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Trip Reports & Member Reviews Discuss Trip Report, Day 2-Disney Studios 2/2/06 in the Vacation Planning forums; We slept in a little bit on Thursday, since we didn't have a character breakfast to go to. We ate breakfast in the Pop food court, and noticed that the ...
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    Trip Report, Day 2-Disney Studios 2/2/06

    We slept in a little bit on Thursday, since we didn't have a character breakfast to go to. We ate breakfast in the Pop food court, and noticed that the place seemed a bit more crowded than the day before. The national Dance Team Championships were being held at WDW that weekend, and there were now packs of teenage girls all over the place! That would be fine if I was still a teenager....but I thought back to some reviews of Pop that I saw where people complained that groups of kids ran rampant around the property, making noise at 3 AM and such. None of that happend during our stay, I'm happy to report.

    The day was bright, sunny, and very warm, the temperature made it past 80. We got to the Studios at about 11 AM. We took some group photos in front of the hat, and then went to the Great Movie Ride. Along the way, we saw a rare sight...Daisy Duck! I don't recall ever seeing her out in the parks, so we took advantage and got some more pictures. Donald was also there, and the Photopass camera man warned my daughter not to show Donald her Pal Mickey, he might get mad! My daughter took this to heart and made me hold Mickey, but I wanted to wave it at Donald and see his reaction. The boss overruled me, again

    The park wasn't busy, so we had no wait for the GMR, or the backlot tour which we rode next. We got off the tour just in time for the 2nd showing of Lights! Motors! Action!, the new stunt show from Disneyland Paris. I didn't realize until we got there that a big stadium was built for the new show. We sat in the first row of the upper deck, and had a good view of the action. I really enjoyed the show, the drivers and actors show a lot of driving skill, and the show is a good demonstration of how a movie is made. My daughter had the quote of the year, though...there's a scnese where a stuntman falls off of his motocycle and slides through burnig fuel. As he was running around, on fire, my daughter yelled "Stop drop and roll!", VERY loudly. She got some laughs for that one. I'm glad that she pays attention in school!

    Following the show, our group split up. Dad and I went to Sunset Blvd for the "E" ticket rides, while the girls went to the more tame world of the Little Mermaid, the Muppet movie, and the Stars parade.

    As we headed for the Tower of Terror, we saw that large signs had been set up, declaring that Sunset Blvd. would be closing early, at 5:30. It seems that the organizers of the Dance Team Championships had rented out that section of the park for their own exclusive use. Since the park wasn't very crowded, it didn't bother us at all, the wait times for TOT and Rock N Roller Coaster were very short. As we rode TOT, my Dad was using his cell phone headset, talking to my nephew back in Philly. He was very upset that he couldn't make the trip, so my Dad kept the cell phone on for the entire ride. It cheered the kid up just a little.

    We rode TOT twice more, then I rode the Coaster twice by myself (Dad can't do loops.) By then, it was time for Mama Melrose's and the Fantasmic Dinner package.

    We met back up with the women for dinner. Mama's looked like many of the Italian restaurants that we have here in South Philly, very homey decor. I'm a bit skeptical of Italian restaurants from outside the neighborhood, but I wasn't disappointed with the food here. Our waiter was very animated and doted on my daughter. Privately, I thought that it was nice to have a quiet, non-character meal for once!

    Dinner ended at about 6:15, giving us 45 minutes to make Fantasmic. My daughter and I ran on to Star Tours while the others headed right to the special Fantasmic entrance. It turns out that because Sunset Blvd was closed, everyone had to use the Fantasmic Dinner Package entrance. We still sat in the reserved section, off to the right of center. It was still pleasantly warm out, and the show rocked as usual!

    Dad and I dropped the the ladies back off at Pop. It was still relatively early, so we went driving up and down 192, looking for a Dunkn Donuts for my coffee-addicted Dad. We also found a Waldgreens where we could unload our memory cards for a fraction of the price inside the World.

    Next up, Day 3 at AK/Epcot.
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