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Vacation Planning Tips & Tricks Discuss Pop Century in the Vacation Planning forums; Does it have a hot tub?...
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    Pop Century

    Does it have a hot tub?
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    No they don't have a hot tub at the Pop Century Resort. However, they do have some pretty awesome pools. My favorite is the Hippy Dippy Pool.

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    I thought there was a hot tub near the Hippy Dippy pool...

    That must have been a kiddy pool, I was just flying by when I saw it.
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    I'm 99% sure you have to be staying at a mod or delux to get a hot tub, unfortunately.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KristenGwyn2006 View Post
    Does it have a hot tub?
    Are you asking about an in-room hot tub or an outdoor "by the pool" type? Either way, none of the value resorts have them unfortunately. Just curious which you were asking for so we might could offer which resorts have what you're looking for.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SamIAm717 View Post
    I thought there was a hot tub near the Hippy Dippy pool...

    That must have been a kiddy pool, I was just flying by when I saw it.
    Yes, behind the Hippy Dippy pool is a very small kiddie pool.

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