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Trip Reports & Member Reviews Discuss Various Reviews / Trip Report in the Vacation Planning forums; Pop Century My Dad and I stayed at Pop Century 10/3 - 10/6. We had previously done online check in and arrived at the resort around 10 am. We walked ...
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    Various Reviews / Trip Report

    Pop Century

    My Dad and I stayed at Pop Century 10/3 - 10/6. We had previously done online check in and arrived at the resort around 10 am. We walked in to the expansive lobby and checked in. It took maybe 10-15 minutes, with about a 3 minute wait to be helped. Our room was ready when we checked in. We got a room in the 70s section in #6348. The room wasn't far away from the food court or the Hippy Dippy Pool. We opened the door and my first comment was, "Hello bed"! The door nearly hit the first bed when we opened it. I hadn't stayed in a value resort since around '04 or '05 and my Dad probably longer than that. But we were both struck at how small the room was. I also noticed that there seemed to be less drawer space here than at the moderate and deluxe resorts, and if we were staying longer, or had been a larger party, might have had trouble with places to put all of our stuff. I thought the carpet looked a little dirty with old-set in dirt, but maybe it was just the design.... the rest of the room was very clean. The TV was horrible with us only getting about 10 stations, only 4 of which were in English. They did some fun stuff like movies near the pool and the Twist in the food court at breakfast time. Bus transportation was poor at best as the resort was so crowded that there would be 80+ people in line for the buses to get to the parks, and it was just as bad trying to get back to the resort. Often had to wait for 3-4 buses to come and go before I could even get on. Amazingly we never found the food court to be crowded, and though we only grabbed a snack there in the morning for breakfast, they looked like they had some very nice food items. Both of us said if we could afford it we'd always do moderate or deluxe and probably not do value again.

    Ate at Boma our first night at 7:30 p.m. We arrived a little bit early for our ADR and checked in and were given a pager. I didn't look at the time, but we waited well past our ADR time to be seated. The crowd to get into the restaurant was huge, and we had to endure some children running around playing with stuff they shouldn't have been and interfering with us in the process, while the parents just let them run wild. Were finally seated. The stations made the restaurant not so crowded as the number of people might indicate. Was disappointed that none of the food (ribs and carrot ginger soup) that I raved to my Dad about was out that night. Food was overall very good. Also wanted to note that I had mixed reviews as to if the prime rib was back here. We had roast strip loin the night we went, so I'm going to say it is not back. Was probably my favorite TS of the trip.

    Cape May

    Ate here our second night with a 5:20 pm ADR. We arrived probably 20 minutes early for this ADR and checked in and were given a pager. We figured we might get seated early, but were seated right at 5:20, even though they'd let a walk-up ahead of us. Food was typical clam bake food (crab legs, clams, mussels, corn on the cob, roasted potatoes) as well as non clam bake food like chicken, and ribs. We both eat seafood, but I thought there would be plenty here for someone that didn't. The food was good, but my big complaint came with the set up of the buffet and the lines it produced because of that. Often there was a line just to get a plate, let alone the food. Dessert selection was small and I didn't really find any of them out of this world. Was my Dad's favorite TS of the trip since he loves crab.

    Trail's End

    Ate here our final night with a 6:00 pm ADR. Arrived early and were seated within 3 minutes. Nice that we got an upstairs table so that we didn't have to go up and down the stairs. I wasn't very hungry, so I don't know if that contributed, but I didn't think the food here was as good as it was in the past, though it wasn't bad. That being said, they added quite a few things to the buffet since last December, including some new desserts, a pasta station, pulled pork and a baked potato bar. The baked potato bar was really nice.

    Counter Service Locations

    My Dad was wanting to have some specific things for lunch, so we actually ended up making special trips to other resorts for their counter service offerings. Did Earl of Sandwich for our first lunch. Was good, though I thought the bacon on my BLT was a little overpowering. I think it was some kind of special bacon, maybe hickory or something, that accounted for the strong flavor. Made special trip to Pepper Market so my Dad could get a Reuben, which he really liked. I got a steak burrito, which was pretty good. Our last lunch was at POFQ, where my Dad got the cheesesteak, which he said was good and I tried the new Shrimp Po'Boy, which I thought was fantastic. Lines weren't too long at any of these locations, the longest being at Earl of Sandwich. Service was good at all.


    I was the only one to do the parks on the trip, as my Dad was just wanting to get away and relax. I didn't do many parks, for not wanting to just abandon my Dad in the hotel all day with a terrible TV and for me getting some pretty bad blisters.

    Ended up doing MK during EMH the first night. Arrived at the park around 9 pm which was an hour before EMH started. Had the intent of checking out the new/old Tiki Birds, but when I grabbed the times guide, it said the attraction closed at 6 that night. With that, I fought my way up Main Street through the crowd that had gathered for the fireworks. Rode the TTA with no wait, a very short wait on Snow White and Haunted Mansion. Waited 20 minutes for Big Thunder and decided to go on POTC in lieu of the Tiki Birds, which was a walk on. Making my way out of the park at 11 am, I walk past the Tiki Birds only to hear the pre-show going on. The times guide was apparently incorrect and the attraction was running, even during EMH, so I ended up doing that as well.

    Did AK for regular opening the next morning and hopped on Kilimanjaro Safaris first thing. Did the Pangani Trail and Jungle Trek Trail then headed over to Dinoland to ride Dinosaur.

    Ended up hotel hopping the next day due to how bad the blisters on my feet had gotten. Visited BoardWalk, rode the monorail, then went over to Wilderness Lodge and took the nature trail to Ft. Wilderness for dinner.

    Our last day, after checking out, we went over to WinterSummerland at Blizzard Beach for a round of mini golf. We'd never done this at Disney before, but figured we'd give it a try. With our DDP voucher and my AP, we ended up paying only $6 for the two of us. The golf course was very fun and they had plenty of inventive holes that I'd never seen at any other mini golf course. Leave it to Disney. We may have done a second round on the other course if my feet and back weren't bothering me so much, but we'll probably be back to do the mini golf again.

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    Re: Various Reviews / Trip Report

    Nice review on everything,thx

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