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    A birthday trip

    The day after my birthday last week I was told to have my bags packed and ready to go by Tuesday afternoon. Shortly after my roommate got off work (he is a CM) we were leaving and not going to be back until the early hours of Thursday morning. Well we left and I was expecting a very long trip so I had packed a few books and made sure my MP3 players was loaded and charged.

    Well we never made it off property and we were there. I was still not sure if this was it or he was just playing a joke on me (which is a common thing). Sure enough this was it. We parked and went to check in at AKL. I have never stayed at a deluxe resort in all the times I have been at Disney. I have been to AKL before but not to stay the night.

    Check-in was an adventure. The CM checking us in was new (that’s what those red ‘earning my ears’ tags are for hanging from CM name tags). She got the room number right but sent us to the opposite side of the resort. Having never stayed here before I didn’t notice until we got near the rooms she highlighted on our maps. Went back and found the correct room. We had a 5th floor room with a view of the Sunset Savanna. We just chilled out in the room and watched th animals for several hours. My favorite animal to watch was the ostrich watching over its egg.

    Another surprise to me was where dinner was planned. We pulled into Wilderness Lodge and that narrowed it down to one of two places. The loud one is where we ended up. If you have never heard anything about Whispering Canyon it is anything but a whisper. While we were waiting for our table I played with the Lincoln Logs and built a small two story house with an upper porch. Finally at the table the menu was decent, we both decided on the all you can eat sampler thing. It had pork, chicken, corn, mashed taters, sausage, ribs and the like. I had seen a few segments on TV about how loud and interactive the place was... Well it is 10 times as loud when things get going and you had better participate in anything relating to you. This place makes the 50's Prime Time look boring and uneventful. (I’m not kidding) When they ask you what size drink be very careful.... The table next to us has three guys sharing one drink: a large coke. This thing made a super size coke look like a drop of water. We both got our drinks and were happy they were much smaller. But we made the mistake of askign for a straw. It would have been helpful if someone warned up beforehand to ‘duck and cover’. Straws started flying from all directions. Several servers and tables were happy to assist with our request for straws. We ended up with about 30 or so and some extras for table decorations. We got our food and attempted to eat when we could. Many things going on around us. Pony races for the kids were neat and they made them say they will never go to Universal Studios after the race was over. Another thing to be careful in asking for is ketchup. They yell out ketchup as loud as possible and every bottle of it ends up on your table. Kids start running from everywhere and carry as many as they can to you. Thankfully John was nice enough not to mention to anyone there is was my birthday. Another ‘big kid’ in the crowd was not so lucky. They made him take one of the wooden pony’s and ride it around the place singing “Happy Birthday to Me”. We were about to leave when they announced they need all the men to teach the women something.... We were lucky enough to get out and watch ‘The Whispering Canyon Dancers’ from the lobby. I was laughing from that one. Well out to the parking lot to watch Wishes. Then headed back to AKL to swim for a while before heading back to the room to sleep.

    Next issue: EMH & E-ride

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    Great report, Jason (and I love the Whispering Canyon, too!) Sounds like you had a few nice surprises!! (And now I REALLY need to go to Disney!!!)
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