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Trip Reports & Member Reviews Discuss My Honeymoon in the Vacation Planning forums; Well.... I'll start off by saying that the wedding was AWESOME!!! I had so much fun, but I can't believe it's over!!! The weather that day was a little crazy!! ...
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    My Honeymoon

    Well.... I'll start off by saying that the wedding was AWESOME!!! I had so much fun, but I can't believe it's over!!! The weather that day was a little crazy!! It was 97 where I got married in NY.. Average temp for June 11th is 75!! Where the extra 22 degress came from I'm still trying to figure it out!!!

    The day though hot was beautiful!! Not a rain cloud in the sky!! The only rain I saw that day was in the form of sweat running off my new husbands face!!! Everything went as planned!!! Not one mistake.. I could not ask for more!!!

    Fast foward.........

    June 12th..

    7AM.. (after a night of partying and some heavy drinking and some other fun in the honeymoon suite) up at 7 am off to Walmart.. why you ask?? Well after a drunken uncle thought it woud be a good idea to dump me in the pool fully dressed the night before at the after party.. needless to say my bra was a little wet still and all my others were packed and at my mothers house.. (tmi?? sorry)

    Well after a quick trip to wally world.. we were off to the airport to meet my parents who brought all my luggage...

    The flight was fine.. We even landed 20 minutes early..

    Okay So We are now in Orlando International... My first "ride"... hopped on their bad version of a monrail and off to pick up a rental car.... I got stuck w. a Chevy Cobalt (sorry if you own one BUT boy I'm used to something w/ some pick up!!!)

    Drove off to check in at the CBR... We were placed in Jamica room 4664. It was a nice short was across the bridge to Old Port Royale for the main pool, the BAR-(hehe.. I will see you later!!), the food cort.. etc....

    First stop.. Dinner.. We decided to grab a qucik bite at the food cort.. On the way back to our room it began to down pour and lasted about an hour. Not wanting to waste any time we decided to take a drive to the new wally world (yeah twice in one day) for a few things that I had forgotten to pack...

    Once back the rain had stopped and we hopped on a bus to MGM. It was their late night.. BIG MISTAKE!! Everyone thought the same as we did and also showed up with their extended families.. It was about 930 when we got there and we shuffled right to Rock N Roler Coaster... it was broken down... So over to TOT 45 minute wait.. not so bad... Once getting dropped about 10 times we went back to RNR this time is was up and running with 30 minute wait.. Great ride.. Off to the shops just to browse (for now anyway).. Stopped for a coke and went over to GRM.. WHAT 55 minute wait?? No way!! Back to the hotel I was beat!! It was going on 1230 when we got back.. I stayed up to watch some Disney Cartoons while the new DH snored away..

    June 13th.........

    Sea World.. I will skip this day.. As this is a Disney forum.. I just don't feel right talking about Shamu.. Mickey might be watching..

    June 14th.....

    Universal and Island of Adventure... Same thing.. skip skip skip...

    Oh yeah we did meet up w/ some family later that night for a few drinks downtown.. Didn't get home till 130 am

    June 15th

    Set the wake up call for 6am.. Had to drop off DH to the Richard Petty driving school for 730. I was a little tired and maybe a little grouchy from the drinks the night before.. I decided to drop him off and head back to the hotel for some more Disney cartoons!!! (yeah can we say addiction).. Went back over to watch him race at 930...He looked so cute in his little (big) race car and funny looking jump suit!! Out of there about 12 noon.. back to the hotel so he could wash off the grime...

    Dropped off the rental car and took a shuttle to MK.

    Over the see the golden castle at about 2 pm.. Went to tomorrow land rode Space Mt. TTA (people mover!!) CoP Met up w/ my aunt and uncle for dinner at Tony's Town Square.. their treat!! then over to Pirates and Jungle Cruise.. Our tour guide Mike was the best skipper I have ever met!!! Made our way to see Spectromagic (9pm) and walked over to Haunted Mansion and watched wishes from there.. Stopped on Main Street for some shopping.. back to the hotel..

    Stayed up for MORE cartoons...

    June 16th....

    Up and at em!!! Rise and Shine.. It's 5 am!! Character breaskfast at Chef Mickey's for 7am!! Took a cab ride the to CR arrived at 635... oops... we had to wait 25 minutes oh well.. better early than late!! Had a wonderful breakfast the characters were great... We bought the picture they took when we checked in.. After breakfast took a ride on the monorail to the MK for a bus back to the hotel.. We waited about 5 minutes before another bus driver waved us to his bus and gave us a ride back chaning his sign from PO to Special... (no jokes please).. Very nice to do so!!!

    DH wanted to take a nap before going to Epcot. I stayed up and wrote some post cards and sent out a Father's day card...

    After a quick swim I woke up my DH and off to Epcot... It was 12 noon and already Test Tracks fast pass was up to 740 return time... We had reservations at 730 so that wouldn't work.. Went in SSE (one of my favorties) only stopped twice!! Over to Imagiantion... (stop singing the song!!!) Boy I really miss the Dreamfinder!!! Took a stroll through the living seas and made our way to soaring.. Fast passes were all gone but we decided to wait the 80 minutes.. we had the time to wait and it looked like it was about to storm out side.. two birds one stone.. Well I'm sorry to say but I did not the that ride deserves an 80 minute wait time.. I hope I dont offend anyone but I thought it would be better. The cm told us the week prior people waited over 3 hours!!! I'm glad that wasn't me!!!

    Over to the world showcase (yep we missed the storm!!) had reservations for rose and crown... they did not have us and of course my DH did NOT write downthe confirmation number like I asked him to (a hint of annoyance) But they took us in anyway since it was only 2 of us.. We sat with in minutes.. Dinner was great..After dinner went to drink around the world since it was a EMH night.. Too bad the drink stands were closing at 830!!! I'm sorry but shouldn't they at least be open till 9!!!! Finally Mexico hero... I'm up for a lime and mango margarita...any takers?? Decided to watch the fireworks on the way out.. Didn't take advantage of EMH since it was SO packed!!! We went back to the hotel for a drink by the pool.... and some more cartoons!!

    June 17th........

    Headed over to AK at 930... No matter what time I wake up I can never get the DH to the park before an opening!!! First stop bug's life... 10 minute wait!! off to a good start!! Over to Dinosaur...even better 5 minute wait!!! wow we are on a roll!!! Stopped for Tarzan Rocks show... Sorry to all but I will not miss that show.. It was just not for me!! We left 1/2 way through!! (I am now embarrassed to say that!!) Took some pics of the almost completed Expidition Everest.. Looks like a Nice ride so far!!

    Caught a flights of wonder show and then made our way to the Safari.. We made it to the Lions Den when a bird decided it wanted to rest in the middle of the road.. 10 MINUTES later it began to rain and we were still waiting.. Finally the bird took off and then it poured!!! We saved little red and headed back w/ out much visibility.. It was nice and refreshing!!! As the crowd began to form under the drop off area we decided to just make our way back to the front gate We had seen what we wanted for the day. Okay note to self.. pale yellow tee shirt and black bra and add some rain... equals wet tee shirt contest!! not my best look!! By the time we reached the bus the rain had stopped..

    Went for a swim back at the hotel had a few drinks to get us ready for Pleasure Island.. Showered and got dressed at the bus stop by 630. Met up again w. my aunt and uncle at Wolfgang's Express.. Strolled through downtown after dinner for a bit then on w. the show!!! PLEASURE ISLAND!! My favorite part of the trip!! I finially talked my DH to wear the bride and goom ears that night!! Mistake if you don't like attention!!

    As we entered into PI from the Marketplace.. we were approached my a CM handing out stickers and were instructed to go to the yellow phone under the dj's booth and ask if we could set off the fire works.. Well my overly excited Uncle ran ahead of us before we could give the okay and already set it up... A few mintues later another CM met us and gave directions for that night.. and a friendly reminder that it was only 8pm and we still had 4 hours to drink and we were going to be on stage in front of a thousand people and it was DISNEY!! So what did I do??? I went to the first drink stand I could and ordered a double!! I function better when I'm drunk!! Made our way to the comedy club then to the Adventure's Club.. Had a few hoopla's!! in my monkey nut!! Before I knew it it was 1145!!! Time for the show..

    We met back up with the CM and were brought back stage.. signed release forms.. Put on my best as I could sober face and befre you know it I was standing on the stage!!! WoW that's a lot of people!!! We were called out and introduced as being from NYC!!! Hey upsate is totally different than NYC!!! Pressed the button at 12 and we given tee shirts saying guests of honor.. Nice!!

    Went back to the Adventure's club for a few more Hoopla's and then off to the hotel.. Where are those buses again??

    Oh yeah.. I forgot.. I got to meet George!!! You know the tattooed guy!! Yeah I got a pic w. him that I have to post!!

    Well... There's more to tell but I'm running out of breath... So I will continue the saga at a later time..

    stayed tuned

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    Sounds like you had a blast, Lori! Congrats again!
    -Pat (Disneydame2004)
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    June 18th...

    Off to a slow start after a night of heavy drinking... Up and at wm about 930... Went to Typhoon Lagoon to try out the new water coaster... Wish it were a little longer but fun none the less!!! Went to the wave pool for about an hour and then took a few laps around the lazy river. More like bumper boats because it was so packed!! Watched people run for cover during the afternoon rainstorm.. Wondering why people run from rain when they are already wet from swimming??

    Back to the hotel about 4pm for a shower... dinner at Shutters for 540.. Dinner was great but had one of the worst waitresses ever!! I watched her talk to another employee for about 20 minutes before she brought over our drinks.. I was not impressed!! Another waiter brought over our dinner... The only other time our original waitress came back was for the check!!

    At 715... yeah our dinner reservation was for 540 and we were not done until 715!!! We took a bus to the market place for some shopping at World of Disney!! My second favorite thing to do... Bought something for my family and friends and a few things for me of course.. Shopped till about 1030 back to the hotel.. for some more cartoons...

    June 19th...

    Woke up about 730 called Dad..."happy father's day!!"

    Went to MGM about 1000 ...EMH night....let my DH spend a few extra hours in bed...

    Realized once we got there and saw a storm trooper on top of the entrance way that Star Wars weekend was still in play. Took a photo w/ Darth Tater billboard...I love Mr. Potato Head!! Off to TOT and RNR... Short lines on both... When we were heading into RNR some nice woman gave us her Fastpasses that were good at that time.. NICE... After those rides we watched the Starwars Motorparade.. DH got a bunch of pictures.. Went over to Lights Motor Action to grab a fast pass.. Had an hour and a 1/2 to kill so we went to Mupets 3D no wait there.. but did wait in line for 20 minutes to meet Darth Vader... Yep it was me, my DH, and about 400 children and their parents in line waiting for a meet and greet.. I had to laugh because my DH seemed more excited than the children!!! .. Went back to Lights Motor Action.. Great show.. I'm glad I didn't read the spoilers before I saw it... It was neat to see all those secrets first hand... Decided to go back to the hotel for a swim.. it was a EMH night.. Stopped into One Man's Dream on the way out..

    After a quick swim and another shower back to MGM to meet up with my Aunt and Uncle again.. We were taking him out to dinner for Father's Day.. We went to the 50's Prime Time.. I've been there before but it was everyone else's 1st time.. They were a little afraid of our waitress as she told my uncle in a "mean" manner to "hurry it up I don't have all day" when he took a few extra minutes to order his meal..

    After dinner went to see the Star Wars Hoopla... Um.. seeing Chewy do the YMCA was not what I was expecting!!! Left that with a quickness!!!

    Walked around a bit more not in any hurry.. spent a little more time in some shops.. then strolled over to get in line for Fantasmic.. It was lightly raining but no big worries as it was only 915 and the show didnt start till 1030..

    At 1025 they announced that they show was being delay due to the weather.. (boos from crowd) at 1050 they announced that the show was now cancelled.. (now even bigger boos and some f bombs..) Went to RNR to see that the rest of the Fantasmic crowd had the same idea.. 2 hour wait!!! Um... SKIP... back to TOT.. 20 minute wait.. That's better.. Back to RNR which seemed that line did not move.. Over to the little mermaid.. had to wait to te next showing at midnight.. it was only 1115... Went to find a beer... Was told at the Snack Cart that they were the only ones that were still selling beer and that they had run out for the night!!! What a disgrace!! Oh well.. Nice try..

    Back to the Little Mermaid.. Being to Disney 16 times prior you'd think that I would have seen this one before!! Cute show...

    Made our way back to RNR after a quick stop in a shop.. It was now 1250.. The line said 20 minutes not bad.. we were next in line before the door opened in the recording studio... nothing.. waited about 10 minutes before an annoucement was made about the ride being broke.. I guess it was some safety device on the loop that was not working properly.. (Hey I'll sign a waiver.. just let me on!!!)... No can do.. waited until 120am then decided to cut our losses and went home.. for more ..... cartoons of course

    June 20th ....

    Getting up at 830...(late nights are starting to hit me..)

    DH had a horrible cold and a fever.. Told him to take it easy.. Loaded up on cold meds from the hotel for 30 something dollars.. oh well.. Went to Epcot about 11am... SSE not wait.. got right on.. Went over to Misson SPACE.. 10 minute wait!!! DH sat this one out.. No wait for single riders line!!! I love that right...

    Took another journey through the imagination and then got shrunk with the rest of the audience.. took a look around the living seas.. Got a call from my Aunt and Unlce.. it was now about 330... Met up with them at SSE.. (I can never ride that TOO many times!!) Decided to go to the world showcase..

    Started at Mexico..(had to be at Canada for dinner at 740).. As we made our way over the clouds began to darken a bit... We were olnly a few countires over when it began to DOWN POUR!! We were in Germany and decided to wait a little while.. after about 25 mintues we gave in and bought some ponchos... Contiuned our journey to our neighbor to the north.. Got to Canada a little to early so decided to watch O'Canada... Sorry but this is a little boring!!

    Went to dinner and FROZE my butt off!!! But dinner was good anyway.. Tonight was EMH at MK.. Took a monorail to head over to the castle..

    Got there just before Spectromagic was about to begin.. can we say PACKED!?!? Skipped the parade went to tomorrow land rode TTA and COP (again) looked at the 90 minute wait for SM and decided it was a good time for POC.. No wait.. So we rode 3 times in a row.. FUN FUN FUN.... Yo Ho Yo Ho... Ran over to TMR for a 20 minute wait.. Then to the HM... Decided to call it a night.. I needed more cartoons!!

    June 21st....

    Getting depressed.. Leaving tomorrow!! Let my DH stay in bed as his cold got worse because of the rain the night before!!! Went for a walk and picked up some packages from the store.. I could not even remeber what I had bought!! Picked up some breakfast for my DH and delivered it in bed... watched TV (cartoons) as he took another nap.. Finially got him up at 400 and went back to the MK... Went to Fantasy Land to ride all that we had missed.. pooh, pan, snow white, phillarmagic...

    Took the monorail to the CR for dinner at the California Grill.. Okay the Sushi was awesome.. but my dinner was GROSS!!! I could not and would not eat it!! I am one who likes counter service food while my DH loves more of a gourmet meal.. After explaining to the waitress that I was just not hungry..(she didnt believe that one) we took in a breath taking view on the observation deck... It was FREEZING up there!!

    Back over to the MK.. Rode Buzz, HM, POC, TTA, POC.. all my favs.. picked up a pretzel (way better than dinner!!!) and said good bye!!! Back to the hotel for my last night of cartoons... One note about the cartoons... I must admit by the end of the trip I was beginning to know the order of the cartoons they played.. They really need to switch them up a bit!!!

    June 22nd....

    Going home!!! Decided to call a cab since the Magical Express wanted to leave 4 HOURS before our flight!!! Went over for some breakfast.. stopped back into the store for the rest of my packages... (wow I bought a lot)... took some good moring shots of the resort.. Back to the room to finish packing...

    Cab was there 10 minutes early.. said my last good bye..and went to the airport..

    I had such a great time.. I was sad to leave.. I have to say out of all 17 times being in WDW this was my favorite.. I could not have asked for more.. I know this was a long (probably boring) report to read.. but I had so much fun writing it that I wouldn't mind if people decided to skip over it.. I won't be back to WDW at least until 2007.. DH and I are trying Vegas next year.. (oh.. DL here I come!!) But I am glad that I have wonderful memories to cherish until my next trip!!

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    Not boring at all! Thanks for sharing this with us!
    I hate being sick at WDW - happened to me and my friend in February!
    Interesting to know that the Magical Express wanted you to leave 4 hours before your flight. I thought Mears was crazy at 3 hours!!!

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    Congrats and thanks for an awesome report....

    Gawrsh! Hyuk!

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    Wow loved reading it all, and congrats!

    My kids and I were there a few weeks ago. LOVED Soarin, but only waited about 20 minutes to get on it so we got lucky, 80 minutes, I can see how that would be a downer!

    Loved all the info. sounds like a great trip!
    I am in need of some Disney magic!!

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    Great report!!! Congrats and Best Wishes!!!
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    Congrats!....Glad you had a good time rain and all.
    It's a Disney thing. If you understood, your only question would be "can I go?"


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    I enjoyed your report! I am glad you had such a good time.

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