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Trip Reports & Member Reviews Discuss Tutto italia Restaurant? in the Vacation Planning forums; Has anyone eaten there? What would you say about services, food and etc? Best Regards,...
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    Tutto italia Restaurant?

    Has anyone eaten there? What would you say about services, food and etc?

    Best Regards,

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    Re: Tutto italia Restaurant?

    I have not eatne there, but heard on another podcast that is more expensive than the previous restaurant, but the food is about the same.

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    Re: Tutto italia Restaurant?

    My girlfriend and I actually ate there during my last visit to WDW. I would highly recommend this place. Our server was great, since he was from Italy and I had been there we talked for a while. The food in my opinion was one of the best meals we ate during our entire trip. For the other comments, they are also correct. The menu is a little pricey, but if you haven't had a chance to eat there..DON'T miss out!

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    Re: Tutto italia Restaurant?

    My fiance and LOVE it there. A little pricey but I think everyone expects that now from any of the sit-downs at WDW. We went most recently this past December. Funny thing was we went twice about 10 days apart (no we were not at the parks for a continuous 10 days, I WISH!!!) and we go the same waiter and he actually remembered us! So we distracted him from work for a while but it made for a really pleasant evening. Anyway, service was great, extremely prompt, no dishes or uneaten food was left sitting on the table for a long time. MUST save room for desert, the Gianduja - Chocolate Torta was SPECTACULAR! my favorite entree was the Arrosto Di Vitello (veal roast) but if you are not into that kind of thing the Casareci was recommended to me by our server b/c it is was one of his favorite dishes "back home" and it was really good as well. Last, I love olives and they have fantastic FRESH olives! Lastly, you must have either the espresso or the "american style" coffee since they were both excellent. To sum it up eat EVERYTHING they offer, it's good!
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    Re: Tutto italia Restaurant?

    We ate there once last year. The service was top notch. I don't think our glasses got empty at all, it was almost to the point that we felt a little hovered over though. But, I have to give them that the service was good. The breads were nice that came with our meal and the lasagna that we split was out of this world. We've never had another lasagna like it anywhere. It was so lite and tasty, not heavy like all these other Italian places. Its pretty expensive for pasta, but I thought it was worth it since we don't know where to go to get anything comparable in taste. I'd go back again.

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    Re: Tutto italia Restaurant?

    I love, love, LOVE Tutto Italia!! The food is excellent, and the service is great!! The staff is just wonderful -- and the accents.....don't get me started!! EVERYTHING sounds good when they say it!!

    And don;t forget to get dessert - the cannolis are to die for!
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    Re: Tutto italia Restaurant?

    So glad to hear all the positive reviews. We booked this on the DDP for our May trip (we didn't know it was DDP until she told us on WDW-DINE) & we are all excited about it. The only "problem" is that I am a vegetarian (along with the kids - DS 7 & DD 2) so I hope that they will have a nice veggie option.

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    Re: Tutto italia Restaurant?

    Great food and service

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    Re: Tutto italia Restaurant?

    Quote Originally Posted by williams View Post
    Has anyone eaten there? What would you say about services, food and etc?

    Best Regards,
    We have - back in 2008. The food was great - desserts are awesome and the service was real good too as is the whole place in general!

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