Hello all!

The Better Half and I took advantage of my new gig in italy and took a trip up to Paris. While there we spent a day at Disneyland Paris to get some Mickey time.

DLP has two parks, the Actually Disneyland Paris version of the MK and Walt Disney Studios. Just as in DL they are right next to each other. We started our day at the DLP version of MK. The DLP Hotel is directly integrated into the front gate which is used to great advantage to provide very nice landscaping. We walked through i\onto Main Street USA and headed directly to Frontier Land to hit the DLP version of the Haunted Mansion, known there at Phantom Manor. There DLP version looks very much like a Bates Motel/Haunted House on a hill and is western themed. The Cast members gave direction in French and then an English blurb. The recorded sections were in French. There is no cemetary section but ratehr a crypt section that seemeds a bit edgier than the mostly fun cemetary portion of the HM. Unfortunately there were no hitchhiking ghosts, they didn't seem to be working.

From there we went to Big Tuhnder Mountian railroad same htemeing and canned spiel. The DLP version seems to be a bit longer than the WDW version and has more dark portiions. it's still the Wildest Ride in the Wilderness though.

After that we headed into Adventure Land and caught a ridewith the Pirates of the Caribean. This version is not Johny Depp'd up so it was a nostalgic trip. Much like the DLC version it has a bigger flume section and a portion that includes going through wooden structure on fire. It also starts out in a bayou going through the Blue Lagoon dining area justas the DLC version goes through the Blue Bayou dining area.

From there we headed into Fantasy Land and hit the Tea Cups, and exact clone for WDW/DLC always great fun. Dumbo was packed so we skipped it.

After that we decided to grab some lunch and after finding Walt's and the Silver Spur Steakhouse closed we ate at the Blue Lagoon. Good food and being Europe they served alcohol unlike at the MK. We both enjoyed a chicken kabab and creme brulee.

Having eaten we went to have our pictures taken with Mickey, a 20 minute wait and being very continental both men and women are encouraged to kiss Mickey on the cheek LOL. The set up is similar to the Mickey meeting at

On the subject of characters at DLP we saw them wander around without handlers at times. Europeans do not line up for pictures but simple crowd around the character and interact. All in all it's not very orderly but it seems to work. We saw Tweedle Dee and Dum rough housing with the Queen of Hearts and chasing guests around.

From there we wandered over to Discoverly land and tooka run on Star Tours. This version is a clone of the WDW version before the recent update. A good bit of nostalgia there. We managed to find an unaccompanied Darth Vader outside and took a picture.

From there we walked through the Nautilus exhibit, and skipped Buzz Light year ebcaus eof the 40 minute wait.

Took a walk through Sleeping Beauty's Castle and the visited the dragon in the dungeon. A very nice addition.

From there we did some browsing inthe shops on Main Street. DLP has a very nice feature that both sides of Main Street have an enclosed section parallel so you can walk in covered section during inclement weather.

With time being of the essence we walked to the second park, Walt Disney Studios. We went directly to the Tower of Terror which mirrors the DL Cali version. After ngetting our scream on we tooka ride on the Backlot Tour. From there we had enough time to take a walk through Disney Village, the DLP version of DTD. And them we had to head back into paris.

Overall DLP MK is more like DLC MK than the WDW MK. it is very clean, packs in some great attractions. The park was clean and felt very comfortable and easy to navigate to a non-French speaker. Cast Members for the most part spoke some English, but did not seem to interact with Guests as much as we're used to in the US. I attrubute this to the language difference. They were friendly and responded to Guest inquiries ratehr than engage guests unprompted, again that is attributable to t he language difference. There was a big mix of English, French, italian, SPanish and German as well as some Japanese being spoken.

On the other side of the coin Walt Disney Studios was disappointing. it was not as well developed at DHS and didn't appear as well kept. Some fo the Cast memebrs seemed activty bored with their roles most noticeably at the Backlot Tour. There are good attractions such as Tof T and Crushe''s Rush (a spinining coaster ) as well as the Rocking Roller Coaster, but it seems like the park was a bit of an afterthought. The best way to describe it was the way perople used ot described Disney's Cali Adventure, a park done on the cheap.

Disney Village was much liek a DTD lite. Several shopa dn places ot eat but the shopping wasn't as extensive. The World of Disney Store was much smaller than in DTD and did not have as extensive a selection of merchandise.

Other reflections out trip was very short only about 6 hours so we by no means say everything; you'd need a good two days for DLP .

Europeans are not good at standing in line but not nearly as boisterous as the dreaded Brazilian Tour Groups.

Overall DLP is a good visit and certainly worth a two day trip. Can't say i'd go to Europe just to go to DLP but if your in paris take the time to see Mickey.