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    Artist Point Dinner Review 5/31/05

    Restaurant: Artist Point
    Where: Wilderness Lodge
    Meal: Dinner
    When: Tuesday, May 31, 2005
    Menu: Artist Point Dinner Menu - Wilderness Lodge
    Who: DH and I

    The reason I chose Artist Point is two fold. One, I wanted an excuse to drive over to the Wilderness Lodge. What a beautiful lobby and resort! If we ever have a MK focused DVC trip, I’d definitely want to try staying here. Assuming you can pull me away from my beloved Boardwalk that is. The other reason is because I saw that they had buffalo on the menu. DH has had it before, but I have not. I’ve heard mixed reviews about this one. So, I booked us a PS. What better way to decide for yourself?

    Like most of our meals, we started out perusing the wine list. I honestly don’t remember what we had. I know we both picked dry red wines from the Pacific Northwest region of the US/Canada. I wish I had jotted down what they were. Very tasty! I also ordered a bottle of water from Italy, and I don’t know why…but there it is. It was water in a bottle and cost too much.

    Like our Jiko experience, we decided to split our salad, entrée, and dessert. We informed our waiter of our dietary restrictions. We originally ordered the venison appetizer to split, Crispy Venison Spring Rolls with hot sweet and sour sauce. I cannot remember if it had shrimp or pork. Whichever it was, we had to opt out sadly. Looking at the menu again, we each ordered a cup/bowl of the Smoky Portobello Soup with Roasted Shiitakes and Chive Oil. EXCELLENT SOUP! Those roasted shiitakes almost had the taste/texture of crispy bacon. Almost…nothing can truly replace the taste of real bacon. The portobellos were finely minced, so no huge chunks of anything except the roasted shiitake garnish mushrooms. Mom is so proud of me; I’m finally eating like a real “grown up.” She almost went into cardiac arrest when I mentioned I willingly ordered, ate, and enjoyed a mushroom soup. She’s getting quite a kick of hearing her formerly impossibly picky eater of a daughter turn into a foodie like her. Apples don’t always fall that far…

    With our soup we were served warm sourdough bread and butter. Very good and the crust wasn’t too hard. DH has noticed in the past that sourdough bread crust is too hard and chewy for him to enjoy. So, he really enjoyed this one.

    Time for salad! We ordered a Bibb Lettuce Salad with Buttermilk Chive Dressing, chopped egg and bacon. We ordered it sans the swine. The salad is basically a wedge of lettuce topped with various salad toppings, egg, and dressing. Very good, I’m starting to like buttermilk based dressings more and more

    Next up the main course: Grilled Buffalo Rib eye with sweet potato-hazelnut gratin and sweet onion jam cooked medium. I thought the flavor was pretty good, close to beef but not quite the same. I’d order buffalo again. Order it cooked the way you order your beef, so we got ours cooked medium. I do love it when chefs know how to cook medium and not ***** it up. The steak was on top of the sweet potato-hazelnut gratin. Neither one of us really liked that, but we’re not fans of sweet potatoes. I would suspect a sweet potato fan would have appreciated it much better. On top of the steak was the sweet onion jam, pretty good. I think DH enjoyed that more than I.

    This is the half portion:

    Mmmm…and rounding us out this evening is the Artist Point Cobbler made of Seasonal berries and house made black raspberry ice cream. This was really good with the fresh berries. So much so that when we got home I loaded up fresh berries, made a pound cake, and bought some whipped cream.

    I thought the service was a tad slow, but overall we were very happy with out waiter. The runner had made a mistake with our salad, but our server saw it and quickly took care of it efficiently. It’s not the mistakes, but it’s how you fix them and learn from them that counts. We’d eat here again.

    COMING NEXT: Teppanyaki
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    My favorite place-My DH loved the buffalo. My DS loved the salmon on the kids menu, too.

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    This is among my favorites again since Anette left. I have tried the ostrich. It was pretty good. It tastes just like...........................<
    <a good sirloin steak ( bet ya thought I was gonna say chicken )
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    Maybe at Mousefest, we can have dinner at AP! I just made a ressie for mid Sept at PC, and need to call and make a Swalfin one for my birthday weekend which happens to be the opening of F + W fest. They currently have that great nurse's rate back!


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