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Trip Reports & Member Reviews Discuss WDW & DCL May 2011 day 6 in the Vacation Planning forums; Wednesday May 18th 2011 Kerrie had a bit of a headache this morning so told me to go off to the Magic Kingdom on my own and meet her back ...
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    WDW & DCL May 2011 day 6

    Wednesday May 18th 2011

    Kerrie had a bit of a headache this morning so told me to go off to the Magic Kingdom on my own and meet her back at the room around lunchtime so I took the bus and got there just before opening.

    While the crowd thundered down Main st to the attractions I stepped to one side to enjoy the rest of the opening show and then spent 2 hours just appreciating Town Square and Main st, I got talking to a lovely lady called Jan who had worked at W.D.W for over 30 years, she is one of the silhouette artists, we talked about the windows on Main st, the history of the Magic Kingdom and about life in general, it was fantastic talking to her, we got to say 'hi' a few more times this trip and will be hoping to see her again in a few months.

    My favorite window on Main st:

    You really have to admire that Disney continue to pay so much attention to detail it would be so easy (and cheaper) to just not bother and how many people would really notice? Take Main st for instance the stories and detail are amazing but I bet the percentage of visitors that take any notice is small, I heard one lady say to her son "come on hurry up, there's nothing here but shops"

    The only attraction I rode all morning was the Haunted Mansion, although I did have a walk up the Swiss family treehouse that I haven't done in years, the rest of the time (once I finally left Main st lol) was just spent walking around the Magic kingdom enjoying the atmosphere. The Beasts castle is coming along nicely:

    I can't wait for Fantasyland expansion to be complete just the few bits you can see peering through holes in the fence already look great lol.

    The morning had flown by and I was soon back at the bus stop to go check on Kerrie. The bus for Music came first so I hopped on that, I took a few resort pics on the way back:

    Back at the room Kerrie was feeling better so we took the car to Downtown Disney and decided on the Earl of sandwich for lunch, there was the usual long (but fairly fast moving) line. I don't know why they have bothered introducing the buzzers though as everyone still insisted on crowding around near the drinks station lol
    I had my favorite Tuna Melt and Kerrie had her usual Caribbean jerk chicken:

    After lunch we had a walk around Downtown Disney, picked something up for a friend at D-street and had a look around some of the other shops. I was intending to go on characters in flight but couldn't be bothered to wait as there was a bit of a queue.

    The displays outside the Lego store were amazing:


    Into Ghirardelli's next where we shared a Rocky rd sundae:

    Next we took a trip to Walmart to get a few things (like beer and wine lol) followed by a trip to the premium outlets where Kerrie got a few clothes and I got some shoes to leave in the Owners locker (for cruises)

    I can't believe we did what we did next, for the first time in 7 years.................we ate off-site lol
    We chose the Outback, we shared quesadillas for an appetizer:

    Kerrie had a burger:

    And I had a nice big steak:

    We shared a new york style cheesecake for dessert:

    I have to confess it was a nice meal and we've got a couple of off-site meals planned for Oct/Nov with friends (only a couple though, there's no need to go crazy lol)

    Back at Sports I packed ready for tomorrow as it's time to go on THE DISNEY DREAM YAAAY

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    Re: WDW & DCL May 2011 day 6

    Wonderful trip report! Looks like you are havingan amazing time. Love, love, love the photos. Looking forward to reading the next one
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    Re: WDW & DCL May 2011 day 6

    Quote Originally Posted by TheLionKing
    I heard one lady say to her son "come on hurry up, there's nothing here but shops"
    The world has changed. It's go go go rather than stop and smell the roses. The magic that is Disney is lost on the new generation. The irony is when the parents let it happen but then fondly remember back to a time when things were slower etc. etc.

    Looks like you're time on property was well spent! Have fun cruisin'!
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    Sometimes all you need is a reminder that out there lies a better place... a better world... a Walt Disney World.
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    Re: WDW & DCL May 2011 day 6

    The Beast's Castle has really come a long way in the past two months.

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