Summary: Weather almost ruined our stay.
Highlights: Upgrade to Pirateís room, Earl of Sandwich,
lowlights: Phone text message did not work, no towel animals or cute plush display, no tv or wi-fi for 8 hours on Saturday.

The morning started off nice enough. It was rainy and my twins had appointments at their school to be tested for the gifted program. DD had her appointment at 8:30 and DD had his at 11:00. I was a little annoyed that we would not be able to get on our way until noon or so, but since weíre only a little over an hour away, it wasnít so bad. When I got to the school, the guidance counselor told me she had a helper with her that day, so if I wanted to go pick up my son they could test him right away. Yes! I said to myselfÖ. We can leave earlier!
So I leave DD testing, go home and pick up DS, wake up DH and tell him to be ready earlier and go back to the school. Both kids do well in the test and we start on our way home when the downpour starts.
All the way to Disney it poured and poured and poured. It was not a nice trip. I-4 is not a pleasant road to begin with, and with the heavy rain and thunder it took us almost 2 hours to get to Disney. Finally, we got to the Caribbean Beach Resort, but my nerves were shot. At least it had stopped raining.
I had done the online check-in, so we went in that line and were called to the desk right away. A very pleasant CM (sorry, I was still upset and didnít think to take her name down) checked me in, told me I had an update to a Pirate room (yeah!) and told us we would get a text message when the room was ready, but it would be in bldg. 39. She also gave us birthday buttons for the twins and celebrating buttons for DH & me.
We drove to Port Royale, as the main reason for this vacation was to play in the pool. We were disappointed in the size of the pool (it looked bigger in the pictures) and that it was closed because of the weather. We decided to go to DTD and have lunch. We took the resort bus fearing that parking would be a pain. We had lunch at Earl of Sandwich (yummy!) and walked around DTD for a bit. The twins had gotten Disney gift cards from their grandma and aunt, and they had a lot of fun choosing presents to buy. Meanwhile, the sun had come out, it was almost 4 pm, thereís no message in my phone but the welcome one. I texted back a couple times hoping to trigger a reply, but I only get the welcome message again. I head over to Customer Relations, but thereís a long line and I had left the hotel info in the car (back at the hotel.) Yes, I know, but remember I was stressed out then. So Iím trying to find the phone number for the hotel to call the front desk and I canít find it, my phone is on emergency calls only and the web browser does not work and Iím back to getting upset. Finally, standing by the Lego Dragon I get one bar, and manage to call the general Disney number and they give me the hotel one, I call, and after 3 transfers and one hold, I am told the room number and that it is ready. We go back to the bus stop and the hotel.
The room is great, although crowded for 4 people. The beds and furniture are adorable, but BIG. They take up a lot of space. The 2 sinks came in handy, though. It was not that late and it had finally stopped raining, but we were beat. I went to Port Royale and picked up a pizza and we ate it in the room. We were in bed sleeping by 9:30 pm.

Saturday morning we woke up to a cloudy, but at least dry day. We went to Port Royale for Breakfast (had to have Mickey Waffles!) and then sat by the pool. I really liked the fact that there are life jackets available for free, as my kids wanted to go on the slide but they have not learned to swim well yet and I didnít want to spend all day hanging around the bottom of the slide waiting for them (hey, itís my vacation also!). Around 12:30 it started thundering and the lifeguards blew their whistles and emptied the pool. <darn it!> Back to the room to dress, and we find out that Mousekeeping has not been in yet and there is no TV or Wi-fi. . We call the front desk and are informed that they are aware of the situation and it is being worked on. We decide to go out to lunch and stop by a grocery store and get a small birthday cake. We used to live in Winter Garden and are familiar with the area, so we went back to a favorite restaurant and had a lovely lunch, then stopped by a Publix and got a cake. We got back to the room around 5 pm, and still no TV or Wi-Fi. The pool was open, so we headed back there. While the kids swam, I ordered a Citrus Blast from the Banana Cabana. Yum! It started raining around 8 pm, so we left the pool and went back to the room. We munched on leftover pizza and cake, and finally we got TV and internet back.

Sunday we got up and had breakfast (Mickey Waffles again!) Back to the room to pack and then we stop by the pool again (of course, it was sunny on the day weíre leaving.) We left the property around 1 pm as we had some errands to run on the way home.

Overall, it was a little disappointing, mostly due to the weather, but also from not getting towel animals. Still, a rainy day in Disney is better than a day at home.