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Vacation Planning Tips & Tricks Discuss flying in the Vacation Planning forums; does any one have any tips on getting a good price at airlines??? like i know on cruises if u book later u get a better deal because they want ...
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    does any one have any tips on getting a good price at airlines??? like i know on cruises if u book later u get a better deal because they want to fill up there space so they give great deals.. does anyone know if this applies to airlines too?? please help

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    i usually get a good deal on flights 2 weeks are more out!! and the bigger the airport the better the deal... but then again here in lil no where huntington west virginia.. i can get one way to orlando and one way back for $79 there and $79 back
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    yeah, we got Manchester NH to Orlando non stop, for $92 eah way, not to bad. Southwest Airlines. (1st time flying with them) Usually we take Delta (song out of Boston.
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    Some tips for getting good deals:
    Sign up for any newsletters or offers on the airlines websites. For example, Southwest has a program called Ding! that alerts you to limited time special deals

    Choose your travel dates wisely. It is usually less expensive to fly on Tuesday, Wednesday , or Thursday than on Friday or Monday. Holidays - even minor ones - will cost more.

    Know the airline's policy for changing or cancelling tickets. Southwest lets you rebook at a lower price if a discount becomes available with no fee, but if your original tickets were nonrefundable, they keep the difference in price as a credit you can use towards another purchase. Some other airlines can charge $25 -$100 per ticket for any changes.

    The discount airlines like Southwest and Jet Blue tend to fly out of the smaller or less crowded airports. Here in NY, SW flies mostly out of Long Island's MacArthur airport, with a few flights at the giant JFK airport. Jet Blue's NY service was mostly through Newark, NJ. Sometimes you might have to drive further to get there, but you may find parking much cheaper.

    Good luck!
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    ya i have been looking on like all the websites and flying from sacramento for about 193 roundtrip.... but with booking fees and with two ppl it adds up to about 479

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    Budget airlines, if you book in advance (a couple months), are the cheapest flights you can get. I also live in NY (much closer to JFK) and I fly JetBlue all the time. I've booked my round trip tickets to Orlando for about $350 something (I had a discount). Your best options would either to be get the flight months in advance or wait till last minute...though the latter is the more riskier.
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    Keep looking!! Some sites will track fares for you and alert if they go below a certain amount.,,, even Then, book with the airline's site. That will save about $5-6 more. This summer I saw $49/each way on US air and Southwest and $39 each way on Northwest from Indy. But you have too book early, those fares go fast. Also, I'd look at SFO and OAK. I usually fly into SMF to go to NoCal, but sometimes the big airports can have more competition and lower prices (I think SW just moved into SFO).

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