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Trip Reports & Member Reviews Discuss We All Done Now? ~A Trip with a Toddler~ in the Vacation Planning forums; Originally Posted by Chrissy&Tayen love all the pics Thank you! Originally Posted by BamaJenn Awesome! Keep 'em coming!! I really need to finish this report! Originally Posted by petals3485 luvin ...
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    Re: We All Done Now? ~A Trip with a Toddler~

    Quote Originally Posted by Chrissy&Tayen View Post
    love all the pics
    Thank you!

    Quote Originally Posted by BamaJenn View Post
    Awesome! Keep 'em coming!!
    I really need to finish this report!

    Quote Originally Posted by petals3485 View Post
    luvin all the pics!

    Quote Originally Posted by eeyore79 View Post
    awesome trip report so far!! your lil boy is adorable!!

    we ate at the cicis pizza too back in 2006!

    i see that you live in or near chicago? where about? i am in the far southeastern suburbs of chicago, right on the border of indiana (calumet city, lansing area)
    Thank you! I think he is cute too . We live in the NW burbs, Arlington Heights to be exact!

    Quote Originally Posted by aspen37 View Post
    Hi Shanan!!! Loving the report so far. Kim and I just missed you guys by a few days last October. Todd and I stayed at Old Key West during the first part of the trip. We were lucky and got a refurbished room. We were in the back of the resort by one of the bus stops and a pool area. I really enjoyed Old Key West too.
    Hi Anna! Thanks! Yep we did just miss you guys, we came in a little bit after you guys. I remember seeing your mobbed pictures on facebook and hoping that it would lighten up by the time we got there. We were in the back/bottom of the resort. Building 54 on Southpoint rd. I can't wait to go back there to stay!

    Quote Originally Posted by Rtobe View Post
    Great report - I must have just missed you in Oct.
    Thanks Ros. When did you go?

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    Yee Haw!

    So we got Aaron down for a nap finally! I think I may have took a nap too and Jason fell asleep as well.

    When we all woke up it was time to head over to Port Orleans Riverside to eat dinner and watch Bob Jackson, but Jason was in a mood and he really didn't want to come.

    I told him that is fine Aaron and I will just take the boat over to DTD and then the bus to Port Orleans. Jason did cave in and drive us over to POR but he was just going to wait in the car.

    I wasn't going to fight with him so I took Aaron into POR to eat dinner. Wow was the food court River Mill....ever crowded! It took a 1/2 hour just for us to get our food. The salad line was extremely slow, but Aaron was very patient.

    While checking out and paying, I asked if they take any discounts, and this is where I found out that if a resort has a table service restaurant then there is no discount with Tables in Wonderland at the counter service, but if they have only counter service restaurant then you can use your Tables in Wonderland card and save 20%! Makes sense!

    My Ummy Salad, that only took a 1/2 hour to get!

    After Aaron was done eating he was dancing around singing....oooh oh oh Captain EO! It was really cute!

    Yee Haw Bob had already started, since it took us forever to get our food, so Aaron and I walked over to the Lounge and looked for Jaime and crew and found her! Yay!

    During dinner Wallis was texting me too and figuring out where I would be.

    Cheryl got asked to sit up with Bob.

    And lead the Conga line.

    Jaime asks where is Jason, and I told her he is being a punk and sitting in the car waiting for us. She says I am going to get him. I told her he is in a red cherry tomato Chevy. She comes back with him and he is happy she dragged him in. He really enjoyed Yehaw Bob.

    Towards the end someone comes up and taps me on the shoulder and it is Wallis. We talk a little bit about her trip and we tell her that we will see her more tomorrow night!

    Bob's 1st set is over and we get up to take a picture with him.

    Back at OKW we stop at the store to get something for Jason to eat for dinner. He grabs a pizza pocket and Aaron wants something too. We tell him he can have anything(mickey bar, candy bar, cotton candy) in the store and he grabs an apple.

    Back in the room we relax and watch Stacy.

    We have to get up early tomorrow because we are going to the walk for Down Syndrome.

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    Step Up for Down Syndrome

    Aaron is up! Bright eyed and bushy tailed for it being 6:30 in the morning! And we went to bed last night somewhere around midnight.

    We head over to the Boardwalk to pick up Tonya and we head for Lake Eola for the walk.

    We find it and try to find the place they told us to park, but we can't find it. Luckily they have workers telling us where to go and there is a parking lot close that we get directed to.

    We find the tent and check in.
    We received our shirts and grabbed some doughnuts, apple juice (for Aaron) and mimosas.

    We chat a little bit and walk around to explore.

    Beautiful Lake Eola.

    We get our group picture taken...

    ...and then it is time to start the walk around Lake Eola.

    Tonya and Lori

    Half way around Lake Eola they were handing out waters.

    When the walk was over there were food booths set up and alot of different activities going on. Aaron played with the musical instruments for a little bit.

    And we each had 1 ticket which we could turn in 1/2 the ticket for a drink and 1/2 ticket for a food item. We ended up getting 4 pieces of pizza from Ci-Ci's and gave the rest of our tickets away, we could have gotten 4 more pieces.

    We really wanted to get back to WDW so we ate our pizza in the car. It was only 10:30 am.

    We stopped at Wal-Mart to get some 12 packs of Coke and Diet coke and some other essentials. We also got a few t-shirts, this Wal-mart was the mecca of Disney stuff! We dropped off Tonya at Boardwalk and said our goodbyes in case we wouldn't see her again and sure enough we didn't. But we will see her on the cruise in less than two months!

    We are back!

    Time to clean up my pizza boy before we go off to the MK!

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    An Afternoon at the MK

    I gave Aaron a nap and a bath and it was time to finally go to the MK!

    We decided on taking the bus since it drops you off right at the front door!
    Instead of doing the whole Parking, tram, monorail/ferry to MK.

    We had a very short walk to our bus stop. We were at the South Point Rd stop and we stayed in building 54.

    My Boys:

    Aaron and Froggy:

    He was obsessed with maps! Every time we entered the park first thing he needed was a map!

    Aaron's 1st glimpse of the castle.

    Let's start off with the peoplemover! Surely that can't be scary!

    Is this a death grip?

    Aaron did not like the way it whipped around the corners....We all done now?!

    I like the grip on Daddy's shirt, but all the while trying to take everything in.

    He did not care for the inside of Space Mountain either, but now he can't stop talking about Starport.

    Up next CoP. He loves this ride. I think this may have become one of his new favorites. He sings Great, Big, Beautiful Tomorrow...every day!

    Taking it all in!

    Look at all those strollers! Eek!

    Froggy has something to say...

    Ribbet, Ribbet!

    I told Aaron to make a sad face. His favorite ride was down for refurbishment, but shhhh don't tell him this but we are coming back before our flight on the last day to ride it over and over again!

    We decide to ride the Liberty Belle! Woo! I never had done this before, at least I don't remember doing it.

    The weird thing is, I don't remember ever riding on the Liberty Belle, but these next shots seemed vaguely familiar.

    We had to make our way out of the park and head over to the Grand Floridian by way of the monorail to make our 5 o'clock ADR at 1900 Park Fare.

    My cool dudes:



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    Grand Floridian/1900 Park Fare

    On our way to Grand Floridian!

    We made it!

    We were a little early for our ADR so we wandered around for a little bit. do I get back to the MK?

    Soon our buzzer was going off!

    We didn't plan on doing many ADR's this trip, as Aaron hardly eats and gets bored at restaurants easily. Plus, financially we were trying to save as much money as possible. We were using our TiW card though.

    Jason was looking forward to the strawberry soup and I was looking forward to dining here as I had no idea what to really expect. Upon our seating I was already pretty disappointed as we were sat in a small room (kinda like a hallway) off of the main dining room.

    Aaron was also starting to get fussy.

    Jason's strawberry soup.

    I just remember Aaron not eating much of anything and Jason telling him to turn around alot during this meal.

    I was not feeling it at all.

    She wanted to kiss Aaron. I wasn't there for the interaction, as I was up getting a plate of food.

    This was funny. Lady Tremaine made Drizella and Anastasia stand with their noses to the wall.

    Drizella asked Aaron what his name is...and Aaron just sat there and she went through a list of names and she said ok I will call you prince Zachary.

    My Princes with Prince Charming.

    This was a shocker to me. I had no idea that Cindy is at 1900 Park Fare.

    Aaron and Cindy had quite the interaction.

    She asked all about Froggy...and asked Froggy if his name is Naveen?

    She was really sweet with Aaron.

    A 2nd Bowl! It must have been good!


    Aaron liked tracing the lines of the chair.


    I really didn't know what to expect with 1900 Park Fare. I was disappointed at first, but all and all we had a pretty good time. It was worth the money to see Cindy, and the food was pretty good for a buffet. I remember being surprised with the selection of foods on the buffet. Like there were foods from different countries. I was sad that Alice wasn't part of the character interaction at night, since this is Jason's favorite character (crush character...we all know his fave character is Donald Duck).

    We went outside to let Aaron play on the beach.


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    A Magical Evening at the MK

    So we hop off the monorail and it is only...

    Are photopass photographers really getting bad?

    One taken with my camera...
    [IMG] jpg[/IMG

    I love main street at dusk!

    One bad thing about my camera...I haven't figured out how to adjust the background and foreground so when I focus on the foreground the background isn't blurry...anyone have any help?
    Here is my attempt... what should we do next...and biting Froggy is not an option.

    Off to walk through...

    Not sure what to take Aaron on...we go to show him Splash Mountain...we tell him this is like a big slide. He loves slides.
    Here it comes:

    His...I am not so sure about this face...

    One thing I wanted to do this trip was see the updated Hall of Presidents.

    Aaron was very good and quiet during the whole show. I don't think I would take him there again if giving the option.

    Next up Fantasyland and we use our Fastpasses for:

    Look at that not so sure face....

    He was pretty good on the ride...he wasn't that scared until Captain Hook.

    It was getting close to the time for my first ever Main Street Electrical Parade! I was really looking forward to it, so I went to buy Aaron a ****er and we went to go scope out a spot in Frontierland.

    While we were waiting for the parade to start Wallis and Leo came to hang out with us. I videotaped the whole MSEP. I loved it, especially the snails!

    After the parade it was almost time for Wishes so we made our way over to the hub.

    I love Wishes! And here is my favourite picture from our trip:

    Next we went to try to ride Pirates with Aaron...he made it all the way through the cue and then when he was about to get on the boat, it was a no go. So Wallis, Leo and I went on the ride while Daddy and Aaron waited for us at the exit.

    After the ride we got Dolewhips and I almost lost my camera!! I left it on the rock when we started to walk away I realized I felt naked! A group of kids was eyeing it and were about to pick it up when I rushed back for it...woo!

    A great night with friends

    Someone is tired!

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    Re: We All Done Now? ~A Trip with a Toddler~

    I LOVE the picture of your hubby holding Aaron and the castle reflecting in his glasses!!! How did you get that shot? I would love to try to do that on my trip next week!!

    Did you take Aaron on SM? I was debating if I will take my daughter on it, she will be turning 5 next week and is 47 inches tall...
    "A dream is a wish your heart makes..."

    Me (Jamie) - 34 DD (Kayla) - 7


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    Re: We All Done Now? ~A Trip with a Toddler~

    Great trip report!!!
    "You're dead if you aim only for kids. Adults are only kids grown up, anyway."

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    Re: We All Done Now? ~A Trip with a Toddler~

    great trip report i love it!!! and i love all the pics
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    Re: We All Done Now? ~A Trip with a Toddler~

    Your photos made me tear up this go-round. I LOVE the shot of Aaron seeing the castle and the reflection of it in daddy's sunglasses. I also love the one of poor Aaron avoiding the kiss. Too funny.

    As a side note, that little cabin you took a picture of on the Liberty Belle has an interesting history. It used to be permanently on fire until they shut off the gas to it during a refurb and never turned it back on.

    Anyway... as I said once before... I love your photography style. It's very inspiring. Keep it up!
    Sometimes all you need is a reminder that out there lies a better place... a better world... a Walt Disney World.
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