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Trip Reports & Member Reviews Discuss The Long-Awaited Trip Report--June 2010 in the Vacation Planning forums; So I have been really busy this summer and am now finally able to write up my trip report from my trip to the World from June 19-28th This was ...
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    The Long-Awaited Trip Report--June 2010

    So I have been really busy this summer and am now finally able to write up my trip report from my trip to the World from June 19-28th

    This was a great trip. I went down with my best friend for her college graduation trip and we had a lot of fun!

    Day 1--June 19

    The night before the trip was when Toy Story 3 was released so my friend Lindsay and I decided we would go see the movie to prepare ourselves for Disney and to get into the Disney Spirit (not like we needed it or anything!) The movie was great and we both bawled our eyes out the last 15 minutes of it!

    In the morning, we headed to BWI around 1030 while we waited for our plane. Our plane left around 1230 and landed at MCO around 250. I was ready for this already. I wanted to be in Disney more than anything and had been counting down to this trip since September of 2009 when we decided that we were going to go!

    We were using Magical Express but a few days before I realized I had 1.) Never gotten my luggage tags and 2.) Never gotten my passes for Magical Express. I had to change flights/airports due to the original flight I was on changing until 5pm in the evening. That wasn't acceptable to me so I ended up changing to BWI instead of Dulles. When I had changed, my travel agent had cancelled my Magical Express reservation instead of changing the flight information. I realized this 2 days before I left. (Some of you can attest to that, I was in chat and was freaking out!) I ended up having to make new reservation and wasn't able to use the luggage service.

    We picked up our luggage from Baggage Claim (which took about an hour. I hate AirTran.) and then went to the Magical Express desk and picked up our reservations. We waited about 15 minutes before the Magical Express bus got there. We were on the bus with Caribbean Beach and the All Star Resorts. We stayed at Pop Century. The whole bus trip took about 45 minutes and I was very pleased with it. I had heard horror stories about Magical Express and at first was a little worried about using it. I was happy and will 100% use it again!

    Once we got to POP and checked in, we went to our room. We were in the 50s section on the second level. I loved our room. It was small (definitely not conducive for a family of 4) but it was perfect for my friend and I.

    After we unpacked and got settled, we headed over to MK for our first night in the parks!! We met up with Rachel (fungus_01) and her husband in the parks. We went and got a fastpass for Space Mountain and rode Buzz Lightyear. After that, we decided to head to Splash Mountain. This was quite an experience. Just as we got into line, they made an announcement that the ride was temporarily shut down due to inclement weather. Despite everyone else getting out of line, we decided to stay in line since we weren't in a hurry to get things done. We ended up moving to the front of the line with about 50 or so people behind us. While we were waiting, the CMs decided to play a trivia game for those waiting in the line. Only 1 person per party was allowed to play but since Rachel and I were seperate parties we decided to play. About 4 other people played. They asked questions about the park, the movies, and Walt Disney history itself. They asked about what month is Mickey's birthday, who are Donald's nephew, among other things. I ended up winning one round and won a fastpass for Monday (since that was the next day I was going to be in MK). I was proud of myself and felt like Lou would be proud as well (A lot of the stuff I knew from Lou's book!!!) Rachel also won. The CMs asked us how we knew all the info. We just said.. '' After the trivia game, we waited for about another 10 minutes and then the CMs came around and gave us complimentary fastpasses. So we ended up getting 4 fastpasses for Monday (2 from the trivia and 2 from what the CMs gave us). They then put us on Splash Mountain in the POURING DOWN RAIN! It was the best experience I have ever had on the ride. We were soaked and couldn't do anything about it!

    After riding Splash, we headed to use our fastpasses we had gotten earlier from Space. We then parted ways and Lindsay and I headed back to our hotel since we were exhausted and wanted a good night sleep for an early day at Epcot the next morning!

    The first day was great! (pictures will be posted later)
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    Re: The Long-Awaited Trip Report--June 2010

    sounds like loads of fun! can't wait to read more and hopefully see more!
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    Re: The Long-Awaited Trip Report--June 2010

    Sounds like the first night on property was great, looking forward to reading more.

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    Re: The Long-Awaited Trip Report--June 2010

    cant wait to hear and see more
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    Re: The Long-Awaited Trip Report--June 2010

    Hurry up and get the next day posted. I want to read more about the trip.

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