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Trip Reports & Member Reviews Discuss Wildest Disney Trip Ever in the Vacation Planning forums; Gotta Love Public High in the Bay Area!!!...
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    Gotta Love Public High in the Bay Area!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JEDIPRINCESS
    I went to Catholic all girl school enough said we had a really boring senior class trip.
    I went to a Catholic school as well... But it was girls and boys... I only made it there until the 8th grade.. Then went to a public high school.. much better.. they let you get away with so much more than private schools!!!

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    When I was in Eighth grade, the class trip was always four days and three nights in Disney. We did various fundraisers all year to help get all the money we needed and by the end we only had to pay about $400 individually. There about 17 of us and maybe 5 adults. We stayed at Dixie Landings (Port Orleans Riverside) and had loads of fun. Our class was the last one the school felt was deserving of going so they discontinued the Disney trip after we graduated. It was very exciting. I was basically the class outcast, having come into the school years after the rest of them all knew each other. In Disney, things were very different. because I had been to the World almost every year before that, I was acting like a tour guide and eventually had about seven people following me around because I knew what I was doing. It gave me one major positive experience out of ther five years I was in the school.

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    if we're talking about middle school trips, in 6th grade we went to Greenkill somewhere i believe in upstate's was an environmental was ok, we hiked and i sprained my ankle(you guys see a pattern with my great hand-eye coordination here?)...and my room got the girls next to us in trouble bc the teacher thought they were talking and being loud when it was really us...woops and in 8th grade we went to d.c. as hotel room overlooked the street and we saw our bus driver pick up a "lady of the night" which being extremely mature my friend tried to snap a photo of! we were what, 13, not exactly the pinacle of maturity.
    i second acting as the disney tour guide, i was the offical guide on my teen tour.

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    Aiken County won't let us do ANYTHING...we can't go to the beach, amusment parks, anything FUN...they barely even lets us out of the state. But while James F. Byrnes High School gets to go to Magic Music Days and trips to Hawaii (with the band( What I would do for Magic Music Days)
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    Holy cow! I didn't realize how much I had written until I posted it! Sorry.

    My wildest Disney trip was actually to Disneyland when I was in the
    Marine Corps. I think I wrote about it a little on my 9/11 tribute thread a while back. Anyway, I was recovering from injuries in Balboa Naval Hospital and had been there over a month and was going absolutely crazy with boredom. I was roomed with a SEAL trainee who was a fellow Star Trek: The Next Generation fan, but he had never been to Disneyland. I requested a pass from my liason officer. The answer was no. So I convinced my roomy to put in leave requests for both of us with HIS liason officer. . . . I figured, hey, the Marine Corps is part of the Navy, so a higher-ranking Navy officer should be able to approve what my Marine Corps officer didn't. Well, it was a long shot but it worked, to my surprise. Disneyland at the time was offering free admission for active duty servicemen so we had admission covered and we had leave covered. But there was a problem. . . . we were both in wheelchairs, and we had no transportation to Anaheim. That is when we decided to enlist some others into our plan. There were a couple of Navy nurses who were more friendly than most, I was a young Marine and my roomy, Taylor, was a SEAL trainee. . . . how could they not be (Long before I was married)?
    So we managed to convince these nurses to accompany us to Disneyland. It wasn't too hard, after all, they got in free as well. So we loaded up the four of us, and 2 wheelchairs into one of the nurses Toyota, mind you, Taylor had a leg cast and an arm cast and I had a leg cast myself. It was quite an adventure just getting us all into the car. It was a very close and friendly ride North. . . . at least for me and Taylor, leaning all over each other in the back seat!
    This was the first time we had been off the hospital grounds in a month! So when we finally got to Disneyland we went wild! Hooping and yelling and throwing food at each other and just having a blast. We didn't give a flying flip if everybody was looking at us like we were crazy. The nurses pushed us around all day, trying to get us to settle down early on, but they loosened up and joined the fun a little later. We were literally the last people out of the park that night. The cast members were all waving at us as we passed them on the way to the gate. We went on EVERY ride there. The story has to end there. The remaining details are a little fuzzy. . . .
    When we got back to San Diego the next day that was when it hit the fan. It turns out that although a Navy officer can approve requests from a Marine, it sort of goes outside a little thing called the chain of command. . . . not good.
    I was demoted a rank and they made sure to seperate me an Taylor, I never found out what happened to the nurses, I didn't see either of them again. I paid a price for it, but that was one of the most fun days of my entire life!
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