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Trip Reports & Member Reviews Discuss Honeymoon at DLR vs WDW in the Vacation Planning forums; When my wife and I honeymooned in '08 we went to DLR for a weekend then a few weeks later to WDW for a week. We wore the mouse ears ...
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    Honeymoon at DLR vs WDW

    When my wife and I honeymooned in '08 we went to DLR for a weekend then a few weeks later to WDW for a week. We wore the mouse ears top hat and veil so there was no question as to why we were there. I'll keep this short.
    At DLR we got the occasional congratulations (mostly from other guests) but for the most part we were treated like anyone else. We did get to ride the Lilly Belle which was the highlight of the trip.
    At WDW it seemed that every cast member went the extra mile to make our trip special. We got congratulated at every turn. We got some extra things here and there like fast passes, complimentary desert at a quick service, a couple bonus dole whip floats(my personal favorite) and something special waiting for us at every restaurant we had reservations at. Oddly enough the other guests really didn't seem to congratulate us like at DLR.
    I think the difference is that at DLR there are so many CA based passholders that go to the park over and over again that the cast members are a little more jaded than at WDW. It also could be something that came down from resort management.

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    Re: Honeymoon at DLR vs WDW

    I've often had this thought when comparing the US parks to Paris. Whilst I love DLRP, there is a lack of 'extra attention' when it comes to special occasions in the parks. I was there for my 30th birthday a couple of years ago and even though my hubby had bought me an enormous Disney birthday hat and badges, I only got ONE birthday greeting all day from a Cast Member.

    In the States, I find that they go out of their way to make your day that little bit more special. At Destination D in Disneyland in September, everytime I spoke to a Cast Member and they heard my British accent, they went out of their way to have a proper conversation with me and I even got a couple of free pins from one lovely CM who discovered it was also my first trip to Anaheim. In WDW, my hubby and I were lucky enough to win some ear-hats and pins during the 'Year Of A Million Dreams' promotion and because we wore them for the rest of the day, CMs were shouting congratulations to us every five minutes - same as when we were there for our Honeymoon and we had our wedding ears on.


    October 2012 - Walt Disney World (Coronado Springs) Halloween, Food and Wine, Christmas Season ***UPCOMING TRIP***
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    October 2008 - Walt Disney World (All Star Movies, Coronado Springs, Caribbean Beach, Port Orleans Riverside, Polynesian Resort, Animal Kingdom Lodge) Halloween and Food and Wine
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    June 2007 - Disneyland Paris (Newport Bay Club) Disneyland Paris 15th Anniversary Celebrations
    January 2006 - Disneyland Paris (Hotel Santa Fe) Christmas Season
    September 2004 - Walt Disney World (Pop Century) Honeymoon

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    Re: Honeymoon at DLR vs WDW

    Having been to DLR and WDW, I like DLR, but love WDW. There is just something a little more special about that place.

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