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Trip Reports & Member Reviews Discuss Disney Cruise, Westbound Transatlantic Sept 2010 in the Vacation Planning forums; Although I have just started my report from this May, I just thought I would also share our amazing trip from last year on-board the Disney Magic from Barcelona to ...
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    Disney Cruise, Westbound Transatlantic Sept 2010

    Although I have just started my report from this May, I just thought I would also share our amazing trip from last year on-board the Disney Magic from Barcelona to Florida.

    Day 1 - September 17th 2010

    To start with we booked to fly to Barcelona with Easyjet from Doncaster and booked 1 night in the Marriot Renaissance.

    For one of the First times in my life I got us to the airport early, nearly an hour before check-in so we sat and had a drink in the bar.
    We checked in and were told we had a 30 min delay (this is what happens when I am early lol)

    We had a meal at Wetherspoons and a quick look round the shops and then boarded. We had paid for speedy boarding and were on quickly and got seats in row 2.

    The flight was uneventful until we were about 45 mins away from Barcelona and the Captain informed us we were being diverted to Toulouse in France as all Barcelona airports were closed due to storms.
    We were sat on the tarmac for nearly 5 hours, a few people thought that moaning at the cabin crew and Captain would make a difference. The crew had already said that absolute worse case we would be bussed to Barcelona on coaches, about a 4 hour trip, as long as we got there by about 3pm the next day we didn't care.

    When Barcelona re-opened we then missed our take-off slot as someone insisted they were getting off and making their own way there, I think he was hoping to start some sort of mini revolution as he had been up and down and talking loudly about what he was going to do. Instead he just looked an idiot as once he had signed the forms to say he was getting off there was no going back, his bags were unloaded and about 40 mins later we took off lol.

    We got to Barcelona at about 2am, the hotel shuttle stopped running at 11pm so we had the pleasure of paying the 20 Euro minimum charge in a taxi for the 5 min ride to the Renaissance, so much for meeting people in the bar.

    The room was nice although fairly small, not that it mattered as we had a quick shower and were straight to bed, we had a ship to catch in a few hours.

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    Re: Disney Cruise, Westbound Transatlantic Sept 2010

    Day 2 - September 18th 2010

    After about 6 hours sleep we went to breakfast which was included at the Renaissance, it was o.k. not that it mattered as food overload was about to occur in a couple of hours FOR 2 WEEKS lol.

    After breakfast we went and got our cases and went down to reception to wait for the port shuttle. We met Mandy and Mark and Dan and Sarah (this was it they were stuck with us for 2 weeks lol)

    The shuttle took about 20 mins to the port giving us our very brief glimpse of Barcelona, all I remember is graffiti and a cemetery on a hill lol (note to self fly an extra day earlier next time)

    Check in at the port was painless although they did ask to see a print off of our ESTA so it was worth taking a copy even though the website said we didn't need to. We got a few beers some wine and Bacardi from the port shops and went to board woooo.

    Spot the Chipmunk lol.

    First stop was to get a brunch reservation at Palo which we got no problem.

    We went to Parrot Cay for lunch, the buffet was fantastic as usual and then got a drink and sat around on deck 9

    We checked out our room 6607, good location, not so good on the sound proofing as we found out the next day.

    Room 6607 Cat 11, deck 6:-

    Next was the adventures away party, we watched from deck 11, there were no-where near as many people as normal and certainly no-where near as many kids as usual especially on a Disney cruise. It was still great fun though and I still love the blast of 'When you wish upon a star' from the ships horn.

    We watched the 'All aboard, let the magic begin' show also starring Jimmy Tamley and Mark Nizer which was great.

    Then we went to dinner, our tablemates Mandy & Mark, Karen, Paul, Noel & John were brilliant we couldn't have asked for a nicer group of people to spend 2 weeks with. I can't remember what we ate but I do know it was fantastic lol.

    After dinner we went to Cove Cafe for drinks (I think)

    Other photos from the day:-

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    Re: Disney Cruise, Westbound Transatlantic Sept 2010

    Days 3 & 4 - 19th & 20th September 2010

    Today was the first of many relaxing days (so I don't have to type much lol ) Most of the day was spent eating, drinking and laying around the pool

    A couple of other things we did go to was the DVC member celebration where free Mimosas were readily handed out

    Straight after that we went to a Don 'Ducky' Williams presentation in the afternoon. Don Williams is a senior character artist, his work can be seen all around W.D.W, on promotional material, on DCL, he also designed the limited edition lithograph that we were all given on this cruise.
    He told his amazing life story while sketching on stage, at the end of the presentation his sketches were raffled off to the audience (a free raffle by the way).

    Tonight was the 'Twice Charmed' show which was great,

    A quick change and then to the Captains welcome reception for free cocktails Followed by dinner, tonight was also the first formal night.
    After another great meal we went to the adult cabaret show by ventriloquist Jimmy Tamley who was absolutely hilarious and received a standing ovation at the end.
    We got back to the room just after midnight and the whole room was vibrating with the noise from the theater below, we went to guest services to see if they could do anything (maybe just turn the bass down a little) but we were met with pretty much there's nothing I can do about it (although he did manage to refrain from saying tough lol)
    Prince of Persia finished just after 12.30am so we didn't have to put up with it for too long.

    Day 4 Gibraltar

    We were already docked at Gibraltar when we got up, we had a quick breakfast at Topsiders and then made our way off the ship.

    There were quite a few taxi drivers etc trying to sell tours pretty much as soon as we were out of the port which was a bit annoying after I'd said no for about the 5th time.

    I'd booked tickets online for the cable car and the attractions at the top of the rock so we took a walk to the cable car station.
    When we arrived it was closed due to high wind so I just got a refund on the tickets and we took a walk into town instead.

    About 11.30 we made our way to the Marina as I had booked a Dolphin Safari online with I liked the fact the boat was quite small and close to the water and that they wouldn't take more than 25 people out at a time whereas the Disney excursion was on quite a large boat that held well over 100.

    The Rock had a little bit of mist on it lol

    Interesting boat name

    We boarded the Goldfin and set off out of the Marina.
    Just on the left of this pic is the runway that goes out into the water:

    The trip was amazing we saw loads of Common dolphins, at one point there were 50-60 in view.
    It was great seeing them in the wild like this, even if they were a little difficult to take a photo of:

    On the way back into the Marina after an amazing trip:

    If you go to Gibraltar I would definitely recommend looking at Dolphin Safari as an alternative to the bigger companies, they are also only a 10 min walk from where the Magic docks.

    After the safari we took a walk to Morrisons and got a case of beer and some soft drinks to put in the fridge in the room and then went back to the Magic, no-one batted an eyelid when we took the beer on-board in normal carrier bags

    The show that night was a Beatles tribute which isn't really our thing so we gave it a miss. We had dinner and a few drinks and then tried to go to bed but Alice in Wonderland was showing in the theater until 12.30am so we had to wait until that had finished and the room had stopped vibrating lol.
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    Re: Disney Cruise, Westbound Transatlantic Sept 2010

    Day 5 - 21st September 2010

    We did next to nothing today apart from relaxing, eating and drinking, Kerrie did try and go for a nap after lunch but if anything today the noise from the theater was even worse, you could clearly hear the theater evacuation procedure followed a few minutes later by the booming which was followed by the room vibrating like mad, this was getting a bit silly now it felt like the room was unusable between 10am and well past midnight, the prospect of 2 weeks of this was giving me un-Disney thoughts lol.

    I went down to guest services again and explained it was unbearable, at least this time the nice lady was understanding and said she would call the tech team in the theater and ask them to adjust the sound setting, I thanked her and went back to the room and it seemed to have worked yaay

    After a nap we went back and sat around the pool for a bit reading before going back to the room again to get changed.
    AAAHHHH the next film had started and things were back to normal, boom shake shake the room springs to mind lol, I rang guest services and asked if someone could come up to the room to see how bad it was, the lady asked me to give her a few minutes and would get back to me.
    I got a call back saying that they had found us another room and could I call at guest relations to see Patty one of the guest relations officers.

    I went to see her and she was really nice, apologized for the problems with the room and any upset and inconvenience and said she had got us a cabin on deck 2 with a porthole.
    After I had finished kissing her feet and got up lol, she said to give her about 30 mins to finish getting the room cleaned and if we could go pack she would get someone to come and move our bags for us, I thanked her and told her she had made our day and went to pack.

    We packed and someone turned up to move our cases and we made our way down to deck 2 and room 2546, ahhhhh peace and quiet, obviously the porthole was a nice bonus but a cupboard somewhere would have sufficed just as long as it was quiet lol.

    The new room:

    Our bags turned up and we unpacked then went for some drinks before dinner, we didn't bother with the show tonight which was some Flamenco dancers (Los Mulero)
    Dinner was fantastic again and afterwards we went to the adult cabaret in the Walt Disney Theater by Mark Nizer who was doing a juggling act. He was O.K and we had seen him last year but I don't think any of the cabaret acts could follow Jimmy Tamley.

    And then bed in peace and quiet, thank you Patty

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    Re: Disney Cruise, Westbound Transatlantic Sept 2010

    Day 6 - 22nd September 2010

    After a fantastic nights sleep we went for a quick breakfast at Topsiders and then got ready to meet Dan and Sarah at the gangplank. We were just getting a taxi into town and having a look round as we had no excursions booked.

    We all got in a taxi and found it amusing as the taxi driver spent most of the trip trying to sell tours to Dan (who had sat in the front) as we found out when we walked back to the ship that afternoon the cheeky so and so had already taken us on a scenic route into town rather than the direct route lol.


    We just spent most of the day looking round, taking photos and stopped for a beer outside a cafe bar although we did get pestered by some beggars which was annoying.

    We stopped at a store and got some more beer, wine and soft drinks ready for the 5 sea days that starting tomorrow, we also got 6 boxes of Celebrations chocolates and then walked back to the ship.

    Back on-board I stopped at guest relations and gave them the chocolates with a note saying a big thank-you to Patty and her team for giving us a bit of Disney magic

    A couple of hours round the pool and then we went to the show which tonight was the comedy and hypnosis of Ricky Kalmon who was O.K.
    Another fantastic dinner followed, I'm sure drinks followed but I can't remember if they were in Cove Cafe or Rockin Bar D.

    Now one of my favourite things on the W.B crossing, starting tonight for 5 consecutive nights the clocks get put back an hour every day (I could get used to that lol)
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    Re: Disney Cruise, Westbound Transatlantic Sept 2010

    Days 7,8,9,10 & 11 - 23rd,24th,25th,26th & 27th September 2010

    23rd - After breakfast (I still don't know why we keep having this we're not even hungry lol) we went to the art of entertaining - signature entrees which was a talk and demonstration by guest chef Michael Pythoud (one of the chefs from W.D.W) he created a Saffron Risotto and samples and free wine were brought round for everyone to try

    We then went to the DVC presentation, yes I know were already members but you could still win $300 on-board credit lol.

    Straight afterwards we went to the art auction which included free Champagne although Kerrie took the bidding paddle off me and there was some really nice artwork.

    Later in the afternoon we went to see UP 3D in the theater, I only stayed for a bit though as the guy behind fell asleep and was snoring his head off so I went back to the room and had a nap while Kerrie watched the rest of it, I also don't think the seats in there are the comfiest.

    Time for the show now and tonight is one we haven't seen yet - Villains tonight which was really good.
    The show was followed by another amazing dinner and then drinks somewhere afterwards

    24th - Character breakfast morning yaay

    As you can see the waistline has already expanded significantly lol

    Pluto taking the direct route to our table (and then got told off lol)

    The rest of the day was spent chilling around near the pool, probably having the odd cocktail and consuming more food.

    The show tonight was a comedy act by Heath Hyche who was quite good and was doing an adult show in a couple of nights time.
    Dinner afterwards was great again followed by drinks in Rockin Bar D.

    25th - When we finally got up we decided on Brunch in Lumiere's today for a change, mmmm eggs benedict.

    Next we visited the cruise sales desk and booked a 3 night cruise on the Dream for our trip in May and then a 4 and 3 night back to back next Oct on the Dream for Halloween and Kerrie's 30th birthday (which is actually on Halloween the witch lol) We transferred our bookings to Suzy from Mousefan Travel who is amazing and had everything confirmed etc before we even got home

    The rest of the day was spent lazing about again (exciting trippies to read these aren't they lol)

    Tonight's show was "Once upon a song" and was performances from select members of the Disney show cast singing Disney songs from across the years, I love these people they really are amazing performers and excellent singers.

    Dinner tonight was the 2nd formal night and was followed by an adult show with Ricky Kalmon the hypnotist which was funny, then a couple of drinks with the gang and bed

    26th - After finally making it out of bed and breakfast Kerrie went to lay by the pool while I went to watch a presentation entitled "Disney innovations - Theme parks" in Rockin Bar D which highlighted the top 10 innovations that the Walt Disney company has introduced to theme parks.

    After that it was relaxing for a few hours and then for some bizarre reason we went to the gym for about an hour and a half (still can't believe I typed that lol) I think it was my stomach telling my brain "look your going to have to work a bit of this off there is only so much I can stretch lol) To be fair as far as torture chambers go, sorry I mean gyms it is really nice you have a view from the front of the ship out over the ocean, the equipment comes complete with t.v screens where you can watch t.v channels or films (just plug your headphones in) fresh towels, a water fountain and fruit so i suppose it makes exercise about as bearable as it can be.

    The show tonight was Magic and Illusions with Jason Bishop which we didn't bother with, this did give us chance to watch the sunset though:

    Dinner tonight was followed by the adult show by Heath Hyche the comedian which was funny and I'm sure this will have been followed by drinks somewhere lol.

    27th - The last of the 5 sea days and a day that was spent doing pretty much nothing (interesting reading then lol) we did go and watch the Don 'Ducky' Williams presentation for a 2nd time with that small hope of winning one of his sketches in the raffle, even though we never it was great to hear his story again.

    Following the presentation was the 'Ducky' art auction, there was free champagne again but this was by far the busiest auction of the cruise, the atrium was full, people were on the staircases and on the walkway on the deck above. I think the most expensive 'Ducky' piece a picture of Malificent went for around $5800

    More chilling and then ready for the show which was 'Walt Disney the dream goes on'

    Daisy before the show:

    After another amazing dinner along with Mark, Dan & Sarah we went to ultimate Disney trivia in Studio Sea, I think we managaed 17 or 18 out of 20.

    The end of the sea days and the weather and seas have been so kind to us it's been an amazing 5 days
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    Re: Disney Cruise, Westbound Transatlantic Sept 2010

    Day 12 - 28th September 2010

    We had a quick room service breakfast today as we had a sightseeing excursion booked. We didn't see much of St Maarten last year as we did the downhill forest trek.

    I think we met at 8.15am in Diversions and were led off the ship, I thought we had pulled up next to a hotel but it did turn out to actually be a ship - the Norwegian Epic, I have to say whatever the facilities available on-board some of these big ships IMO Disney definitely has the best looking ships at sea (and the best sounding, see further down lol)

    We boarded our tour bus and were taken round the Dutch side of the Island while being given information about what we were passing, we then arrived at our 2nd part of the trip which was by boat, unfortunately the generator that powers the p.a system wasn't working so we didn't get much commentary except when the captain came round to speak to us although the sights were amazing and there was free rum punch and other drinks

    We were dropped off in Marigot on the French side of the Island and had an hour to walk around so we had a bit of a wander, got a drink and then went back to the boat. The last bit of the trip was back on the coach travelling back to the ship from the French side with commentary all the way.

    The tour was good and informative but I think next time we're in St Maarten we'll just head to Maho beach by taxi and watch the planes land.

    Back on-board we relaxed a bit and then went up to deck 10 to watch us depart, we exchanged horn blasts with the Epic which people on both ships went crazy for, although there was only 1 ship everyone was cheering for (the quality isn't the best it was only taken on my camera)
    See below:

    Click on the pic.

    Why does a ships horn make you so happy?

    Next was one of the best shows I have seen in my entire life. Disney had flown Jodi Benson (the voice of Ariel the Little Mermaid) into St Maarten for a 1 night special performance in the Walt Disney Theater (she was leaving again the next day in Tortola)
    What a fantastic fantastic show she is an amazing singer and the songs she sang just made you want to cry and she came across so so nice and when I met her after the show it turns out she is

    After the show it was announced she was going to do a meet and greet after the 2nd show which was unexpected and not on the navigator.
    We skipped dinner tonight, Kerrie went to see the show again and I stood in line to meet Jodi (I was 2nd woooo)

    Kerrie joined me after the show and Jodi signed a card for me and our cruise litho that has now been signed by the captain, Don Williams (who designed it) and Jodi Benson and is now one of my favourite Disney collectibles
    My cruise litho:

    There was a service dog called Skye on-board and was lovely, here she is dressed up for pirate night:

    We had a quick bite to eat from Pluto's Dog house and then got ready for the Pirate's in the Caribbean deck party which was great and the fireworks were great although we still never managed anything from the buffet lol.

    What a truly BRILLIANT day
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    Re: Disney Cruise, Westbound Transatlantic Sept 2010

    Day 13 - 29th September 2010

    We had a quick breakfast and then met in Diversions at about 8.15 for our sightseeing tour of Tortola.
    The first part of the tour was by truck, we were shown round this stunning island stopping every now and again for photos, sometimes on a blind bend on the wrong side of the road lol.

    Wrong side of the road, blind bend lol.

    The Bomba shack....sounded like an interesting place to go

    The truck part of the tour concluded at Pussers landing where there were a few shops and a bar. I got a couple of Pussers rum miniatures for later

    The second part of the tour was by boat looking at some of the small islands surrounding Tortola, the boat ride was quite bumpy which I thought was fun although Kerrie who gets a bit seasick wasn't so impressed (although she was fine) There was free rum punch on-board which I sampled to be polite, I also ended up with the neat version as I didn't realise the barman was just getting some more 'punch' and looked surprised when the neat rum had gone lol (Why is the rum gone? )

    After the boat ride we were dropped off right next to the Magic and boarded for some lunch which I think today was Tex Mex themed

    The afternoon was spent relaxing in and around the pool.
    Next was the show which tonight was the Crew Talent Show, which was good involving members of the crew singing, dancing by the officers and other things by crew members

    Cheeky monkey in the room:

    The day was wrapped up by more fantastic food at dinner followed by drinks in Rockin Bar D
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    Re: Disney Cruise, Westbound Transatlantic Sept 2010

    Day 14 - 30th September 2010

    Oh I just remembered we had brunch at Palo on the day before St Maarten and dinner last night, the food was amazing
    And I know we watched Toy Story 3 3D at some point

    The last sea day

    View from the room porthole:

    We had brunch in Lumiere's today, there was an elderly couple on the table next to us who asked us to join them, the lady said her husband speaks to her more if there are other people there lol. Our server was Edward, he was telling us that whenever Don 'Ducky' Williams is on the Magic with him he is always his server and gives him some drawing lessons, he also said Don had given him loads of his sketches (the ones everyone is desperate to win at his seminars) We got to meet Edward at MCO again waiting for his flight home for a couple of months

    The brunch was great and the couple were really nice, although they were saying that they had a home in Tampa and one elsewhere and spent about 6 months of the year in Tampa, so that's about 1 hour from W.D.W now are you ready for this? This was their first Disney cruise and they had NEVER been to W.D.W lol, it was a good job I didn't have a mouthful of food when they said it lol.

    We did the galley tour next, the hours (14 hour shift 7 days a week) and effort that go into all of that fab food we eat is astounding.
    Some galley pics:-

    Parrot Cay:

    I went to the Champagne art auction and partook in some more free Champagne

    This was the one and only day we had a bit of rain, the ship normally uses it's radar to avoid rain and storms but on this occasion Captain Thord was on a mission to get us to Castaway Cay a lot earlier than scheduled so nobody minded the direct route whatever the weather, it was only for a couple of hours anyway
    I took the opportunity to try the Pussers rum I got the other day and get one of the cases packed blurgh

    Tonights show was the brilliant 'Dreams' followed by dinner.

    Dessert at dinner (I have no idea why I didn't take more food pics lol)

    This was gorgeous:

    We all went to see John Charles in the Walt Disney Theater afterwards who was o.k.

    Castaway Cay tomorrow

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    Re: Disney Cruise, Westbound Transatlantic Sept 2010

    Day 15 - 30th September 2010

    Once up Kerrie went to the Spa to get her nails done while I went up on deck to watch us pull into Castaway Cay, Dan, Sarah and Mark were also on deck. There were also some crew members taking pics as it was their first time to the island.
    Captain Thord had done well and got us there well over an hour than originally scheduled, we were also leaving later than planned as well

    I met Kerrie back at the room and got our stuff, we met Dan & Sarah outside the post office and then met Mandy, Mark, Paul & Karen at the family beach.

    I think the only time I left the sea was to drink cocktails (mmm Konk kooler) and eat at the BBQ. The weather was perfect all day (apparently the Wonder had been unable to dock the previous days and then the Magic showed up and all was good lol) the company was amazing and the food and drink excellent.

    Begrudgingly leaving the island we went back to the room, packed the last case and then went to the 'Remember the Magic' show.

    I popped back to the room and put the cases outside our door for collection and then met Dan, Sarah and Kerrie in Rockin Bar D for ultimate Disney trivia, we did rubbish lol, I did find out you can get Konk Koolers made on-board though, I don't know why I've never thought to ask before, they also tasted stronger

    Time for the last dinner now which was great although sad at the same time.

    After dinner we all went to the Walt Disney Theater to see the crew skit 'If I were not upon the sea' which was very funny

    This was followed by the last lot of drinks in Rockin Bar D and then bed, I suppose we have to get off tomorrow boooooooo.

    It had been the perfect perfect day though and a fantastic way to spend the last day of the cruise, in paradise with friends
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    Re: Disney Cruise, Westbound Transatlantic Sept 2010

    Day 16 - 1st October 2010

    We went to breakfast at 8.30am and our last meal together and then had our hugs and goodbyes and then went to disembark.

    I had rented a car direct from Budget for our last day, they have a free shuttle that runs from Port Canaveral to their outlet about 1.5m away, the shuttle was very efficient and we were at the Budget office in no-time.
    I had rented an intermediate s.u.v (Ford Escape or similar) for $55 for the day which included all insurance etc. The nice lady at the desk said "I have something a little bigger for you honey" She then handed me the keys to a Chevy Suburban, Mark also did well he got a free upgrade from a basic car to a Mustang convertible

    The Chevy:

    We said goodbye to Mandy and Mark and set off to W.D.W
    We had planned to meet Lou at the Boardwalk Bakery for the meet of the month but were about 40 mins to late
    So we went to Downtown Disney and had a walk round and then took a quick trip to the premium outlets to have a quick look round although we never bought anything.

    We stopped at the Crossroads at Mcdonalds and had a cheeseburger, mainly so we could use their wi-fi to check our flight etc, the milkshake was really nice too.

    I filled the car up opposite Downtown Disney ($18) and we set off to MCO.

    We checked in for our Aer Lingus flight to Dublin and then had a look around the airport (haven't been to MCO for a few years) we went for a drink in the sports bar and bumped into Edward who served us brunch a few days ago had a chat and bought him a beer (I always like it when you get the opportunity to give something back however small)

    We boarded on-time and to be honest couldn't fault them, the legroom was decent the in-flight entertainment very good, the seats fairly comfy, the food o.k. but all in all a very good flight.
    We arrived at Dublin and our bags were automatically sent through to our connecting flight. A quick look round and then we went and sat near the gate, It was my first time in Ireland so even though it was 8am I felt it would be rude not to try a 'real' Guinness this was followed by a Latte and some breakfast muffins (expensive but not bad)

    Our connecting flight then pulled up, Kerrie who isn't the best flyer didn't look to impressed when this pulled up at the gate lol.

    It was a smooth enough flight though and we arrived at Doncaster about 50 mins later. We were off the plane, had our bags and in our car within 15 mins of landing.
    To be honest the in-direct flight saw us home about only 1 hour later than if we had gone direct (into Manchester) and saved us about 500 in the process

    To sum up the cruise was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, and we met so many nice people and all stay in touch (since I wrote this many have arranged to have a meet this August 2011 )

    Thank-you for reading,

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    Re: Disney Cruise, Westbound Transatlantic Sept 2010

    Love your photos!! I'm so jealous you met Jodi Benson! I absolutely love her
    "You're dead if you aim only for kids. Adults are only kids grown up, anyway."

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    Re: Disney Cruise, Westbound Transatlantic Sept 2010

    Great photos and read. It must have taken some time to post.

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