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Vacation Planning Tips & Tricks Discuss Best Time of year to go to Disney??? in the Vacation Planning forums; I don't know if there already is a thread like this... but I was wondering... when is the best time to go to Disney, in your opinion. I was thinking ...
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    Red face Best Time of year to go to Disney???

    I don't know if there already is a thread like this... but I was wondering... when is the best time to go to Disney, in your opinion.

    I was thinking May or the week right after Thanksgiving!! what is everyones opinion?!?
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    I know there are threads like this, but I'm too lazy to find them right now.

    My preference is late October into early November. You've got the park decorated for Halloween for the first part of your trip, and the beginnings of the Christmas decorations for the last part of your trip. You've got Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween party in the Magic Kingdom. You've got the Food & Wine Festival in Epcot. The parks are fairly light crowds. The resorts are in 'regular' season, so aren't too expensive. The weather mild, neither too hot in the day nor too cool at night.

    If I had to suggest alternatives, it would be mid-December (for all the Christmas stuff) and March or April but not near spring break or Easter.

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    Super Bowl weekend. The parks are dead. I can't say the same for the resorts, but if you're just looking to do a park this would be the time to do it. Not very many people then at all.
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    mritty is right. That is usually the best time to go. However, we went last year and it was crowded. I think with the dollar being down there were a lot more people from the UK that were there.

    Also early september is a good time cause the kids are back in school at that time.

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    I would have to vote for Early December. The Christmas Decorations are just beautiful, weather is nice and the prices and crowds are low.
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    I completely agree. My most recent trip was in the second week in December and everything about it was perfect. The prices, crowds, weather, and Christmas decorations were all fantastic.
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    We want for the first time last year in Janurary it was a great time. No major crowds, weather was awesome mostly in the low 70's all week! We're going in May this year!

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    Late January was nice because there was almost nobody there, but it was a little on the cool side. Early October has been pretty nice. I've been down there a few times in October and from what I remember it's not too bad then. Early November was nice too because the crowds aren't bad yet (kids are still in school) and the weather was pretty decent. I've been down in March before and attendance was low, but that might vary depending on spring breaks and Easter being earlier or later. I'm hoping I don't run into that problem next week and that it's far enough away from Easter where it won't be real crowded.
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    Food and Wine Festival is my absolute favorite time to go. It's so nice. If you go that time and you're doing the dining plan, don't use all of your snacks. Save them for some mickey ice cream bars!

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    Try There is a crowd calendar there with a scale of 4 to 10. It is pretty accurate as a guideline to how much wait time there will be fora park or an attraction. Like Mr Ritty post above, those are good times to go. Personally as a passholder, I never go above a 5 or 6 unles I'm with folks who have a set vacation dates. I pretty much get the flight and work from there.
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    probably the 1st week of December. Not yet crowded but with all of the holiday decor and goings-on

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    First week of March. Perfect weather. High 70's, low 80's. No wait over 10 minutes (minus Soarin' which was 20). Spring breakers haven't rolled in yet. It's absolutely wonderful!
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    We were in the parks the day(s) right after Labor Day. Weather was good. Crowds were the lightest I've seen. Till I see what it's like here after the Christmas holidays, that will have to get my vote.
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