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Trip Reports & Member Reviews Discuss Mickey & Disney Channel Stars ROCK Chicago November 19-20, 2011 in the Vacation Planning forums; This past weekend was DISNEY filled!! I had planned to attend the Chicago's Magnificent Mile Light Parade on Saturday November 19th with Kayla and my mom to see Mickey and ...
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    Mickey & Disney Channel Stars ROCK Chicago November 19-20, 2011

    This past weekend was DISNEY filled!! I had planned to attend the Chicago's Magnificent Mile Light Parade on Saturday November 19th with Kayla and my mom to see Mickey and Minnie light up the Mag Mile!! I have never been before so I was excited.

    I did a few days worth of planning and during my planning I found out that some extra fun Disney entertainment was going to be happening earlier in the day. First, I saw that the Neverland Pirate Band from Jake and the Neverland Pirate series would be performing at 12pm, and then at 1pm China Anne McClain from ANT Farm would be performing! Kayla is a HUGE fan of both those and I debated about going earlier to see them...then I found out China was doing a meet and greet afterwords and that decided it. A chance for my 5 year old to meet one of her favorite!!

    Next I found out that during the parade the stars of Lemonade Mouth would be on a!! Kayla loves that movie so that was exciting. Then I found out they were doing a meet and greet on Sunday at Navy Pier from 11am-1pm...double deal!! She adores Bridget Mendler (Olivia), Adam Hicks (Wen), and Haily Kiyoko (Stella), and I knew this would be a once in her lifetime experience!

    I told my mom of our tweaking of our plans, and again, she thought I was kinda nuts (Disney weekend!) but figured Kay would have a blast. So, with the plans set for the weekend, I started to get excited. I told Kay Friday night what we would be doing, and she was so happy!

    We took the train into downtown and made it to the courtyard literally a few minutes before the NPB was scheduled to perform. We opted to stay along the gates and got a great view and some great pictures.

    (More pictures coming here later...)

    Jake made a special appearence with Radio Disney after the band performed. He only met a few kids during a trivia contest, but it was still cool to see him!! Kay was sad not to meet him, but when I told her he is meeting at DHS now so we would see him in May, that made her happy!

    We looked around for about 45 minutes until 1pm when China was scheduled to perform along with her sisters and also Radio Disney's NBT star Shealeigh. So, I knew the meet and greet would be at 2:15pm, so my mom and I decided one of us to stand in the line and wait while the other took Kay to watch the performance. Radio Disney started off with a dance party, then Shealeigh sang 4 songs, then finally at 1:45pm China came out and sang her top 3 songs. We were lucky enough to be along the fence and see her come out and she actually waved at Kayla cause I yelled "HI China!"

    I brought Kay back during the last song and we waited until 2:35pm when they began the meet and greet. We were about 100 people back in line, luckily, and within 10 minutes we were meeting China! It was kinda funny, you give the picture to be signed to the attendent, then move down as the signing is going on, and Kay actually started to walk away...I had to grab her and bring her back quickly! I think it was a little confusing for her and she did get nervous and didn't really say anything to her. My mom did say hello and that we enjoy her, then she started singing "Calling all the monsters" and China and her sisters started laughing!

    I have to say, while I understand they want to get through as many fans as possible, I wish they would of given a few more seconds. I also didn't like that I was told "keep it moving" as I was trying to take pictures. They were not allowing posed pictures (understandable) but I did want to get a few of my daughter meeting one of her favorite stars. So I was able to get two pictures on my cell, neither one where I wanted to be, I wanted to be at the side of the table to get Kay's face, but I was not able to be.

    So we left the meet and greet and Kay was pretty happy to of met her. It was all too quick, maybe 30-45 seconds total, but it was still a great experience! Later that night during the parade we saw her on one of the floats!

    We stopped by the Radio Disney booth and ran into...

    We found a Subway and had something to eat and then found our place for the parade. I have to say though, this reminded me of lining up for a parade at Walt Disney World. People were staking out their spots from 3:30pm for a 5:30pm parade!! We were lucky enough to find a spot near the intersection of Michigan Ave. and Illinois and squeezed upfront for Kay to see and me to take pictures. There were thousands of people at this parade and everyone was squeezed together very tightly, which was not very comfortable or friendly. I kept getting pushed by two ladies next to me and having a bad knee and foot right now that was not pleseant.

    The parade was amazing...I have never seen this before but have heard how fun it was to see Mickey light the lights down Michigan Ave. The parade started at 5:30pm and Mickey and Minnie are the Grand Marshalls and stop every block and do the "lighting ceremony". Then Mickey wished everyone "Happy Holidays"! (I will link up a video later on)

    The parade was sponsored by ABC 7 Chicago, and we all know Disney is a parent company of ABC, so they were the main sponsors!! We had visits from our Disney friends...Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, Daisey, Donald, Chip, and Dale. Also a Kermit giant balloon, China from ANT Farm, and Lemonade Mouth stars Bridget Mendler, Adam Hicks, and Hailey Komoyko!

    The parade lasted about an hour and afterwards to slowly made our way down to the train station. There was a fireworks display over the Chicago River that we didn't see too well as we were too far away, but we still saw a little. It wasn't Wishes...but it still made me smile. We arrived back home at close to 10pm, I got Kay to bed and I passed out about midnight after checking a few things online. I knew we had an early morning too.

    Sunday morning we woke up at 6:30am and got ready, then headed downtown at 8:15am and arrived at Navy Pier by 8:40am (no traffic yayay). We parked and headed outside to the main entrance to wait in the line that had started to form. For the Lemonade Mouth meet and greet they were going to give out wristbands starting at 10am at the main entrance. We were about 50 people back in line..the 1st people in line got there at 6:30am! It was COLD but the hour wait went by pretty quick by talking to people around us.

    Finally it was 10am and we were let in and received our wristbands. Our return time to line up was 10:45am...which meant we would be in the first group to meet the stars!! We dashed into McDonald's for a drink and some apple pies. Radio Disney was entertaining with music and trivia questions so we checked them out for a few minutes. Then it was 10:45am and we were ushered upstairs to the meet and greet area.

    We were about 100 people back in this line, and the stars started just a few minutes past 11am! The routine was the same as the China meet and greet, you were given a picture for them to sign, you gave that to the attendent and then moved down the table as they signed. I did enjoy this meet and greet more so because you did get a few extra seconds with each star and they actually talked to you in small conversations. Again I was on photo duty so I didn't say anything to anyone, and Kay was in awe of them, but I know Adam commented that he liked her glasses and shirt, and my mom told Bridget that she "was the all-American girl and we just love you" to which she replied "aww you are too kind" Such a sweet girl. Hailey didn't really say too much but "are you having fun" and Kay said yes. She was soooo excited to meet them, and that really made me happy! I was taking pictures with my camera and my cell phone, but then I found out some of my pictures from my cell did not take for some reason but I still ended up with some great ones. Plus my mom did take video with her cell, but I have to figure out how to upload it to my computer (it wont let me send it as a message, I have to have a microSD card I guess to get it Bluetoothed from my moms phone to mine! ggrrr)

    The staff was much nicer at this meet and greet, and while I was told to "keep it moving" I still was able to take pictures from different angles. I did get a little irritated because as I was taking some pictures, the lady that was behind us, came and stood in front of me to take pictures of her daughter meeting Adam, so I had to tell her to move since I was taking pictures. It all happened quickly but I did not like that. She had been trying to get in front of us in the line too while we were waiting. I kept trying to keep a happy "Disneytude" though!

    My mom taking video...the stars were soo sweet and they are soo beautiful in person!!

    Afterwards we rocked out with Radio Disney some more, and did some trivia and dance contests. Kay won some P & F stickers and some tatoos...we almost were able to win a copy of the Lemonade Mouth DVD but we were not picked. I should of moved a step quicker than I did when Kay said lets do it. I have to say, our Chicago Radio Disney Road Crew is really awesome!

    So, that was pretty much our Disney weekend!! I hope you enjoyed reading about it, and I would highly recommend if anything like this comes to your town to definatly check it out if it appeals to you or someone in your family!! If you have any questions, please send me a message!!
    (I do have to come back and add a few pictures and text to this so check back soon!)

    "A dream is a wish your heart makes..."

    Me (Jamie) - 34 DD (Kayla) - 7


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    Re: Mickey & Disney Channel Stars ROCK Chicago November 19-20, 2011

    Glad you all had a fun weekend and Kayla had the chance to meet all the she'll remember that for a long time. Still wish I could've made it for the parade!

    When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionable.
    -Walt Disney

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    Re: Mickey & Disney Channel Stars ROCK Chicago November 19-20, 2011

    what happened to all my pictures??
    "A dream is a wish your heart makes..."

    Me (Jamie) - 34 DD (Kayla) - 7


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