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Trip Reports & Member Reviews Discuss WDW & DCL May 2011 day 7 (The Disney Dream) in the Vacation Planning forums; Thursday May 19th 2011 It's time to go cruising YAY We left All Star Sports for the trip to Port Canaveral massacred millions of love bugs on the way, apparently ...
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    WDW & DCL May 2011 day 7 (The Disney Dream)

    Thursday May 19th 2011

    It's time to go cruising YAY

    We left All Star Sports for the trip to Port Canaveral massacred millions of love bugs on the way, apparently they were suffering swarms in the area, the front our white car ended up black lol. I think we arrived at the Port about 10.30am, since it was only a 3 night cruise we were just paying to park the car rather than do 1 way rentals (car parking currently $15 a night and you pay when you exit).

    Since we still only had our small carry-on cases (left the Owners Locker in the car) so we didn't need to drop any bags off to be delivered to the room.
    Once through security and into the main terminal we were given boarding card number 9 by someone walking around before we reached the check-in desk, the only question we were asked was if we had cruised before so it seems that that selecting a Port arrival time when checking in online is fairly irrelevant (at the moment anyway)

    Ipods passed the time until it was time to board which was about 12.30, there was quite a queue for boarding pictures although we by-passed it as we weren't bothered about photo's from shutters this trip although we were warned that if we didn't have the boarding photo done then any pics on-board wouldn't be linked to our room key.

    Once on-board we were announced lol and then made our way to Cabana's for lunch, there was a good selection of just about everything lol, the only thing was people still don't 'get' how Cabana's works, there are various counters in a line and basically you go to the counter you want food from and help yourself, but everyone thinks you have to go to the first station and line up like you would a buffet, the line soon ends up going out of the door as the first station is right next to it lol, I got some 'tut's' and stares as I just walked up and got what I wanted from the empty stations (as everyone else was away down the corridor lol) Kerrie said I think I should go line up as that's what everyone else is doing, THAT'S THE PROBLEM lol, the crew were tearing their hair out trying to explain to people how it was supposed to work but as soon as they cleared the line the next lot of people turned up and started the line again (to be fair it was quite funny to watch) it was only really the embarkation lunch where it was worst though, most people got it by the next day.

    While we were eating I got a tap on the shoulder, I turned round and it was Mikey who had been our server on a 7 night cruise in 2009 on the Magic, we also saw him last year on the Westbound Transatlantic, we had a chat for a bit and it was good to hear he was doing well. Next we saw Edward who we met last year also on the Westbound Transatlantic and also at Orlando airport for a drink as he flew home the same day we did, we'd requested him as our server for this trip and were pleased to find out he was.

    Lunch was great and it was brilliant meeting old friend already, by now we could go and see our room, we had a cat 11A, we were really impressed it seemed so much more spacious than the inside rooms on the Magic and Wonder and the virtual porthole really made a difference to how the cabin felt (it didn't really feel like an inside room)

    After we had unpacked Kerrie went off to sunbathe while I went to the ship tour to get a rough idea of where everything was.
    After the tour I went to the DVC member welcome aboard meeting in Evolution which is basically to try and get you to add on some extra points but there's also a few fun and games and FREE Mimosa's lol, probably a ploy to get you drunk and buy lol.

    I may have had 1..........or 2

    Kerrie came to meet me in Evolution and we went back to the room for the lifeboat drill. Our assembly point was the Walt Disney Theater, it is so much better not messing about with the life jackets.
    Drill complete we went up to deck 12 to watch the sail away party which was great and the first time we got to hear "a dream is a wish your heart makes" from the ships horn.


    We were on early dinner seating so went and got ready. Tonight we were in Animators Palate:

    This was a great restaurant with Crush interacting with guests, really funny especially when people weren't expecting it:

    Along with Edward we also had Tiger as his assistant and also Andreas who was just completing his training to be an assistant server, all 3 were great as was the food.

    After a great dinner we went and got changed for the show which tonight was the Golden Mickeys, first off we went to find Melanie who we had brought a big bag of U.K. chocolate for (that had been fun stopping it melting lol) We first met Melanie in 2006 when she was VERY good friends with Jasmin and Belle and has been on our last 2 cruises on the Magic.

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    Re: WDW & DCL May 2011 day 7 (The Disney Dream)

    Now for the Golden Mickeys which we are so glad has returned for the Dream as it was our favorite show on the Magic and Wonder before it stopped. There's not much I can say about the show as fantastic doesn't really do it justice, we loved it:

    Kerrie particularly loved Tarzan lol (even more so when on the 3rd day he was sunbathing a couple of beds away on deck lol)

    It does amaze me in the shows how many times people have to be told not to use a flash or lcd screens, I wouldn't mind but the flash doesn't even make any difference to the photo at that distance lol.

    After the show we had a look around the shops and explored the ship a bit, called back at the room which had been turned down:

    Then at about 11.45pm we went to the Walt Disney theater for the Prem'ear' of Pirates of the Caribbean on Stranger Tides at 12.01am YAY
    Never been to a premiere before lol:

    Kerrie didn't manage to stay up to watch it all (wimp) but I did and thought it was great (the mermaids definitely aren't Ariel though lol)
    I made it to bed about 3am, best get some sleep I'm up in a few hours lol but what a FANTASTIC day
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    Re: WDW & DCL May 2011 day 7 (The Disney Dream)

    You have taken the best photos; I'm really enjoying your posts.

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