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Trip Reports & Member Reviews Discuss Trip Report 4-29 thru 5-07-10 in the Vacation Planning forums; We returned this year to the Polynesian for our annual WDW trip and were very happy with our stay. Upon arrival at 12:30pm via DME, we were told our room ...
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    Trip Report 4-29 thru 5-07-10

    We returned this year to the Polynesian for our annual WDW trip and were very happy with our stay. Upon arrival at 12:30pm via DME, we were told our room was not quite reay yet and elected to get some lunch at the Kona Cafe as the Delta peanuts and soda had worn off quickly . About halfway through the meal, I received a voicemail that our room was ready and could be occupied at our leisure. I had requested "ground floor near a pool" and we were given room 1617 in the Samoa building. This was a perfect location on the south east corner of the longhouse and a short walk from anything we wanted. Mousekeeping was good throughout our stay and our room was clean and well kept.

    Crowd levels were pretty much what we expected- we usually come to WDW the same week each year. During the weekend the longest wait times were 20 to 25 minutes- for super headliners we used Fastpass. Most wait times were in the 5 to 10 minute range overall. Transportation was pretty reliable for the boats and monorail. We seemed to be able to come and go at our leisure with little wait. Busses were a different story. We did wait over 30 minutes at DHS one evening for a bus back to the Poly, and the drivers (Mears) were rude and crass to the guests on a couple occasions. There were times however, when we were able to walk right on the bus as it pulled up to the stop and speed away without waiting at all (luck of the draw). I did notice for the first time that there is direct bus transportation from park to park- Is this new or have I not been paying attention?

    Dining was adequate during our stay- I never really ate the "oh my gawd, that's incredible" meal as in years past, but it was good overall. The best meal was probably Sci-Fi Dine In Theatre. I read a lot of negative reviews about this place, but it has been very good the last couple trips. I reccomend the beef and blue. The worst was unfortunately the Kona Cafe for a mid week dinner. We were there 40 minutes before we had our drink order taken, our meals arrived cold, the appetizer arrived 15 minutes after the entree and I literally had to walk back into the kitchen (very clean by the way) to get drinks refilled. We missed the water pagent and had to skip desert to get to the beach in time for Wishes. I never complained at all, but probably should have. To Disney's credit our server informed upon returning to our table me that our meal was on the house due to the poor service and to please try them again.

    All in all it was a great trip and I wouldn't have changed a thing. For now, I'll start planning next year's trip- I am leaning toward the Contemporary where we have stayed before, but am intrigued by the Beach Club and it's close proximity to DHS and Epcot. Any information or suggestions would be welcome.....Thanks!

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    Re: Trip Report 4-29 thru 5-07-10

    It has been 20 years probably since I stayed at the Beach Club but I remember loving it. If only for the fact that my two favorite parks were within minutes of the hotel. Stormalong Bay is great if you do happen to catch a super hot week in May as well. Have fun!

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    Re: Trip Report 4-29 thru 5-07-10

    I love Kona Cafe, but mostly for the Tonga Toast for breakfast! Glad your trip was positive over all.
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    Re: Trip Report 4-29 thru 5-07-10

    sounds like super fun.. and theres nothing like planning your next trip
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