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Vacation Planning Tips & Tricks Discuss Here’s a great time saving secret to finishing the Animal Kingdom Fast in the Vacation Planning forums; ...
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    Lightbulb Here’s a great time saving secret to finishing the Animal Kingdom Fast

    Im 15 so the rides are all that matter to me

    Here’s a great time saving secret to finishing the Animal Kingdom Fast

    For those of you who prefer the rides at animal kingdom then the shows
    • First get a reservation for the Donald Breakfastosaurus for before the park opens it has some amazing food and its all buffet style (so good)
    • By the time your breakfast the park would have opened but when you get out of the restaurant nobody seems to be at the dinoland area
    • This gives you time to actually ride any of the rides at that area as many times as you want without a line (normally start off with three Primeval whirls and then about two or three Dinosaurs and there is absolutely no lines)
    • Then you can send someone to Kilimanjaro safari to get fast passes and meet up at kali river rapids for a ride
    • By the time that’s done it should be fast pass time you finish that and you can see whatever shops you feel like
    • You could leave the park feeling done at 11:00 -11:15 leaving you the rest of the day to do anything
    • One final suggestion. Many people like to finish the day at Magic Kingdom but at night its normally miserable. I would suggest finishing every night at Epcot. Its less crowded an has plenty of things to do.

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    thanks for that. i still haven't been to AK so I don't have a plan to get through it and enjoy everything while I have several plans for all the other parks.
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