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    March vacation Itinerary (Epcot part 1)


    Illuminations - March 1-31 -- 9:00 p.m

    PM EMH attractions:

    Mission: SPACE
    Spaceship Earth
    Test Track
    Universe of Energy
    Journey into Imagination with Figment
    El Rio del Tiempo
    Honey I Shrunk the Audience
    The Maelstrom

    Future World:


    Honey I shrunk the audience (FP)


    Journey into imagintation with Figment

    Test Track (FP) – They are probably not there all the time but at the exit to Test Track you might see the test crash dummies.. They look like statues, but there really are people in there dressed up... If you see them don't tell anyone else in your party but get your party to pose next to the dummies for a picture and they will come to life!

    Mission Space (FP) (44”)


    Walk to Boardwalk

    Fountain of Nations - See a water ballet every 15 minutes at this large fountain in Innoventions Plaza. The water sprays in time to music, and colorful lights play over the water sprays, making this a delightful show.

    Ground-level fountains can be found in several spots in Epcot, where little ones can often be found running amongst the sprays, cooling off.

    Leap-frog Fountains - can be found outside the Journey Into Imagination Pavilion. These fountains spray water that leaps onto another fountain, that leaps onto another fountain, and so on. It is a charming show.

    The Wonders of Laugh - comedy - in the Wonders of Life Pavilion.

    Head straight through the Innovations East, and head towards Horizons, you will spot a set of restrooms to the left. You will see a couple of water fountains that there that are said to talk.

    Spaceship earth - The burning smell in the Roman scene in Spaceship Earth is part of the show. In the scene at the top where the moon is showing, you may see a lift, which is used to get Mickey or others to the top of Spaceship Earth outside for special events or movie shoots.

    Kodak’s “What if”

    Kristos - Visiting aliens perform unearthly strength ballet at Innoventions Logo Plaza.
    Tuesday-Saturday at 10:35 & 11:35am, 12:35, 1:35 & 2:40pm Length 10 minutes

    Jammitors- Comedic cacophony and percussive artistry.

    Misson Space

    Test Track

    Butterfly Garden - near entrance to Test Track.

    Turtle Talk with Crush-Interactive fun with the computer world takes a giant step forward as a computer-animated character carries on conversations with Epcot guest-type "dudes"; performances are approximately 10 minutes in duration in The Living Seas. Daily from 10:00am to 7:00pm continuously.

    Journey Into the Imagination – can send email and edit/send picture

    Mission Space – email

    When you are in the gift shop of Mission Space look at the walls. It looks like electricial boxes and wiring. some of these boxes are Mickeys heads.

    The Aviators (stilt walkers). This takes place daily. It begins and ends at the Imagination Gate - 2:40 pm (for 2 hours).

    Ice Station Cool - a cool place to get free coke. They have samples of coca-cola, as it is served in different countries. You can drink as many, and as much as you like. Watch out for the Beverly, which is from Italy. It is truly disgusting. It's really fun to watch other people try it though. This is also a great place to get cooled off.

    Talking Water Fountains - there are three at Epcot: Outside Mouse Works shop; behind Innoventions West, near the restroom, between Innoventions and Honey I Shrunk the Audience Pavilion; and near the play fountain between Future World and World Showcase.

    Talking Trash Can - near the Electric Umbrella.

    Innoventions West, at the IBM Exhibit - you can email a picture of yourself (or your group) to friends and family.

    Innoventions East, take a 10-second video clip of yourself and email it to friends and family.

    JAMMitors - Percussion artistry and comedy. A ten minute show located at Innoventions East and Innoventions West.

    As you leave in the evening, watch the sidewalks in future world and the fiber optic lights "dance."

    Find the marker in Epcot that supposedly represents the center of WDW. (Due to land acquisitions and sales over the years since Walt purchased the original 28,000 odd acres, this marker is no longer the "center", if it ever was at one time.) Its just to the west of Innoventions West (on that path that leads straight to Living With the Land) Its a circle and it has quotations from different inventors and scientests and [I] believe even Walt has a quotation posted there.

    (Selected holiday and peak times only) At Epcot, by the entrance to the Body Wars ride there are little shops around and there is this little stage. [We] decided to just sit in the front row of seats there and maybe there would be a puppet show or something on this stage (sign said show in 5 min) It turned out it was not puppets at all. It was a comedy/juggling act. It was very funny. Occasionally a guest is picked to go up on stage and they had him juggle plates while the song "Macho Man" played and the comedian told him to walk like a model. [I] can't explain all the jokes but needless to say [I] laughed so hard and still to this day after seeing the video (sold after the show) at least 25 times [I] still cry of laughter. If this is still there it's worth seeing.

    In Epcot at Sea Base Alfa (in Living Seas), look at the beams inside. You will see a bunch of letter and number combinations. On one of the tours [we] had taken it was explained that the people who worked on building that building wanted to leave something so the letters and numbers mean something special to each one who worked on the building

    At Coke Station, offer a friend one of the samples of Coca-Cola as served in a far away country. (Try the ruby red one). "[We] do the same trick with Beverly!! It backfired once, [my] friend spit it out all over another one of our fellow travelers....on purpose, [I] suspect."

    The treads of the tractor that sits there are in the shape of Coke bottles. Also one of the parts in the satellite dish.

    Look for the solar powered lawnmowers at Epco As you exit Epcot, look for an illuminated sign "Thank you for visiting...". The light bulbs are shaped like Mickey heads.

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    Thank you for this info, some of these things I have not checked out!
    I am in need of some Disney magic!!

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