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    10/30 - 11/2 stay at WDW

    We started our Halloween trip on 10/30 from Newark Intl Airport. It was a quick flight to Orlando Intl. Since we had signed up for ME, we quickly ended up in line waiting for our bus. There were many folks coming in that Sunday. We waited about Ĺ hour. Not too bad. They had it well organized but the buses seemed to be slow getting back.. When we did get a bus, it was a little disappointing. We did not get an ME bus but a Mears bus so no movie during the ride. We also did not get AC or a fan during the ride. This was not a good thing for a full bus. It seemed that the air came on just as we reached the Boardwalk Villas.

    The view as we reached BWVs was beautiful. It gave off the air as a special place. The entry way was breath taking. It made you feel like you were going back in time. The high ceiling of the lobby gave off so much light. There were so many little things going on in this lobby, a pumpkin carving contest judging, families running around. As well as people like us checking in. Check in was quick and easy. Our room 5005 was actually ready! We were surprised. It was before 12 too. So with directions in hand we headed off to our room to check it out. We couldnít by pass the Sundries shop. Small but packs them in. Not much Boardwalk stuff & even less DVC stuff.

    We get to the 5th floor & have to check out the view near the elevators! You can see the huge Swan/Dolphin resort nearby and looking down you can see pool area. We are so excited. The carpet in the elevator area has shoes & items weaved into it from several characters. Like Minnieís shoes and bow, Donaldís shoes and hat. See how many you can find. Now we get out the map & off we go. We are about as far from the elevators as you can get but itís a nice walk. The walls are painted with scenes of railing slats and sea grass below the rub rails. You can almost smell the sea air as you walk down the halls. About half way there, you come to an open area. It opens up to a 4th floor sitting area. It has large hanging lights the ceiling has skylights in them. Around each door, area is white clapboards. The colors are shades of greens and white. The carpet is the old style with lots of swirls and small designs in them.

    When we finally get to our room, it does not disappoint. The studio apartment is well laid out. The bathroom & sink area is a good size. We love the kitchen area! The view is fantastic! We look down & can see Jellyrolls & the dance hall. We watch the boats leaving the dock area & can see EPCOT sphere clearly. We were told we would be able to see Illuminations from our window. We canít wait! Time to get changed & off to MGM!

    After getting changed, we decide to check out the Boardwalk area. Itís only about 12:30 now & we have signed up for the Fantasmic Dinner package and the MGM Park is having extra magic Hours tonight so we donít have to rush. So we have a leisurely lunch at the Big River Brew House. We recommend the burgers. Just big enough. We ate outside so we had a lovely view of the Beach & Yacht Club Resorts. After eating and checking out the area, we decide to stop back at our room to get check on our bags. Guess what! Their there already! We quickly unpack and off we go.

    We hop the ferry to MGM. Itís a very nice ride. We get to see the backside of BW as well as a close up view of the Swan/Dolphin resorts. Of course the first thing we see in there is the hat! We get our PhotoPass card & start having pictures taken. Great idea! We check out the Sounds Dangerous ride and when we come out the parade has already started. We find a spot & start taking our pictures. We watch the parade then head over to Hollywood & Vine for our dinner. We get to get some better parade pictures from there since the end of the parade is coming by as we are waiting to be called. When you see the amount of people, waiting to be called for dinner you figure you will be there all night. We only waited about 5 minutes before they called us to be seated. WOW so much food. We loved the selection. If you leave hungry thatís your fault. There was so much to choose from and you could go back as much as you like. The desert buffet was small but very nice. For the two of us it was under $60.00 with tip. Before you leave, they give you a pass & tell you to go to the green gate at a set time to get your priority seating for the Fantasmic show. We had time so off on the rides we went. Muppets, Star Tours to just name a few. We also stopped and got our Extra Magic Hours bracelets. We wanted to see the stunt show but missed it for the day. Bummer!

    Now it was time to get seated for Fantasmic. We found the green gate & off on a hike we went to get to our seating area. By the time we got there the regular sections were filling up quickly and it was still about 45 minutes to show time. Lots of people around selling things. The spinning lights were cool looking but the strange string thing was big seller. Now we have never seen this show before. We recommend you donít wait so long! This show was intense. The light show did not have lots of fireworks but it makes up for it in creativity. You see many characters and how they use the area and water is so cool! It is a beautiful show. We canít wait to see it again. What ever you do, if you are not doing the dinner package make sure you get a spot early! We got out quickly and were able to start in on the fun again. The animation ride and Rockin Roll Rollercoaster were tops on the night list. We stayed till 12 then headed back to BWV to rest up for Halloween!

    Tomorrow Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom!
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    Day 2 Ė HALLOWEEN!

    We have been waiting for today for what seems to be forever! It is a bright & sunny day in Florida. Our plan is to have some breakfast then head off to Animal Kingdom. Maybe we will even spend some time in MK today before the party. Well weíll just see what the day brings. For breakfast, we decide to go light. Just a croissant and some coffee, the breakfast of champions! So down to the Belle Vue Room we head off. You would think our wallet would be happy for such a small breakfast NOT here! 2 coffees & 2 croissants came to over $10.00! Boy did we learn a lesson! Donít eat at Boardwalk eat ON the boardwalk, still pricey but within reason. OUCH! That hurt.

    After our very expensive breakfast, we walked down to catch the bus to AK. Not a lot of folks heading there this morning. Thatís good for us. We get to the gate & find many folks waiting to get in. Boy we think, itís going to be crowded inside today. Soon they open up & in we goÖ at least we think theyíre open. It seems they only let you go in until you reach the tree of Life. You have to wait there. We saw some folks with costumes on already. Lots of princesses. One family standing near us all wore orange t-shirts. The Grandpa was willing trade his if we wanted. He didnít seem to like orange but he was there with the family and they were all happy to be together. It was nice. Just before 9am Minnie, Goofy, Donald & Pluto come out in a safari truck & give a little show. Suddenly Mickey was seen near the Tree of Life & he opens the park.

    Since it had only been a year since we were here last DH & I had decided that there were certain ride/attractions we wanted to do and everything else was just extra. Therefore, we had our plans to head off to Kilimanjaro Safaris first. We hoped to see lots of animals. We werenít disappointed. We got to see more animals this time than all the others put together. It was great. What made it even better is that the wait was minimal. This was the way the entire time we were at WDW. Boy, were we pleasantly surprised.

    Our next objective was to see Itís Tough to be a Bug. We only had to wait a few minutes to get a seat. I forgot to shut off my cell phone before the show started so just as the first bugs started to cause the seat to move my cell phone started vibrating on my hip. Now Iím freaking out because I know the feelings should only be under the seat & behind it not on ME! DH is laughing so loud as we figure out whatís going on. So to say the least the cell phone got left behind after that.

    The only thing left on the have to do list is Dinosaur. You would think to get there from the Tree of Life would be easy. Dinosaur is tucked away in a corner of the park that has one way in & only 1 way out. There is no short cut. The walk can be nice since it takes you over a bridge from which you can see the new ride going up, Expedition Everest. It looks so awesome in the morning haze. We look for a bit them off to Dinosaur.

    After finding the ride, we get buckled in. If you have a bad back or neck this ride is not for you! This ride spends lots of time in the dark! The vehicle itself does all the rocking & rolling so donít think your on a coaster. It is a cool ride. Lots of dinosaurs come at you and lots of loud noises. Watch out for the meteors! We did enjoy this ride.

    By now weíre a little hungry so we decided to stop off at the Flaming Tree BBQ for lunch. So we have the chicken sandwich. It made for a nice lunch. It didnít look like it would be filling but with the soda & cold slaw it was just right. It was about $16.00 for both of us. We chose to eat in the open-air table area. There was a woman there whoís job it was to make sure no one fed the birds. DH kept calling her the food warden (okay I cleaned it up). There were ducks, cranes and other birds walking all over the table area. If you are nervous about having birds walking around you while you eat this area may not be for you. They donít climb on the tables while your eating unless you keep feeding them.

    Before leaving AK we saw that Eyeore was posing with visitorsí right across the way from the Flaming Tree. Our DD loves Eyeore!!! Neither of our kids (24 & 19) came with us this time. Since we just wanted to show our support Ö okay we just wanted to rub it in that we were here & she wasnítÖwe HAD to have our pictures taken with him. Donít worry she get even later on.

    We had a request to get some pictures of the Wilderness Lodge for my dad and since we had plenty of time we hopped a bus at AK to WL. We still canít get over the lobby in that place! The entire place is magnificent. While were walking down to catch the bus to MK, DH stops me & wonít let me go any further. As I look down the path there is a large black snake! This is one animal I HATE! Well he moved on quickly but not quick enough for me.

    Here we are! MK!!! Love the decorations! Canít wait to get in. In we go. Itís getting later in the day now and folks are starting to leave. Lots of costumes on everyone today. More Costumes here than at AK. At the firehouse Jafar is posing for pictures. We have to have one with him. This Jafar is really into the character. With a slow motion he curls his fingers and motions for DH to kneel in front of him. We couldnít stop laughing. He had the moves down pat. We also had to pose in front of the castle together. We had Mickey & Walt in the background. It was nice.

    DH heads off to ride Space Mountain. Me, Iím a coaster chicken so I head on over to Tomorrowland Transit Authority and ride that. Thatís more my speed. Weíre off to the Haunted Mansion. We canít waitÖ well now we will. Due to Technical Difficulties the ride is closed! ON HALLOWEEN!!! Not good! Well maybe it will be open tonight. So we do the next best thing.. Pirates of the Caribbean. AYYYYEEEeee.

    Itís getting late and we need to head back to the room to grab a bite to eat & get ready for MNSSHP. Yes, we had brought costumes from home.

    Back at the Boardwalk we grab a few slices of pizza from a place on the Boardwalk. Good size pieces but not very tasty. The kids next to us seemed to enjoy it. While weíre sitting on the boardwalk eating, the staff is setting up trick or treat areas along the boardwalk. From 5:30 pm Ė 8:30pm the Boardwalk is sponsoring trick or treating along the boardwalk for the kids. They are also setting up a party in the lawn area. They have lots of activities for the kids going on. There are stilt walkers and Mickeyís there to have his picture taken with the kids. They are getting into this. Everyone seems to be having fun. We thought this is a really nice thing to do.

    After getting into our costumes, Uncle Sam and the Statue of Liberty, we head off to catch a bus. People keep staring at us & smiling. DH & I are loving it. As we walk across the lobby one of the bellhops takes out a dollar bill & starts to snap it at DH. The bellhop smiles & says, ďYou canít have this Uncle Sam.Ē Without missing a beat DH says, ďJust wait till April!Ē Everyone within earshot was hysterical.

    Most people at the bus stop were in costume and heading off to MNSSHP too. We all were talking about our costumes and how we couldnít wait for the party to start. We got there just as the party was starting. You got in & they gave you a bag to trick or treat with. There was a long line for the Exposition Hall where they were selling the Halloween pins. We got in line for the shirts at the emporium. We were told earlier in the day the shirts & pins were only available at the party and we had better get ours right at the beginning. While standing there waiting we looked down Main St & buildings were all lit in different colors with ghosts, witches & skeletons flying over them. The music they played was great. Boy we have to get that.

    Let me give you a hint. Yes the best selection of sizes can be found at the Emporium but there are several other places to get shirts. Pirates is one of them. Our suggestion is to by pass the emporium at the beginning & miss the ill-mannered crowd. I saw 1 person with at least 2 dozen shirts. People were very rude. I felt sorry for employees. We didnít even try for the pins. DH just got into that on our last trip. We actually were able to by pins just before we left. So you should be able to avoid the rush at the beginning. The store still had shirts at the end of the night.

    It was very crowded but things moved along. WDW has the candy thing down pat. The lines move right along. The nightís program shows you where the candy is & what rides are open. Off to Pirates of the Caribbean stopping for candy along the way. Part of the admission allows for a free picture.

    We get in line & get ours. This line too moves fast. We head off to the Haunted Mansion only to find itís still out of service. Bummer! While waiting in line DH & I are talking when we see a woman walk up to us. She is very excited & asked if she can take our picture! US? We couldnít believe it. Of course we said yes. We were thrilled. Our costumes were made by my mom. She would be thrilled to hear someone wanted to take our picture.
    We found our place for the Boo To You parade in Liberty Square. This parade is so COOL!!!! We missed the headless horseman but we got to see the parade twice. The music is great!!! They have to come out with a soundtrack to this parade. Maybe if we all write. Boo to you & you & you still plays in our heads. The Haunted Mansion float and characters were the best. The gravedigger & dog were a nice touch. The dancing gravediggers with their shovels giving off sparks as dragged them on the street. We saw dancing Disney Villains, Pooh & friends, a pumpkin headed man riding a giant ball and many other Disney characters.

    As we are coming out of a store in Liberty Square another woman runs up to us and asks to take our picture! What are the odds of that happening? Of course, we posed for the pictures. It may sound strange, but we were so honored to have our pictures taken. If anyone you picture takers are reading this, Thanks again. After we told my mom, she was so thrilled everyone liked her work.

    The fireworks were awesome!! While they go off the castle changes colors and witches and ghosts fly across the castle. It was a great show. After some of the crowd clears out we head off to Tomorrowland and Mickeyís Toontown to enjoy some rides. We are also searching for the mouse himself to have our pictures taken with. We find him in ToonTown. Mickey in his scarecrow outfit was standing for pictures in his backyard. As we stood for our picture, Mickey puts his hand over his heart and the photographer makes me hold up my torch. It was a good picture. He took several like this. This has been a good evening.

    There was one thing I had never done at MK and that was ride the teacups. I told my DH this when we were planning this trip. Well he remembered this and made sure that Lady Liberty was going to ride the teacups. It was quite the sight. I was trying to keep my crown on as we spun around. I am now happy to say that I have ridden the teacups!

    We are now exhausted! It has been quite a night! As we walk out of the park, we are greeted with several toughs full of candy. Cast members there are giving out candy by the arm full. Oh my goodness! We came home with so much candy that we wonít have to buy much for Christmas! Hehe. Can you see the TSA folks checking our bags & finding all that candy? I canít imagine what they thought about us.

    Tomorrow Epcot & more Magic Kingdom!
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    Day 3!

    Well we survived Halloween. It was great. We will do it again but probably not next year. Maybe go earlier, however you have to experience Halloween at Disney! Itís great.

    Today our plan is to go to EPCOT and back to MK to catch the rides weíve missed. At EPCOT they are holding the Food & Wine Festival, so we want to see whatí thatís like. We want to have a nice dinner tonight & go to Pleasure Island for a bit. The thing my DH wanted to do most of all is to see the EPCOT fireworks from our room. Since we leave tomorrow it will be fun to see if we can get it all in.

    We take the boat over to EPCOT. Itís a very little used entrance so there is no wait. When you walk up the hill it puts you right at England and the bridge to the World Showcase. Since we were there at 9am the Showcase wasnít open yet. We are going to head over to Soarin and try to get on that. We hear the lines are so long but we have time. As we head over to The Land we pass many small booths. These are part of the F&WF. Each booth is a country. Canít wait to see these when they open.

    There are lots of folks heading into The Land but when we get on line we find we are able to walk quickly to the standby queue. The waiting show is quick. We are ushered into the ride. DH is a little nervous. He hates heights but he wants to ride. We are in row 3 so we arenít that far off the ground. The ride is beautiful! You can even smell oranges as you ďflyĒ over the orange groves. As we crested the mountains, I found myself lifting my feet so I didnít hit top. The scenery is beautiful! DH had a death grip on the handle but he enjoyed the ride. He said he would go on it again. The ride gently turns slightly as your vision turns. It is not a violent ride but it does put you up in the air. My Lt from work described the ride as ďthe catís a@#.Ē Heís a very colorful character & quite the Disney fanatic.

    While in The Land we check out the Living with the Land ride. This is quite the ride. Itís a slow boat ride but going through the green house is awesome! DH and his family were black dirt farmers for years so he really got into the things going on in the green house. We both did. As we traveled though ďtimeĒ on the ride I was happy to see that in the prehistoric time Disney had taken the time to show all creatures and plant life. Itís not often you see the prehistoric EXIT sign! There in the middle of the forest is the elusive green exit sign attempting to blend in. We laughed all through the ride.

    Now after leaving The Land we want to get on Test Track and Mission Space before they get too busy. Test Track is first. Maybe a five minute waits here. Now that I know where the camera is I was already to ham it up. Just as we go through the doors I give the two thumbs up and a sly grin then grab on for the speed. It is so bright outside right now I wish I had left my sunglasses on. The ride is over so quick. As we get off there we are stupid grin & all! No we didnít by the picture.

    Mission Space is the next ride. I have ridden this ride several times before and I still get nervous. Well this time it got the better of me. The only part of this ride I donít like is during ďtakeoffĒ Once we get though the clouds Iím fine. This time I just freaked out. We got right to the door & I just panicked. I was in tears. I canít explain it but I could not get on that ride. DH was very supportive as first he tried to urge me on but when it just got worse he walked me out. I told him to stay & I would meet him outside but he stayed with me. Can you see why I love this guy? The staff there was very kind too. When they saw us coming they asked if I was okay and said that there is no problem with not riding this ride.

    After getting myself together, we head off to check out the World showcase and F&WF. I need a drink! Sooo we decided it was time checkout the booths! During a conversation with a CM we got on the subject of the F&WF. She raved about the Mead at the Irish booth. Now I thought mead was a form of beer. Boy was I wrong. We decided to try the mead & Irish Cream from the Irish booth. The Bunratty Meade Honey Wine (very light white wine with honey & spices) was very different and the OíMaraís Irish Cream was very smooth. The Irish cream is heavier and richer tasting than itís Baileyís counter part). Itís a little pricey for just a taste but after the Mission Space fiasco I needed one. If we had thought more we would have bought a bottle of each. Itís about $20.00 for a bottle. Lets recap the morning, no breakfast, getting upset and now drinking. The morning was getting better.

    We walked over to Australiaís booth to try the BBQ Shrimp. Very tasty. The BBQ sauce snuck up on you. Sweet at first then, a little spicy. Very good! Oohhh they have Riesling wine. We love Riesling wine. If I have another glass right now Iíll be crawling back to BWV. So we decide to hold off. The three little shrimp arenít enough to fill us so we decide to grab a bit to eat in EPCOT. After checking the brochures and seeing the sky getting cloudy we decide to eat inside at Le Cellier in the Canada pavilion. On the way over we have to stop at Germany and check out the wine and shops there. Okay so we break down and have a taste here. We shared a tall glass of strawberry flavored sparkling wine. Very tasty.

    Lunch at Le Cellier Steakhouse was very nice. Our server wore a nametag with Jeffery on it but that wasnít his name. We decided to try the Canadian Cheese selection for an appetizer with a Labatt Blue beer for DH and a glass of Cave Springs Semi-dry Riesling. The cheeses were nice. A goat cheese, Canadian cheddar and a blue cheese. All of them very strong tasting cheeses. Ryan suggested we start at the goat cheese & end with the blue cheese because the blue cheese is very strong. Very tasty. The bread is done as sticks and when brought to the table is placed in what looks like a vase. Very nice touch.

    We spoke to Ryan our server about where he was from and how he got here. He is a fireman in training. That got DHís attention since heís a volunteer firefighter. Ryan has seven more months to go before he heads back to Canada to complete his training.

    DH is having the Calgary Maple Barbecue Chicken Sandwich with Canadian bacon and Black Diamond Cheddar Cheese and served with Creamy Celery Root Slaw. I am having the Grilled Steak burger with cheddar cheese. Both are very good and come in good size portions. Total for lunch came to about $70.00. A bit pricey for lunch but we felt you did get your moneyís worth.

    When we start back to the boat it has started to sprinkle but not enough to worry about it. We stop off at BWV then off to MK again! The rain is starting to come down a little steadier. Our first stop today is Thunder Mountain. Now thatís an experience to ride that in the rain! It was so fun!! We try to get over to Tom Sawyerís Island to check that out but it is closing soon. We get over & check out the mine area then get right back on the raft. The rain is really coming down now. Country Bear Jamboree is closed to get ready for the Christmas show.

    We go over to Adventureland & walk through Swiss Family Treehouse. The view is nice. The jungle cruise ride was packed and the tour guide was very funny. We had to check out the Enchanted Tiki room. Love that show! And whatís a trip to Adventureland without the Pirates ride.

    Lets try one more time to see the Haunted Mansion. Third timeís a charm! Itís open. That made the trip! From Haunted Mansion through the rain to itís a small world. The ride looks great. We hadnít been on it since the refurbishment. Itís very bright. We canít believe all the coins thrown into the water. I hope it brings good luck.. From itís a small world to Mickeyís PhilharMagic show. Boy is it cold in here. Almost everyone is wearing poncho now, not us! When we come out of the show the rain is coming down hard. We are now soaked. As we head to the bus we have to walk through a pond so now our shoes are soaked. The bus is cold too. This is not ending up as a good day.

    Once we get back & try to dry off we decide not to go to DTD and PI tonight. So we pick up a bottle of sparkling wine and order from ESPN Club. We order some steak dinners. DH goes and gets our dinner while I set up the table in front of the balcony doors. Since it was pouring out and the rain was blowing under the awning, I set up the table just inside the opened door. DH called to have me look outside toward MK. From the balcony I could see the MK fireworks! It was great!

    DH & I had our romantic dinner in our room. We turned on the Resort channel and had that music playing low in the background. Then 9pm hit & the EPCOT fireworks started. It was awesome! They are so close. We can hear some of the music from Illuminations. This room is great!

    We hate to start packing but we have to. We have to leave tomorrow. Hopefully our clothes will dry out enough to pack..

    Tomorrow Ė Downtown Disney and home.

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    Thanks for the trip reports, I am enjoying reading them. Sounds like BW is nice.
    I am in need of some Disney magic!!

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    THANKS!!! I haven't had a chance to read it all the way through yet. I love the pictures you have included. Looks like the MNSSHP picture background is the same as last year.
    Nothing to countdown to, so just smile and be happy everyday!

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    Final trip

    The final Day-

    Today we are depressed. Back to reality. We gotta go home. We decided to check out the Hess station across the street from BW for real estate brochures. DH & I have been talking about moving and the WDW area has been batted around as a possible location.

    We packed and since we used ME, we just went down to the lobby and not only checked in for our flight but checked our luggage too. We were off to catch the bus to DTD. Once at the bus stop we find out that the buses donít go to DTD until nine. This will work out well. We walk out to the Hess station across the street. At this hour, there is little traffic so no problem crossing the street. We look for those guides but canít find any. So we get coffee & muffins. Wow, we should have gone here to get breakfast everyday. It was less that $6.00. Itís such a nice day. We walk back to the bus stop & catch the bus.

    We want to see the new DVC resort, Saratoga Springs so we are dropped off at DTD then hop a bus to SSR. This place does remind us of the Saratoga region. It is very nice place. We looked around for a little bit then back onto the bus. As weíre walking to the bus my phone rings, itís our DD. She didnít greet us with a hello or howís it going. No our DD immediately started singingÖ ďYouíre going home today! Nanny nanny booboo!Ē I told you she would get even for the Eyeore pictures.

    Back at DTD, we start shopping & checking out the stores. We donít have to catch our bus to the airport until 1:15 so we have time to shop. My mom had asked us to do some Christmas shopping for her here so we had to make sure we got her stuff and anything we were going to buy. Our problem is we want to get so much but have so little money! Isnít that always the problem? We love the household stuff.

    So we do our required shopping then DH checks out the pins. I start taking more pictures. We love the Lego people! They really are great. The lake is so calm today and there is a lovely view of SSR from DTD. We sit for a while watching everyone and wish we could stay longer. With it being so warm in November, itís making a good selling point for DHís argument to move here.

    Well time has some to start back to BWV. We have to pick up two things from there before we leave. ME is great. The bus comes right at the set time. This time we have a ME bus. The driver is very talkative and funny. We will have a movie Ė Nemo Ė for the ride to the airport. We have three other stops to pick up people but we have plenty of time. We are dropped off at our terminal and we go right to security. Now this line is longer than we have ever seen. It does seem to move right along. Make sure you leave plenty of time to go through security at Orlando. We make it to the gate in plenty of time. Itís a full flight back to Newark airport. We are happy to report that our luggage arrived at Newark when we did. This ME is great. No problems at all with it. Itís night and it very cool back in NY. Boy do we miss WDW!

    A few things we will do next time;

    * we will get ponchos for any rainy days we have! I am getting over the case of bronchitis I brought back with me from Florida.

    * second pair of shoes!

    * use Magical Express if itís still offered

    * try the dinning plan

    * make a list of the things we ďhave to see/rideĒ It worked so well this time

    * shop earlier in the trip or even know what we need to get before shopping.

    * stay more than four days

    * maybe bring a small video camera with us next time

    So now that we are back, weíve started planning our next trip to WDW. Maybe a family stay next fall or maybe the DVC member cruise in October. Who knows? But we will more than likely be back next year. We used the Passporter Guide to help plan our must see/do part of our trip as well as these boards. All are a great help and have many ideas.

    Thanks for read our trip report. It was so much fun reliving it for you.

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    thanks for sharing

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    Great report! Thank you for sharing it with us! (We love the Lego people too!)
    They call me "Nana"

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    Lisa is that you?

    If so, fancy meeting you here, it's Jennifer from 911.

    It's a small world afterall.
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    Wow it really sounds like you had a great time!!

    i luv Tink!

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    Hey Jennifer! Yes it's me! It is a small world. See how you worked that in...LOL. Don't work too hard! Talk to you soon!

    To all it was a BLAST! Halloween at Disney is a must do!

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    Great report I felt like I was there with you. I can't wait to go next month.


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