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    Raglan Road

    On our recent trip to Walt Disney World, Brandy and I ate at Raglan Road near Pleasure Island, Downtown Disney. Raglan Road is an Irish pub that recently opened there.

    The theming was great - very authentic. According to their web site, their bars are reclaimed from old bars dating over 130 years old.

    I did expect there to be a better selection of beer. Though Guinness is good, I can get it most anywhere (at least in Minnesota). If they had a wider range of beers available, our waitress certainly didnít tell us about it after I asked what was available.

    I had the One & One (fish & chips) which were tasty. Brandy got the Dalkey Duo and it tasted like breakfast sausage. Iíll admit to not being a connoisseur of foods and maybe thatís what the Dalkey Duo is suppose to be but it certianly wasnít what we expected!

    We halfway expected Raglan Road to be a quiet, sit down sort of place where we could relax and talk about our day. Instead, patrons were loud as was the music. Other folks seemed to be enjoying it - it likely just wasnít for us. I may have enjoyed it more so if I hadn't been exhausted from commando park hopping all day
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    I understand that Raglan Road is a pretty wild place. Someone I know recently had their evening abruptly ended after another guest (this person's friend) started to jump up and down with excitement when the band started to play a jig. My friend ended up with a broken toe.
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