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Poll: How much do you sepnd (total) on a WDW vacation

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Vacation Planning Tips & Tricks Discuss How much do you spend for your WDW vacation? in the Vacation Planning forums; I think I win. My last trip was for over 65,000. That was for 60 people though =)...
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    Re: How much do you spend for your WDW vacation?

    I think I win. My last trip was for over 65,000. That was for 60 people though
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    Re: How much do you spend for your WDW vacation?

    Quote Originally Posted by NH Disney Drmr View Post
    My trip this year was under $2500 with 8 nights hotel, airfare and Magic Your Way base tickets. I am planning on another $2000 for everything else, food, souveniers, and a water park. This time I even added the Luau at the Poly. I am proud to say I am a big shopper when it comes to finding value vacations. I firmly believe that you don't have to pay a fortune to enjoy a nice vacation whether it is at Disney or not. It amazes my husband when I find the good deals. Disney doesn't become less magical when you are penny pinching. We saved for over a year for the trip.

    We are staying at the All-Stars Movie Resort. Sure, I would love to stay at one of the deluxe or even moderate priced resorts, but with a 10 and 13 yr old, they enjoy the larger than life Disney motif at the All-Star's. Once the kids are grown, then I will get to satisfy my desire for the other resorts. It's enough for all of us now to just be there.
    I agree Disney drmr, we usually keep it around 2500 and about $1400 is spending money.

    BTW We are in NH too!!!!
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    Re: How much do you spend for your WDW vacation?

    i am going in a month to the Wilderness lodge... with renting points, and the dining plan plus tickets and such my trip for two people will cost about $2200... i try to stay on as much of a budget as possible to avoid breaking the bank...
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    Re: How much do you spend for your WDW vacation?

    Is the question for the TOTAL cost of the trip or the cost per person? Because... I don't pay for my friends and am not yet at the point where I will need to pay for a whole family.
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    Re: How much do you spend for your WDW vacation?

    For a family of 6 (2 adults, and 13, 11, 9, and 7 year olds) our total cost for thie years trip is just under $3,000. (OK- because I can tend to be a bit of a dork... it will cost our family around $3.80 per person per hour for our trip...including sleeping hours

    This trip includes, 6 nights at the All Star Music, Magic Your Way tickets with Park Hoppers, Disney Deluxe Dining Plan, and tickets to Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party. This does not include airfare, as we prefer to drive.

    We budget around $1000 for souveniers, etc.
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    Re: How much do you spend for your WDW vacation?

    Our 10 day, 11 night tri coming up was around $2500 and that is probably the most I have dropped on a Disney trip ever. It is going to be worth it though!

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    Re: How much do you spend for your WDW vacation?

    this trip has been a lil more priceier than others..

    3 nights,4 days at pop with free dinning, 2 day hopper passes was like $883
    2 mnsshp tickets $120
    2 universal tickets including mears $230
    2 horror night tickets $165
    2 airtrain tickets to MCO $342
    1 ticket for granny $218

    total $1958 plus $1000 spending money = $2958

    not that we will spend $1000 on stuff.. we just wanna have it

    usually when i spend this much its for a week vacation and this is only for a weekend trip.. wow
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