposition: Case settled, but not solved.

    Facts: Recent visit to DAK (1/28/10), purchased Mandarin Chicken Salad at the Yak & Yeti Cafe, then went to the Flights show to relax ... and eventually discovered that the chicken had flown the coop and had never made it into the salad. The chicken is apparently still missing.

    Subjective: That was one expensive green salad!

    Action: Contacted guest services that eve via email.

    Resolution: Today (22 days post) received email - a $25 Disney Gift Card to come.

    Summary opinion: Cool. I was just hoping for a credit to my Discover card, but I'll use this, eventually. At least there's no expiry.

    Thank you for contacting us regarding the Walt Disney World® Resort.

    I am very sorry for the disappointment you experienced with your food
    purchased during your visit to Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park. I
    wanted to personally assure you that your feedback has been taken
    seriously and let you know how much we appreciate your comments. Our
    Guests' feedback allows for our continual growth and the preservation of
    the magic Walt Disney dreamed about.

    As a goodwill gesture, we will be mailing you a $25 Disney Gift Card for
    your inconvenience. You should expect to receive your gift card within
    the next 30 business days.

    Thank you again for your honest and constructive feedback. We truly
    appreciate you visiting with us here at the Walt Disney World Resort
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    Re: The Case of the Missing Chicken

    Good for you for not letting it go and pursuing it!

    By the way, love your threads, they always have a humorous touch.
    Some people are like Slinkies.

    They aren't really good for anything,
    but they still bring a smile to my face when I push them down a flight of stairs.

    Friends are Gods way of apologizing to us for our families.

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    Re: The Case of the Missing Chicken

    I think this happens alot. My wife and I and kids have been to Disney a few times in the past 7 years and we usully stay at one of the All Star resorts. We go down for breakfast and the kids love the chocolate chip muffins. Only there is only one chocolate chip to a muffin. At first we thought it was just the one but it was in about six of them, and on every trip there lol it is kind of funny. Just because you can stop at your local gas staion that has a convience store and get one packed full of chips but not at Disney. I laugh every time lol. Later

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    Re: The Case of the Missing Chicken

    Hmmmmm... All smells VERY fishy, to me. Wait... better rethink that. As far as we know, the fish aren't even involved... yet. At least, As far as WE know...? I happen to think it's all a huge "chic-spiracy"! You all know the MO. Cows conspiring to get us all to eat more "chikin'", and now "chikin's" conspiring to get us all to eat NO chikin' in our chikin' salads ...! When will it all ever end?!?!

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