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Vacation Planning Tips & Tricks Discuss How old were you when... in the Vacation Planning forums; Me - age 4 (1976) DH - age 31 (1996) DD - age 2 (2005) DS - age 10 mos (2005) DD - age 23.5 mos (2008) DD - age ...
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    Me - age 4 (1976)
    DH - age 31 (1996)
    DD - age 2 (2005)
    DS - age 10 mos (2005)
    DD - age 23.5 mos (2008)
    DD - age 17 mos (2008)

    I have been back almost every year, sometimes multiple times per year, since 1976 barring my honeymoon year, and a trip to China. I will start planning another trip soon!

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    2007, I was 16, haha. My dad always promised me when I was six that we'd go when my sister was potty-trained, (we're only three years apart). So my dad woke us up at 4am on my sister's 13th birthday for our first trip to WDW.

    So as the story goes, it "took my sister 13 years to get potty-trained."
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    1980 and 11 years old, that was my very first visit to WDW. It was my mom, aunt & myself. We had so much fun. I was in love with Disney before but it made me love it even more. Counting down to our next trip.......... I'm the family Disney freak followed by my DD then DH.

    My DD was 2 1/2 when I took her to Disneyland then 10 years old (1998)was her first visit to the World. She absolutely loves Disney & can't wait for our next trip to the World.

    My DH was 20 years old on his first visit to Disneyland then 31 when he went for the first time to the World(1998). He's counting down to our next trip......hoping to get some resort time this visit he's heard so many good things about it..... LOL.
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    My parents carried our family in 73 or 74, but I don't remember much. For some reason about all I remember was going through the Swiss Family Treehouse. Odd that is the one thing I remember.

    My first extended memory of going was on a trip with my high school band after a competition at Vero Beach. That was in the fall of 85 and I went again with my graduating class to Grad Night in 86. Was on the front row for Miami Sound Machine performing in front of Cinderall's castle.

    I really fell in love with Disney when I had children and carried my first daughter in 90 or 91. Watching and sharing everything with her made me realize and see the true magic of Disney.
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    Many visits staying at Old Key West, Grand Floridian, Boardwalk, Contemporary, Disney Institute & All Star Sports

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    2003 my family's first trip. I was 37, wife was 33, kids were 12 and 10. Glad we waited untill our kids were older but I hate that I waited so long.
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