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Trip Reports & Member Reviews Discuss GGG/Josh's Trip Report in the Vacation Planning forums; Well everyone since I have been back since Thursday I will let you know how my trip went Friday,8-25 Our flight to Orland was at 7am so we left my ...
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    GGG/Josh's Trip Report

    Well everyone since I have been back since Thursday I will let you know how my trip went

    Our flight to Orland was at 7am so we left my house at 4am(got there at 6) so we took off and arrived around 9:30. We checked in at the Marriot Grand Vista(didn't stay on property this year, grandparents had a Marriot time share)relaxed for a bit and went to the Magic Kingdom. When we arrived at the MK we had lunch resevations at the Crystal Palace, which was delicous, and about half way through it started to rain hard. By the time we finished it had died down so we went to Pirates. Wow they did an amazing job with it. Rode it twice that day. After Pirates we hit my favorite, The Haunted Mansion. After that we just did all the rides in between. We even checked out Tom Sawyers Island and tryed to find paint brushes. We had Pecos Bill for dinner and after that just walked around until Spectro Magic and Wishes.

    That day we did....nothing. Just stayed at the hotel and relaxed

    That day we went to MGM around 12. We went and did Tower of Terror and went to Rockin' RollerCoaster, had front seat and it is the only why to ride it from now on. After the intense ride we wnt to The Great Movie Ride, Star Tours, Sounds Dangerous, Magic of Disney Animation, One Man's Dream and by that time it was dinner time which we had at Hollywood and Vine, pretty good stuff. When we finished eating we saw Muppet Vision. My parents were tired so we headed back to the hotel for the night.

    In the afternon we just kicked back and relaxed. Our hotel had a thing that took all teens to Disney Quest and let us roam around and have fun. Me, my brother, and three other guys went and were there from 6 to 11. Hyperspace Mountain is the coolest thing there. I made 3 coaster(all which were 5 on the scare-o-meter) and I made a toy at Sids Create a Toy.

    Tuesday we went to Animal Kingdom. When we arrived we wanted to hit Everest first but we saw that It's Tough to be a Bug was starting soon so we watched that and the hit Everest. We wanted to get Fast Pass but by 12 all fast passes were gone! So we just waited and when I rode it, WOW. It was so awesome! When you Backwards it feels like you go upside down! The Yeti for the breif moment you see him he was amazing! After Everest we did all rides inbetween and finished it off with Kali River Rapids. After Animal Kingdom me and my dad went to Magic Kingdom. We rode in the front of the monorail so Im now an official monorail Co Pilot. The reason we went was to turn in my VMK stuff(got 124 cards muahaha) but we rode Pirates afterwards and headed back.

    This was our last official Disney day so we went to 1900 Park Fair for breakfats at the Grand Floridian. My parents didnt want to do anything today but I did so the let me roam Epcot by myself that day. So Epcot was pretty cool. Went on Test Track twice, and the others atleast once. I tried MISSION:Space and it was pretty cool. After Future World I walked around World Showcase. I rode Maelstrom all alone. Nobody else was in my boat. It was creepy. Then I rode El Rio De Tempo. Man was that weird. Its starts off looking cool then its just weird from there on. When I was finished World Showcase it was about 5 so I hopped on the monorail back to the Grand Floridian, my parents picked me up there and we spent the night at Downtown Disney(found your book Lou at Virgin Megastore was hoping they had number 2)

    Souveniers I got this Year
    Pirate Ears
    PotC Watch
    The Kingdom Keepers(very good book by the way)
    Monorail Co-Pilot License
    Everest pin
    A toy I created at Disney Quest
    And 124 VMK Quest card

    So that is how my trip went

    The happy haunts have received your simpathetic vibrations, and are begining to materialize.They're assembling for a swinging wake,and they will be expecting me.I will see you all a little later

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    I'm too much!

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    awesome trip!!! But I have to say,

    I am glad you are back!!!

    thanks for the report!

    Loves First Kiss!

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    Sweet Report, but an even more sweet trip!

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    Your report made even more excited about my up coming trip. Hope my vacation is as fun-filled as yours was. I have pirate ears on my wish list as well.
    mini-V What will you celebrate?

    Adult daycare for the kid inside you.

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    Thanks for the report, seems like you had a great time. I'm happy that you're back!
    I also see you stacked up well with those cards...

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