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Vacation Planning Tips & Tricks Discuss A few questions about Love Bugs in the Vacation Planning forums; Are Love Bugs a problem everywhere in the resort? Are they a problem day and night? Do they get inside the enclosed ride areas and restaurants? Do they swarn around ...
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    A few questions about Love Bugs

    Are Love Bugs a problem everywhere in the resort?

    Are they a problem day and night?

    Do they get inside the enclosed ride areas and restaurants?

    Do they swarn around the pool areas day and night because of the water?

    Are lake and river side resort over run with them day and night?

    Thanks all for any feedback on these question you can give.

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    Love Bugs are a problem everywhere in Florida this time a year. They seem to be a problem during the day if it's especially warm though they are out at night too. Disney does a good job of keeping them out of the parks though, not sure how. They do however swarm the bus areas and parking at times. It really seems to be on the most humid of days too which is probably also the water/pool thing. The good news is they can't hurt you and they are really just a nuisance bug. The bad news is there's not much you can do about it. Even citronella doesn't work to keep them at bay.
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    What are "Love Bugs?"
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    They are these little bugs that seem to be 2 bugs holding hands. I remember them just falling all the time. I would sit outside with a book and they would keep falling on my book. They don't bite, but they can be everywhere. Last year we visited the first week of October and they were almost gone by then.
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    Love bugs fly around connected at the rear (they seem to mate for 95% of their lifespan and then seperate and die). They are annoying but they do not bite, sting etc...and they really aren't that bad, especially in the parks
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    I've always marvelled at the fact the I've never seen a single mosquito, ant, spider or any other insects in any of the Disney parks. How do they do it?
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    There were so many of these "Love Bugs" when we went down last week, I had never noticed them before. There were alot of them by the bus stop at our resort and the pool area as well, but I cant remember noticing them at all at any of the parks.

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    the parks spray for bugs so in the parks it won't be as bad.

    love bugs are BEYOND annoying and are annoying throughout the month of May! Good thing its almost over! I can finally wash my car again!
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    Love bugs are only really a problem for your car. They are at worst annoying. They don't bite or sting, and they aren't drawn to people or animals or anything. They just fly around in such great numbers that you can't help but have them land on you every now and then.

    Love bugs around here peaked a couple of weeks ago, and should be just about gone for the season by now. I was at WDW on Friday and there were very very few of them left. If you had been there and someone had pointed them out to you, you'd wonder what all the fuss was about because there just weren't that many. When they peak the air is almost literally thick with them, but that only lasts a couple of weeks.

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    If you drive your car during the 2 times of the year when the bugs swarm (May and September), it is best to wash your car as soon as you can. If you let the dead bugs linger on your paint job, you'll find that a blemish will exist when you do wash them off (or at least there's a good chance you'll have a lasting reminder of the pests).

    For some reason, the bugs seem to congregate near anything painted white.

    You can help hold down their numbers if you eliminate compost (dead leaves and items of such) since that's where they are most likely to lay their eggs.

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    ok hahahaha here I am thinking you're talking about couples HAHA. Here I am saying uh.. NO!! I would love to go to Disney World with my lover!....OH you're talking about insects haha.

    Ok, lovebugs aren't necesarilly a huge problem unless you're looking for them. I am NOT a bug person and was constantly on the lookout for them. I only saw one really and it was in a heavily wooded area in the backside of our room at the Yacht Club. I really haven't had huge problems with them. I am way too distracted to take notice even.
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    They were everywhere last week. UGH! It's a normal thing here in Florida...I've dealth with them my whole life and they are nothing but annoying only because of the mess they make of your car. The biggest issue with love bugs is that they tend to concentrate on Central Florida because the coastal breezes push them inland. Here in Southeast Florida we don't really see them much beause of the constant onshore breeze.

    In answer to some of the original questions...

    Yes, they are pretty much everywhere...some more than others.
    They are worse during the day...not really noticeable at night.
    I don't think they are attracted to seems they are attracted to highways.

    Good things about love bugs: the season is short (almost over) and they don't bite, sting or spread disease.
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