Hey gang, here is our TR from Sept, finally, there are pics up on MJ's blog of it too...

Ok, in September we were given a special surprise a trip to WDW. Our friends at DisneyWorldTrivia.com got together and surprised us with a trip to WDW staying at Port Orleans French Quarter! It was a great trip with lots of surprises! Shortly after this trip Andrew lost his job, so this trip report is VERY late...My apologies. The day before our trip Andrew won a video camera at work, so cool!

Ok, we checked in on a Friday, saw the room, ate at Sassagoula. Met a great couple named Chris and Heather, they were on their honeymoon (more on them later) Then it was off to AK. We saw Tarzan Rocks! (of course) the hysterical thing about this was that since we normally see the show on Saturdays, there was an actual discussion in the break room as to what day it was because we were there! Saw the parade and went back to POFQ for a swim, MJ wasn't too sure she liked the pool so we didn't stay long. POFQ worked out well for us transportation wise because the bus picked up there before it picked up at POR. After a swim and shower we were off to DTD on the boat... will never do that in mosquito season again! LOL Angie was our boat driver and she was hysterically funny! We ate at Earl of Sandwich (yum), got our GOH badges, ran into Ryland and Corinne and sat with Chris and Heather again on the way back to POFQ. Later in the week Chris and Heather left MJ a pin, stuffed frog and very sweet note at the resort!


Made a ADR for Boatwright's Sun morning and were off to AK/MK at AK we did all of our standard things, FotLK, TR!, Parade and met Robert (custodial manager) for the first time. After parade were off to MK to see Spectro and Wishes, we met up with Eric, Marcia, Jill, Crystal and ran into MasterYoda from WDWMagic. We also had dinner at LTT

At this point we got a HUGE surprise, MJ was asked to the VIP room behind City Hall where she got to meet Snow White and Alice in their SpectroMagic costumes. It was so magical, Andrew videotaped it. It was so magical!

Steven and Alicia stopped by our room that night with gifts, a stuffed snake and pins for MJ, cups for me and the biggest mug you have ever seen for Andrew.


Started the day at Boatwright's for breakfast, the Sweet Potato Pancakes are sooo good! Off to MGM after breakfast. MJ had a rough day today, she didn't do very well being out of her routine. We ran into Vernonpush and hcswingfield today. We met up wtih some friends of ours, Chris, Ana and Brianna and had fun with them. When we were seeing the Toy Story Gang we ran into a family that we had met before, they have 2 special needs girls and live in FL, they are so cute! One of our favorite handler's was working there that day and told us that her sister worked at POFQ, so we looked her up We got to meet iwannabeminnie and her DH today, they are such nice people. They brought pressents for MJ and we had a great time watching Fantasmic! together.

Mon: MK day

We met William and Clara today on the bus, they each gave MJ a pin and 2 Dsiney dollars, they were so sweet. Today we took it very easy, MJ was a little overwhelmed at this point. It was such an awesome weekend!

Thanks DWT!