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    Pre trip report Disney Trip Sep 29th-Oct 3rd

    Hey everyone my name is Zach and my first trip to the world was when i was 3 in 1987 and have been to the world around 15 or so times and twice to Disneyland. This is my wife's 4th time to the world and she has been to Disneyland once. My wife is not a huge Disney fan but I am trying to convert her slowly.

    Thursday we hope to go to the studios and catch a flight on the new star tours. We are eating dinner that night at Prime Time Cafe My wife’s Favorite she loves the different flavors you can put in soda. We also hope that night to catch fantasmic my wife has never seen it so we hope to check it out.

    Fri We have a super busy day We are doing undiscovered future world in the morning and then hanging out in epcot for the rest of the day we hope to try some things at food and wine so we are going to use some money my grandmother gave us and load it on a card and try some food and drink. We are eating dinner at Merakesh(SP) first time either us have eaten there so I am very excited for that. The night is not over yet as we still have a long night ahead of us as we head over to MK for MNSSHP the first time we have done that as well. We have along but fun day planned Fri.

    Sat we Plan to spend all day in MK for the 40th celebration and hope to catch up with Lou sometime during the day. It will be my first time out of the box so I am very excited about that. We are eating dinner at Tony’s That night.

    Sunday is kind of just a free Day we have no real plans as of yet jumping from park to park. We are eating dinner that night at the garden grill in Epcot. That is the only that that is for sure.

    Monday a sad day as our plan leaves bring and early at 8 am to head back to Harrisburg and hopefully to start planning another trip


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    Re: Pre trip report Disney Trip Sep 29th-Oct 3rd

    Hope to see you there Zack I hope ypu and your wife have a wonderful time

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    Re: Pre trip report Disney Trip Sep 29th-Oct 3rd

    Both of you have a great time out of the box!

    Prime Time is one of my all time favorites too. Though, in fairness, the flavored soda is not my drink of choice. They have Dad's Electric Lemonade. Slurp with a good kick.
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    Re: Pre trip report Disney Trip Sep 29th-Oct 3rd

    Have a great trip!

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