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Vacation Planning Tips & Tricks Discuss Birthday Visit in the Vacation Planning forums; I have decided to plan a visit to Disney for my birthday thanks to the extremely good nature of my saintly wife and generous family. That said I know that ...
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    Birthday Visit

    I have decided to plan a visit to Disney for my birthday thanks to the extremely good nature of my saintly wife and generous family. That said I know that if I go to the town hall at Magic Kingdom they will give me a button commemorating the event. I have two questions though.

    - I'll be 31, is that too old to get the pin. I am a self admitted Disney geek but I hate to take anything away from the kids whose birthday it is.
    - Is there anything else to be aware of that may or may not happen when it's your birthday, places I should definitely go or not go?

    Thanks everyone,

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    wear that pin PROUDLY. Ur still a child in WDW, so they wont turn you down, and character birthday meals are fantastic to have

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    Absolutely get the pin. Everyone's a kid at Disney! Wear it proudly and you'll have CMs all over the place wishing you a happy birthday. And geeky-guests like me too, who always try to wish happy birthday to folks I see wearing a pin. And you might just get a little surprise along the way. I know my kid got a free churros one time for his birthday pin. Never tried a character meal on a birthday but I'll bet it'd be great!

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    go to chef mickeys... they brang my daughter a cute lil cupcake and the charter(SP) make a big deal out of it too...!! its too cute.. if it was my bday i would be living it up
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    if the right CM also sees your pin, you could get a VERY special birthday greeting.
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    Definatly wear the pin!!! I was there for my last birthday and i was turning 34 (and I will get it when I go back for my 36th). If you go to the guest services at any of the parks you can get a pin. Each one was different. I wore mine during our whole trip. If you make advance dining reservations for a character breakfast tell them it is your birthday. They should have a pin for you and b-day card. I got lots of little treats during our trip. I got free ice cream at 2 different ice cream carts, free desert a a few restaurants, everyone at Tusker House behind the counter sung Happy Birthday, and lots of "Happy Birthdays" from the CM's. It definatley will add to your experience! Enjoy your trip and Happy Birthday!

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    I went to WDW in February for my 45th birthday (wow...when did I get that old?)

    It was just a long weekend but I had a FABULOUS time!!!

    First, make sure they note your birthday on your reservation. Second, in addition to City Hall at the MK, you can get a birthday button at your resort upon checkin or any of the parks. I know they have them at Pop Century because my name wore off on mine. I was at the Concierge Desk getting tickets for the Pirate & Princess Party. The CM noticed it was worn off and gave me a new one.

    Make sure to mention it to your server at all of your meals - I got free deserts everywhere...even the counter service places.

    My best experience was at AK. Must have had over 100 people wish me "Happy Birthday!" - CMs and Guests alike. To top it off, while we were lunching at Tusker House, we got asked to be in the Jammin' Jungle Parade.

    At Epcot, I maybe had two people wish me "Happy Birthday...and one of those was a Guest. My friend Travis, who works in Future World West, says they have a bit of a morale problem over there.

    Go, play it up big, and have a GREAT time!

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    Welcome to the boards!!!

    P.S. There is no age limit for being a kid at heart. Wear your pin with pride, and have a happy birthday!!!
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    It's your birthday so have fun with it!! I was there for my 33rd birthday and made sure EVERYONE knew it was MY day. I had a shirt made that said "Having a
    Tiggerrifc Birthday at Disney World" and the back said "Today's My Birthday". A lot of people wished me a Happy B-day and it was fun to see other people celebrating the same day as you. Plus my DH bought the the cake hat for wear all day. Plus I had the b-day button from City Hall and my mom had bought me a birthday pin with Mickey and Minnie on it.

    This isn't the best picture of me but you can see my shirt and hat.

    We also at the castle and Crystal Palace. I got cupcakes at both places. I can't wait to celebrate my 40th (YUK) there!!

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    Ewwwww you're old.........just joking 30's the new 20 live it up as a big kid.
    me and my girlfriend went for our 18th birthday and i'm doing everything I can to go for my 19th. Well I really did get anything EXTRA special (probly because no one could see it because of my sweater) but none the less I did get alot of happy birthdays and ohhh how old are you and a birthday card signed from the whole staff at the Sci Fi cafe and the waiter had the "car' sign to me. and on the tower of terror they asked for two more and let me and my girlfriend skip but they probly do that for who ever is quickest to answer. But these few things really made my day. For my girlfriend's birthday I wanted to make it extra special. So I made reservations at O'hana for breakfast and mention it was her birthday. They gave her a card signed by all the characters and a special birthday cupcake. And the characters did spend some extra time with us even though it was just the two of us. They gave her a free sunday at the Sci Fi cafe and she also got a free chocolate marshmallow from the MGM bakery, she also got special shout outs at Soaring, great movie ride, and back lot tour where she got to sit in the front. on top of that extra magic hours at MK and she felt like she was on top of the world. YES SIR DISNEY MAKES YOUR BIRTHDAY JUST FEEL 100 X BETTER even if you are turning 31

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