OK Folks here is my Trip Report over one week removed.

Friday June 30:

GF and I left lovely Fort Myers Florida at around 7:30 in the morning and decided to take the scenic route up, we opted to take 27 on the way up. Its a little longer than 75 but atleast there is stuff to look at .. lol.

It took us a little over 3 hours. We spent sometime in Old Town and Played around of Miniature golf. Then We headed to the All Star Music Resort, this was about 1:00. The lady behind the desk was awesome, her name was Mya. She explained everything to us (stalling until our room was ready) which I didnít mind. To appease me she gave me a little coloring book with some crayons and gave my GF A copy of The disney Magazine for kids with Cars on the cover. Her Valiant effort at stalling didnot work though L So we had about an hour to kill so we decided to go to Downtown Disney for some Shopping and Lunch. A stop for us any and all times we are in Orlando is the Virgin Mega Store... We decided to combeack there on our last day to treat our selves J . We then headed over to Planet Hollywood. We had a free meal voucher from Disney. Now keep in mind neither one of us are complainers, but we know bad service when we experience it. The service there was horrible, maybe b/c she thought she was going to get shafted on the tip, UI have worked in the service Industry and I usually tip a minimum of 20% no matter what. I tiipped her well considering the service was horrible and she got my order wrong L

After Lunch we headed back to the hotel to relax.

That evening we took the bus to Eopcot just so we could ride the monorail :mickey: After that we then took the bus back to the room refreshed ourselves then headed back to Downtown Disney and had dinner at The Rainfores Cafe.. I love that place we got to sit in the Monkey Section. Aftewards we looked around and I found the Pin Store J Saw a POTC Lanyard set.. Didnít buy it.. Donít Worry that Lanyard will make another appearance in this report :mickey:

July 1,

Breakfast at Animal Kingdom at Donaldís Breakfastasaurus .. Rode Primal Whirl and after that we both felt kinda not well... I think it was a mixture of heat and lack of sleep. Later in the Morning I met up witha good friend of mine, someone I have known for about 10 years now, Jay (Jcorduroy) and his wife Meredith. We got fast passes for the Safari :mickey: . Since we had time to kill we went Rafikis Goat Farm.. I mean Planet Watch b/c Jay and his wife had never been, even though they are AP holders. We pet the goats, I stared down Tina I mean a llama. After spending time with the goats I shopped around the gift shop there and low and behold there was the POTC lanyard, toald ya it would make another appearance. So I bought it and Jay explained that finer points of pin trading. Jay and I together is very dangerous. We went on the Safari and ate lunch we then (the 4 of us) headed over to MGM. But before we did I got my Birthday pin from Guest Services. When we arrived at MGM I went to guest services to get my b-day pin (2 down 2 to go) We got there just in time to walk back to the LMA.. Well apparently we brought friends with us... Millions of drops of that sweet Florida Rain... The show was cancelled, we were soaked.. Now this is the 3rd time my gf and I have tried to see this thing.. And every time it gets cancelled.. Ugggg .... We (gf and I ) Had Reservations and Mama Melrose. Jay and his wife went to downtown disney to kill some time... This was our first chance to take advantage of the DDP..and let me say WE LOVED IT. The food and service was excellent.. After dinner we noticed that the LMA had one more ashowing..and guess what .. For us the 4th time was a charm :mickey: We loved the show. After that we had jay and his wife meet us at the hotel. We then headed back to MGM for Fantasmic. Jay and his DW had never seen it and he was in aww.... We always make it a poit to see this show.

July 2nd my B-day

I decided to spend my b-day at the magic kingdom. We got there around 9 and the crowds did not seem to be too bad. I went to city Hall to get my B-day Button which i attached to my Lanyard . While walking down Mainstreet one of the cms wished me a Happy B-Day and motioned for us to come over.. She said in a soft voice that Pirates was opened .. Whats this The ride I came here for is having a soft opening on my B-Day.. What would you do in this situation??? We headed right for the ride and walked right on.... I was amazed :mickey: After pirates we decied to go on the Jungle cruise.. Our Boat Captain was HORRIBLE.. We could not understand a word she was saying.. Not b/c of a bad sound system but b/c her English was not that good. we then went to the HM.... I love this Ride.. We then Experienced Philharmagic. Then we headed to tomorrow land for lunch at Cosmic Rays... Great Food.... Thenraod the people movers Got a fast pass for Buzz... Went on CoP (Please do not get rid of this ride). Killed some time rode Buzz. Got a fast pass for Stitch..... Played some video Games... Rode Stitch then headed back to the hotel. Made my first trade with a CM.. Traded one of my Douible donalds for a Disneyland Donald Pin...WOOhoo. My mom came in for my b-day dinner which we dined at Narcooses... Using the DP.. I had the Lobster... Great meal, service and an awesome view of the fireworks. After dinner we went back to the room to get some much needed rest for our last days at the parks.

July 3

Breakfast from the food court. GF and I headed over to Epcot. Upon Entering we looked at the Leave a Legacy pictures and decided to well.. Leave our legacy.. Iíll post where we are located so everyone can see :mickey: . We headed over to M:S.. The Green team for us... I loved it:mickey: .. We then got a fp for TT which I have never been on.. We walked over to Norway and got there just at 11.. Rode the Malestrom we then toured the countries.... Purchased a shirt for my GFís Dad from Germany. Went to Italy then heade back on the boat to ride Test Track (my first time). I loved it. We walked over to the land to ride soaring.. There was a 200 minute wait..... Yes kids thats 3 hours and 20 minutes.....We got a pretzel outside of the Land .. And both looked over at SSE and decided Why not.. We rode SSE after we got off it started to downpour..... We had Dinner Reservations at Le Cellier, however my gf was not feeling well (the heat) so we had to cancel those. We headed back tio the room to cool down and rest b/c we were going to the MK that night for EMH (they were staying open until 4 am) it was like Grad Night. When we got back to the hotel before me made the trek to our room we went to the concigner to see if he could recommend a restaurant we could use a table service at. He recommended Maya Grill at Coronado Springs. He also gave us a tip about the fireworks that night , July 3. Were the exact same ones that they were going to be doing on July 4th.. We went to the room napped, refreshed and got ready for our long night . While we were getting ready there was a knock at the door and the cm handed me a card.. Inside there was a Signed Photo from the Dog himself Pluto :mickey: Signed ď George Happy Birthday Plutoď. Dinner was awesome.. Service was ok but the food was amazing. After dinner went to the hotel to park the car and get on the bus. Traffic to the MK was not good.. We saw the Fireworks from the comfort of the bus.... We arrive3d aty the gate just as the Fireworks ended and the stampede for the exit began.... I love disney at night.. We started in Fantasy Land.. Riding Winnie the Pooh..(bring back he Toad) got a FP for Snow white Watched the Spectromagic Parade from the Castle... After the Parade Rode Snow White. The we ventured over to the HM.. Saw the Tiki Room.. OK Show. Rode Pirates.. Then the Jungle Cruise at night we thought would be different...it is cool looking at night and our nit time captain had more energy and we could hear and understand him. We then rode The Big Thunder Mountain... Great ride especially at night. Headed over to tomorrow Land and Rode the cars.. 4 People in front of me stood Country Music Superstar Kenny Chesney J After the cars we went back to the room.

July 4th

We checked out of the hotel. I actually started to tear up... We went to Downtown Disney and Went crazy at the Virgin Store.. I purchased Kingdom Keepers and a 5 Disc Disney Music Set.

I canít wait to go Back

If there are any doubts about the DDP and the value.. We totaled it up and between the 2 of us outr meals were well over 600... Not bad for spending 280...