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Trip Reports & Member Reviews Discuss Mickey's Halloween Party - Your Opinion Wanted! in the Vacation Planning forums; Hi guys, I have just discovered that the Not So Scary Halloween Party will be on while I am at DW this September. I am trying to decide whether to ...
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    Mickey's Halloween Party - Your Opinion Wanted!

    Hi guys,

    I have just discovered that the Not So Scary Halloween Party will be on while I am at DW this September. I am trying to decide whether to book tickets for myself, my husband and 12 year old niece. Your opinions would be greatly appreciated as would an explanation of exactly what Halloween is (we don't celebrate it in Australia). All I know so far is that there will be special fireworks, parades and lots of candy!

    aussie girl

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    On Halloween, kids of all ages get dressed up in costumes and go door to door receiving candy. Participants go to doors where the porch light is on, knock on each door or ring the doorbell, and yell, "Trick or Treat". Residents give candy, fruit or small toys to each participant. Halloween started out as a pagan holiday, but I think most people now just think of it as a chance to dress-up and have fun.

    Mickey's Not So Scary takes that idea to Magic Kingdom. The park has plenty of decorations for the event. It's the one time that adults are allowed to wear costumes into the park, and just seeing what everyone is wearing is itself part of the entertainment. (You don't need to dress up, however.) Whole families do get dressed up, and go from place to place to receive candy at different marked locations. Many costumes are based on Disney characters, but they don't have to be. (I'm betting that pirates will be "run'n wild" this year.

    Tickets are limited, so fewer people are in the park than during the day. On entering the park, you're given a bag in which to put your candy. You can get free candy between going on rides or you can just go on rides.

    The parade is really special since all the Disney characters in the parade are also wearing halloween costumes. The parade is started by the Headless Horseman from "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" racing down Main Street. The fireworks at the end of the night is accompanied by spooky music.

    I've been twice. It's a fun night.
    mini-V What will you celebrate?

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    I went a few years ago, we really enjoyed it. It is something different, and not so crowded. I love the way the park is decorated, and with all everyone in custume it's really fun. Me and my hubby got dressed as the tourist. I had alot of fun.
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    Haloween is just a holiday where everyone dresses up as someone else, and goes to people's houses and says "trick or treat" and they get candy/ or other items (such as play-do)
    The haloween party is awesome. I have been quite a few times. The parade they have is awesome. and the HM CMs are even more in character. You really should go.
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    Here are the actual dates from the official site . It is only 3 days in Sept. so if you dont want to go or cant get tickets, those are the only days and you can still enjoy the Magic Kingdom on other days.

    Mini-V gave a very good explanation of Halloween. If you choose to dress up dont forget that if you want to ride attractions that nite that some fancier costumes may hamper that. Keep your costume simple if not only for that, for the packing space it takes up in your suitcases. Have fun if you do dress up. Dont be disappointed if they are already sold out. I have never been to it but from what I understand it is very popular and sells out early. You can always visit one of the other parks on that nite.

    I searched the gallery for you for pics so you can see more of what goes on. Visuals always help One of the members have a bunch up TY Lakelane(sorry if i spelled that wrong) Here is the link for the 1st pic, just keep clicking on the ones above and they will take you to the next pic (there is about 20 or so from lakelane) Hope this helps.
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    Just to give a different opinion here....

    I went at the beginning of October, on a Friday. BIG mistake. The thing was sold out and I do think that there were more people there that night than during the day. It was WAY CROWDED!!! You couldn't move down mainstreet at all when we first got there as people were camped for the parade.
    We made it to a couple of trick or treat stops to get one piece of cheap hard candy.
    The lines for rides were long. You couldn't get close to any character meet. The picture sites were not well marked on the map that was special for the party.
    Everyone says stay for the later parade as guests will have left - well not this night. People were practically walking on us as we sat down trying to get spots for the parade. I was dressed as Smee, and the CM's kept asking if I was an elf. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

    I think in September, it might be better. I think the downside to my experience was the crowd size. And if that wasn't an issue, we would have been fine.
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    I say ABSOLUTELY buy your tickets and go have FUN!!! My husband and I went last year for the first time during our trip. We LOVED it so much we are going again this year on Oct. 5th & 6th! (I Love Halloween at home so at Disney it is twice as special!) We love the rides at night with subdued lighting.

    Mini-V has described the event really well.

    As far as the difficulties that GaRain experienced, I can't say that happened to us. I do know that the cast members told us when we came in that we needed to look around for the special spots were the charectors would be and to keep on the look out for the candy stops. They were not necessarily on the main walkways. Since we are also attending on a Friday I can only hope that things go smoothly.

    If you can keep your eyes open until Midnight make sure to hang around for the Disney villians to make a good night appearance near the castle.

    So I say GRAB your tickets and enjoy!
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    My husband and I enjoyed it a lot! I would go again and we didn't have any crowd problems at all. In fact, we didn't wait very long for any ride or anything! It was fun!

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    We have never been to MNSSHP before, but we have tickets (thanks Melis!) for October and we are really looking forward to it!!

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    My sister and I went last year with our kids and my husband. We went on Oct 29 and it was crowded, but SO worth it. We had the best time. We didn't even worry about rides so I guess that's why the crowd didn't bother us. We didn't have priority seating but we still managed to walk right in to Liberty Tree Tavern with very little wait. The parade passed right by the restaurant. We just walked out front and watched. And the fireworks were amazing! The only problem we had was my 18 month old son didn't want to stay in his costume. It worked out though. He was wearing bright orange pants so everyone just assumed he was Chicken Little. We will definately do it again in a few years.
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    Well each year on Halloween we have to go to school but when it's over it's time to trick or treat! A lot of kids go with their friends or family. We go door to door getting candy and stuff. Sometimes people give out some soda. But it's Mostly candy.
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    Thanks to everyone for the excellent information, opinions and those awesome photos!

    Based on the glowing recommendations I have received I have bought my tickets for the Sept. 15 party and I can't wait.

    Not sure about the costume part yet - its a very long way to carry one and it will take up valuable shopping space in my luggage - but I really want to get into the spirit of the whole thing so I might see what I can purchase at WDW.

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    Bringing a costume with you is where real creativity comes in. The year I dressed as Mickey, I wore a black t-shirt, red shorts, black tights, a round, black sponge nose, and mouse ears. I used a magic marker on an older pair of tennis shoes to color them yellow. The tennis shoes and tights were about the only things that I couldn't have worn at any time durning the trip....oh and the nose. And if I hadn't cared if anyone wondered about the yellow shoes, I could have just brought the one pair. Be sure to post a picture if you come up with a costume.
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    Not So Scary Halloween Party for 2006 is set up so it starts at the same time as the park closes to guests who came in that day. Some sites are protesting and throwing fits over this matter. I doubt anything will happen and it really is a bunch of silly people.

    Traffic around 7pm may be bad but if you get there early on the park hopper or other pass then you will beat the crowds while seeing the park early. You can purchase at local stores costumes such as tigger and pooh or order them through Disney Stores. I used to love Halloween at Disneyland. You will be very busy looking at all the decorations and the characters will be dressed for Halloween.

    You are going at a time when crowds are thin and most rides are working.
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