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Vacation Planning Tips & Tricks Discuss cool offer in the Vacation Planning forums; Hi everyone, I booked my wdw trip for January (yeah!) and I booked over the phone with Disney and I remembered a tip about asking for deals because they won't ...
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    cool offer

    Hi everyone,

    I booked my wdw trip for January (yeah!) and I booked over the phone with Disney and I remembered a tip about asking for deals because they won't offer them unless you ask....well they had nothing to offer me at the time but I only paid the deposit, because I was sure I could find a deal before I had to pay the balance...

    I was looking at the wdw website this morning and saw a little box on the bottom right hand corner of the page that said something like "free offer"....I clicked it and found an offer that would upgrade my ticket to include free park hopper and free water parks and bring us from a standard room to a preferred room...I called and had the changes made and saved over $100 dollars! so happy... I had to tell someone!

    You all probably know about this offer because you all know everything about wdw....but I thought it couldn't hurt to share the good news on this fine morning! thanks for listening (well reading!)

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    Congrats, chewbean! It's always a thrill to be going to WDW - even more so when you 'score' those discounts!

    A great site to check regularly is - Disney Discount Source - Disney World Discounts, Disneyland Discounts, Disney Cruise Discounts . They've got tons of information about discounts and usually are one of the first with the announcements on rate discounts.
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    That's a heck of a savings and a amazing deal with all those upgrades! Nice job searching! I hope you have a great vacation!!! When r u going to be there in January??

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    very cool!

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    Congrats on the upgrade!! That will make the trip even more "magical."

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    I always use Lori at Small World Vacations. She got us this deal too for when we go in February. We are saving almost $400 and our friends are saving almost $500. I love a good discount!
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