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Trip Reports & Member Reviews Discuss Trip Report in the Vacation Planning forums; I never had a place to put this but now I found one so this report is a bit old from this past summer but I figured I would get ...
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    Trip Report

    I never had a place to put this but now I found one so this report is a bit old from this past summer but I figured I would get some practice in for my upcoming trips. Please provide me with some feedback.

    Magical Express : My family tried out this service because our travel agent recommended it. It was well worth not having to worry about baggage, finding a bus or taxi to the resort, and not worrying about handling your baggage between offloading and checking in. Even though they messed up our reservation, we were switching hotels mid-stay, they fixed it in a hurry and couldn't have been more pleasant.

    Port Orleans Riverside : We were a bit disappointed that we didn't get to stay at the French Quarter which is a favorite of ours but Riverside is well worth it. One problem was the distance of our room to the bus stops and main lobby area. Someone has to stay in those rooms and we were the unlucky ones. The layout is a little confusing but you get used to it quick. Recommend staying here.

    Magic Kingdom: I hadn't been to Disney in a few years and the walk down Main Street took me right back to all those past trips. It felt like I hadn't missed a trip at all. We ate at the Liberty Tavern and enjoyed all our favorite rides, basically any ride at Disney. It was my first viewing of PhilHarmagic (IMO the best 3d/4d show at WDW), Winnie the Pooh (No Mr. Toad but I actually enjoyed this ride), Stitch's Great Escape (Alien Encounter was way better but at least they kept my man Skippy). In hindsight I am glad I got to ride PotC one last time (or ten last times) before they changed it.

    Epcot: This is the park I was most excited to get to. Soarin', Mission Space, and Journey into Imagination were all new experiences for me. I was literally speechless when I left Soarin, the hour wait was well worth it. I even enjoyed the queue with those fact screens. Mission Space was the ultimate thrill ride for me and I rode it 5 times that first trip as there was never more than a 5 minute wait. Has anyone else experienced this? Journey into Imagination was awesome. The return of Figment and while it was not like the original I loved it. The only thing that still bothers me is the ungodly wait times for Test Track and the constant break downs.

    MGM: ToT was awesome as usual. RnR was great. Lights Motor Action was an amazing show and I can never get enough of Star Tours and the Great Movie Ride. One piece of advice never try and ride Star Tours on Star Wars Weekend. I won't make that mistake again.

    Animal Kingdom: Unfortunately Everest was only a shell of what it is now when I was there. For me Animal Kingdom is a great change of pace from the rest of the parks. I get the rides out of the way early and spend the rest of the time wandering amongst those animals, none cooler than the giant anteater. Dinosaur is one of my favorite underrated rides. Primeval Whirl literally cracked my back although I loved the carnival atmosphere of it blended with the Disney touch in the added storyline.

    Animal Kingdom Lodge: Hands down the BEST hotel I have stayed at. I would dare guess that it is the best hotel on the premises. There are tons of activities to take part in, I highly recommend the Night Vision Safari Watch. The food court was the best of any resort I went to. The Hidden Mickey Search is fun and all the employees there know where they are and love to give you tantalizing hints. Safari View Room is the coolest thing I have experienced. There is nothing like getting up every morning to see a giraffe walking by your deck area. HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

    Typhoon Lagoon/Disney Quest: Typhoon Lagoon was great. We went on an overcast day and even with a camp field trip in attendance the lines were short all over the park. Crush n Gusher, the water rollercoaster is an awesome ride and worth riding over and over again as they have three tracks. The shark tank is a MUST, you snorkel through a giant tank filled with small sharks, fish, and rays taking as much time as you want. It's very cold but the feeling of being amongst these animals is amazing. Disney Quest is a great experience to bring out the little kid in you. Their Virtual Reality Rides are awesome especially Pirates of the Caribbean. They even have old school video games like Dig Dug, Pac Man, and Mars Rover for older guests.

    There's my trip report please let me know if it was helpful in anyway or any suggestions to make it better.
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    Sounds like you had an amazing trip! :-)
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