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Trip Reports & Member Reviews Discuss SB 2011 Pre Trip Report in the Vacation Planning forums; Who's Going? Myself, my wife @EWeaver6405 and our 6 year old son.. herein after known as "fuzzball". Where are we staying? Pop Century! When? March 12-19th (we're technically going to ...
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    SB 2011 Pre Trip Report

    Who's Going?
    Myself, my wife @EWeaver6405 and our 6 year old son.. herein after known as "fuzzball".

    Where are we staying?
    Pop Century!

    March 12-19th (we're technically going to be on the road the 11th and the 20th but they arnt "IN WDW" so I dont count them lol.

    How are we getting there??
    Driving! From Lexington, KY to WDW its about 13-14 hours (Not counting potty breaks for the fuzzball) and 90% of that is straight down I-75. Planning on leaving here around 9am on the 11th and plunging straight down to WDW with a stop in Atlanta for the Varsity! The only thing that remains a question is will WDW go on and give me my room as we will be checking in after midnight and it will technically be the 12th. If not, I guess I snooze in my car LOL

    The Plans!
    Well, as we learned last year, the best laid plans go awry, so I'm trying to be a bit more flexible, and hoping none of us get sick this year. Leaving 3 days early ****ed last year And with that being my wife and son's first ever trip to WDW, it left quite a bit unseen.

    We're going to start off the trip over at Epcot to finish what we started last year. We left half of Future World and World Showcase untouched last year and I have every intention of fixing that ASAP. We also plan on spending a day exploring the Flower and Garden Festival, as well as a half to a full day of doing a ton of research and photo getting for so yeah 3 days at least in Epcot will make me happy

    Also planning on 2 days in Magic Kingdom and some extra magic hours as the park will be open till 3am. The next morning will be our sleep in day LOL. We did get to see most of MK last year so we will be a bit more relaxed in the touring this year.

    A day and a half in the Studios and a full day in Animal Kingdom are also on the agenda. WDW has added more showings of Fantasmic which makes me extremely happy, and I WILL hit Expedition Everest this year in Animal Kingdom.

    Outside of the usual riding and seeing, we're aiming to meet up with many people from forums and twitter! Todd and Cheryl Perlmutter, JL, Katie and Ed, John from Innermouse, Rora and James, and many many more. IF your going to be down there that week, send me a message on Twitter (@IlluminatEpcot)! Would love to meet up with people.


    Last year we ate at WDW on a very tight out of pocket budget and it worked really well.. Split Counter Service meals, held to two table service options and then brought all of our own snacks and such.

    This year, after our canceled Christmas trip, we decided to splurge a bit and go for the DDP and not worry about food and really eat at places we would never be able to eat at normally.

    Table Service:
    Opening the trip, we're going to have breakfast with Katie and Ed at Kona Cafe! I've never had Tonga Toast however I plan on fixing that ASAP!

    That evening at Epcot we will go to Les Chefs de France. Looking ahead to the menu, I'm thinking of getting either the Beef Short ribs or the Grilled tenderloin with the Croustillant feuillantine, douceur au chocolat, glace noix de coco, tartare de banane.... Its french, I want to try it lol.

    Also in Epcot, We're going to take Le Cellier for a spin since Amanda @Discollegeblog was awesome and got us a Lunch ADR after I got tired of trying to no avail! I love me some cheese soup!

    Next up is 50's Prime Time Cafe over at the Studios and most likely some Fried Chicken and possibly the PBnJ Milkshake.. Still not sure it sounds all that good.

    I will be ending the trip with 3 places I've never tried! The Wave at the Contemporary, Teppan Edo over in Epcot and then Yachtsman Steakhouse the final night of the trip, and there is a porterhouse with my name on it just waiting......

    Well thats it... Let me know what you think!
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    Re: SB 2011 Pre Trip Report

    Sounds like you have a great trip planned! We were always DDPers but this trip is the first without it in a long time. We're planning to do what you did last time and split meals etc. to spend as little as we can on food.

    Hopefully no one ends up icky sicky this time around! Have fun!!
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    Re: SB 2011 Pre Trip Report

    Sounds like a lot of fun! Can't wait to hear how it goes.

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