Hey guys! I just got home today from our long weekend and we had soooo much fun!

I thought I would start posting my trip report tonight.....

Day 1:

I have been working like crazy since the store opened so I thought that I would save time by driving the 45 minutes to the airport and staying at a hotel with one of the Park and Ride specials ....anyway, my 45 minute drive to the airport turned into a 2.5 hour tour of Kentucky....at night....luckily I ended up at my destination and was able to get a few hours of sleep!

Day 2:

Disney here I come!!! Everything went off without a hitch and the plane actually landed 30 minutes early!! Jumped on the Magical Express and headed to the POP Century....this was my first experience with a value resort and we did ask for the preferred building option....all I can say is WOW!! We were in building 1 room 1111....literally steps from the main building and the buses but in the back of the building so we had none of the parking lot noise.

I called my sister when the bus was pulling onto the property and she our friend Sarah came to meet me when the bus pulled in....of course there were tears (i miss seeing my sister every day).

So I was given the 30 second tour of the resort and we jumped on a bus and headed to MGM....our family members that work there met us at the gate (more hugs and happy tears ) and we were off to Rock n Roller Coaster!! Only a 20 minute ride so we didn't bother with fast pass....jumped off and ran over to Tower of Terror and rode in the front row.....and I have decided that the front row terrifies me!!! I love the ride but wow ..... I don't ever want to ride in the front again!!

We went and had a bite to eat....nothing special enough to write about and we were able to catch the Stars and Motor Cars parade....how cute!! I have never seen that one before!

We decided that we were going to end up being in MGM everyday anyway so we headed over to EPCOT....we took the Friendship Ferry and had a really nice ride over to the park....we even sat outside under the canopy part of the boat in the rain!

By the time we arrived at EPCOT it was starting to thunder and lightening...so we hit the ground running right to SOARIN'.....could this ride be any cooler!!! I was wearing flip flops so they made me take them off and we were in the front row again....wow wow wow!!! What a unbelievable experience!

So after Soaring' the thunder and lightening hadn't let up so we headed to Spaceship Earth...and actually made it through the entire ride without stopping...has anyone noticed that at the top of the sphere you can see the triangle panels reflecting throught the space screens?

Thunder and Lightening is finally over so we head over to Test Track and had a blast....catch the ending of Illuminations and decide to head back to the resort.

We decide that we need some snacks and end up having midnight nachos and we had more fun with Pop Rocks candy than should be legal!!

Off to bed for to rest for the next exciting day!!

I will post more later!!