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Vacation Planning Tips & Tricks Discuss Pirate & Princess Party in the Vacation Planning forums; I have sort of a weird question.... While I will be working in Disney World, the Pirate/Princess Party will be going on....What I am wondering is, do teenage girls generally ...
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    Pirate & Princess Party

    I have sort of a weird question....

    While I will be working in Disney World, the Pirate/Princess Party will be going on....What I am wondering is, do teenage girls generally get really dressed up for this? I'm talking ball gown type dressed-up...or do they wear like, cocktail dresses or what? I am really tempted to buy a ball gown for this event. I think it has something to do with the fact that I didn't attend my Junior Prom or my Senior Ball and I really want the chance to actually feel like a princess (im so corny lol) But if I'm going to be the only girl in the park dressed like this, then I don't want to bother! Any help would be fantastic! I am going to the mall tomorrow to look for a dress so if anyone could answer soon that would be wonderful! Thanks!

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    I asked this question on another forumaI also go to. My sister who is 15 just got a prom dress on clearance for $12 for the P&P party. She also got some pirate stuff....she said she wants to go as a princess but she isn't sure how comfortable the dress will be. We will be there on the 21st. I am planning on buying a crown to wear but now dress. I am going to get my husband some stuff and I am not sure what my Mom is doing.

    From my understanding entire families dress up. I would dress up if you want to. No harm! If you feel uncomfortable you can always change just bring a change of clothes and store them in a locker.

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    i would dress up!!! i would so dress up!
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    I went this January I wore a tiara I brought out in the parks and the kids dressed up. I did see quite a few adults dressed up so I say go for it. It such an awesome party I hope they keep it as a regular event.


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    I say dress up and have FUN with it.

    I'm no spring chicken but I'm going to the Pirate & Princess Party Sept. 3 and plan to dress as a Princess, going all out if I can. I'm going to a great costume shop a couple of miles from where I work that has abslolutely evey type of costume you could want (including Cinderella, Snow White, Evil Queens, etc.) and all the accessories to go with it.

    I hear Pirate & Princess is a fun night for young and old alike. And, how fun will it be to dress up as a Princess and go to a Party at the Magic Kingdom!?

    Let us how if you decide to dress up. Have a great time.
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